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  1. bsa is just a packed mod or source file load mechanism structure. the purpose is to load files faster and in best case to unpack texture files faster in an optimized way. in the creation engine it is also used to fast(er) load mipmapped dds texture files to be able to display them in an early not even fully loaded stage during gameplay. dds textures look in this stage (not all mipmaps available) blurry. as said years ago this bsa feature was also helpful to accelerate game texture loading. memory and vram was slower and it reduced loading times significantly. in the meantime file loading is so fast (due to ssd, ddr6 vram and ddr4 ram and better) that the difference between texture loading with bsa and non bsa texture loading is still measurable but practically does not affect texture loading times significantly anymore. i mostly unpack my sse and fo4 bsa packed sse and fo4 mod files and it has practically no significant impact in file loading times for me. also the bc7 dds texture packing and unpacking times compared to older formats is insignificant in the meantime and no reason to avoid this superior texture format in beth games. the texture quality gain is huge (for example no more arefacts or blocky eyes, skin, clouds anymore) i tested this empirically with newer hardware over the last 6 years. much more important is the use of the texture mipmap feature included in the dds texture format to accelerate loading times and enhance display quality during game play. not using mipmaps has still significant negative impact in texture file allocation, rendering and loading times.
  2. only the electrical part ? does the whole object/turret needs a repair ? do you use mods enhancing electrical parts of the settlement workshop ? check also larannkiars recommendation.
  3. true! so i play currently the already (mainly) fixed and modded beth games like fnv, fo4 and skyrim (doing really well) and just wait until starfield is worth my money or even such a gem i cannot withstand, most user reviews (without sponsoring) reflect exactly that and most major issues and bugs are fixed... I would even like to mod a little but i prefer to wait until game is mainly fixed and patched and a more stable environment for modding including ck exists. what some modders already have done and fixed is an incredibly good job and is a reason for hope.
  4. check if one or more of these mods include vis data or vis folders. you can try to change load order (put them at the end) and check for conflicts with other vis data containing mods.
  5. the value of modding from the game studio perspective is not given or desirable. even bethesda shows their will to act independent. if they like to introduce monetizing mods they just do it regardless of other opinions. the diversity of console and pc gaming and related tools make it impossible to streamline modding in a way to make everybody happy or to make profit in long term. modding for gamers (mostly on pc) works only until the the next major update. creative solutions for that problem never comes from the game studio. in best case they involve modders in the planned changes with a tendency not to do it. game studios will always try to fully control monetization of their games. they even still tend to include drm at all costs. modders and gamers will always have to deal with this and they are just tolerated as long as profit is generated for a game studio and the gaming industry. so i am thankful to be still able to experience what modding is capable of and the excitement it transports and i am also aware of the fragility of this "cooperation" just working on sight.
  6. it is maybe a mo profile setting problem. if you include a setting that loads saves from a profile it will not use the default skyrim path, check if these settings are ok and as intended.
  7. i do not think they care at all. a beta test for random gamers is nonsense imho. it is not good for the gamer and not a reliable solution for bethesda.
  8. so what is the purpose of the beta for a gamer if urged to deactivate all extender dependent mods ?
  9. as i explained bc7 is even used for generating lods (xlodgen) in the meantime. sure its optional but if you own a 2080 or better bc7 it is performancewise a no brainer for sse and fo4 and color handling and bandwidth is far superior to the older dds formats - including normal maps. i recommend to use bc7 for any new mods using new image texture material just not to waste image quality for no reason. if image quality for any reason does not matter or you need to address dx9 (le or fo3 /FNV) you can just stay with the older formats. the only reason not to use bc7 was that the compression method was mainly unknown or not available in the beginning. since paint.net included a great working bc7 compressor for free there is no reason not to use this format for dx11 games. full dx11 support for this format is guaranteed !
  10. this discussion is getting nonsensical. it is all said and obvious. thanks!
  11. you can do all what you want. if bc7 correctly applied crashes a game my fallout 4 and sse setup and most of my 500 images on nexus would not exist at all. so something must be wrong in your assumptions.
  12. it is fully supported for fallout 4 since i testsed it all kind of textures with this format and it is officially part of dx11 interface! true is that bethesda irgnored this superior texture format in 2015, also for skyrim se in 2017. nothing new on this front... also the official hd pack was mediocre but not groundbreaking in raising image quality using inferior texture format and resolution. many if not most up to date quality skin replacers use bc7 format. if you like to stick with inferior image quality just do so... the risk that someone uses incompatible hardware is close to zero. and i doubt it would be dx11 compatible. the same applies to sse. you need 64bit capable OS and hardware! all my posted fallout 4 images are taken with bc7 containing texture packs here on nexus including most of my mods and terrain.
  13. you should study the formats! bc7 is since full support in 2012 the clear winner comparing texture formats in dx11. bc5 is medium and in my opinion quality wise hot trash since bc7 is fully supported, but it is still usable for normal maps e. g. . just expect visible compression artifacts and color degradation if not using bc7. not that important for normal maps in some cases. even the latest lodgenerator for beth games uses bc7 format and you will literally see the difference! BC7 (PC): 8 bits/pixel, using 4x4 pixel blocks. Has been in all DX11-class PC GPUs (NVIDIA since 2010, AMD since 2009, Intel since 2012). bc7e (red) looks like a clear winner. The various presets it has either have better quality, or faster compression (or both) compared to ISPC (green). bc7enc is behind the curve in all aspects, which I think is by design – it seems more like an experiment “how to do a minimal BC7 compressor”; just use bc7e instead. @ronin you are clearly not up to date with your bc7 information. i use it since 2017 for fo4 and sse in my mods and it is safe to use!
  14. fallout 4 and skyrim are already games with everlasting playability. starfield and fo76 are not. the non essential updates for skyrim and fallout 4 are a shot in the other foot.
  15. as long as bethesda seems unable to adress the dynamic ID generation issue, which can randomly destroy saves, i just wait what happens
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