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  1. Isn't it insane how fast Win7 boots compared to the newer Windows versions? I tend to do all the computer fixing in the house and I had an old 10+ year old laptop on Win 7 on a HDD that booted faster than the Alienware laptop I was on with Win 10 on a SSD. It blew my mind. I'm glad I've been able to achieve fast boot times on Linux. I agree. The terminal is what makes Linux so much fun and, in my opinion, much more efficient. I don't miss having to dig around on a program's official website for the correct and latest download link. I can just pop a command in the terminal and be all set. And Window's terminal was a bit clunky to use. In college, I stubbornly stuck with Windows just to get used to working with its command line. Most everyone else was on MacOS. I stubbornly wanted to proved anything that could be done with command lines can be done on Windows in a similar way, and pretty much anything I tackled could be done on the command line. Just, Linux's commands are much more intuitive. I don't miss a single thing of Windows though. I personally find the newer versions of Proton to work best for my games, like Proton 7+. The older versions might be a bit more stable, but sometimes the updates in the newest versions with help things function better. Like, in Planet Crafter, I was mostly using Proton 7, but I decided to test Proton 8. To my surprise, there were icons that weren't displaying in Proton 7 that displayed perfectly in Proton 8 for some reason! Haha. I didn't see any other major differences, but it's good to test things out. Proton 8 runs MO2 a lot faster for me as well, especially when reorganizing the install order, and I never would have known if I didn't give it a shot.
  2. I 110% agree. I went to college for programming and in my studies I took an operating systems class(OS 161). That was a real eye opener about how small of a footprint an OS can have and how simple they are behind the scenes. When I swapped to Linux I was able to see that efficiency first hand. It's very nice to not have to babysit my OS just so I can play a game to it's full capacity.
  3. The only other mods giving Linux problems right now are Open Animation Replacer 2.0+ and Custom Skills Framework and Face Discoloration Fix. However, Proton 9 might make all those playable. It's in beta right now and it seems to get the Face Discoloration Fix working. I haven't tried it yet. There are a lot of gamers on Linux, so the community is quick to support issues with specific games and even the various modding communities. With a little patience, most problems get fixed without extra issues.
  4. Then you'll love the HF2 changes. Architecture isn't so rigid. I often have to restructure the home first before I can start decorating. I need a nice well-designed and functional structure before I can feel more at ease to decorate. It's also much more inspirational to work from my own designs. I often found in HF1 that I would want to add extentions or tweak the layout, but options were limited and it really stunted my inspiration. I'm also surprised too! I'm kind of glad they are because the community for HF1 is still pumping out a lot of new furniture. I can't wait for the HF2 to take off a bit more. The QOL upgrades and community creativity will be amazing! Good to hear! When I search other's experiences I see people running into a lot of problems for other games, so I wasn't sure how many people actually have a fairly simple time getting things running on Linux. And I've also found my older games work just fine on Linux surprisingly! The old PopCap games like Insaniquarium and Feeding Frenzy 2 work perfectly. I had troubles getting Army Men RTS working on Windows, but it runs just fine on Linux. Other childhood favorites like Stronghold Crusader and Rising Kingdoms works just fine too. It's nice to just be able to download a game and run it. I've had so many odds and ends issues when I was on Windows trying to get Windows games to work on Windows! Then nvidia drivers stopped supporting some code resulting in some games no longer functioning on certain GPUs, so I kept losing games I could run on Windows because of that too. Linux has been refreshingly functional.
  5. Same here. I have to double check that my MO2 plugins are updated for the newest MO2 before I upgrade to that. But, that's on the backburner because it's not super necessary for the moment. I've had to unpack SKSE depending on the version of the game and MO2 installer version. The MO2 installer isn't updated as quickly as the game is, but only SKSE needs to be done manually after that. It's pretty simple. And I'm glad to hear you've been able to figure things out and get things working. Some people struggle quite a bit on Linux. It took me a bit to get the hang of things, but once I did it wasn't too terrible. ENB has been the only major thing giving me problems, but I think I have it working without issues with a different driver. The driver direct from AMD seems to let ENB run without crashes or any extra configuration. Other drivers need DLLs installed and winecfg overrides to be functional.
  6. MO2 2.5 needs Wine 9 and the latest Mono to run correctly, then it will work. You can install it manually and add it as a non-steam game to get it to work if you want version 2.5. You can point the 2.5 directories to your old MO2 directories(profiles, mods, overwrite, etc.) and it should be able to use them like normal without any extra work. Rockerbacon's MO2 script runs very reliably now and it also works for Steam Deck users! I was also able to get SKSE, xEdit, and the CK to work on Linux. I have detailed steps on how to get that all working in my Modding Skyrim SE on Linux - A Headache Minimization Guide. It also works well for other Bethesda games.
  7. I also have been playing the House Flipper series on Linux! It's a time waster for sure, but I really like interior design and architectural design. House Flipper 2 has some serious QOL upgrades that are worth it. In my experience, only modding SSE has needed a lot of work and extra fixes to get working. Everything else works out of the box with Proton. Oddly enough, native Linux games have given me issues and wouldn't work properly. So, I usually install the Windows version and run with Wine/Proton and they'll work. In addition to House Flipper, I also dump a lot of time into the Slime Rancher 1/2, the Subnautica series, and Planet Crafter. There are definitely a lot of people gaming on Linux out there judging by how much attention my Linux guide gets. I just think the Linux community isn't very vocal. And it doesn't feel like there's a central place for people on Linux to hang out and chat about gaming, so the Linux gaming community feels very lonely sometimes. Also, I feel like I have to dig for gold to find anything about gaming on Linux. Information is so sparse!
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