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  1. Baldur's Gate I - Enhanced Edition via Steam (and Linux). I've modded it and it's behaving a little strangely... Somehow that adds to the excitement as I know it so well...
  2. I started listening as a child. Tull was my fave group. I still listen and admire now. Thick as a Brick was amazing as was Passion Play... I gave my vinyl away and re-bought on CD many many years ago though not everything. Somehow Thick as a Brick would be strange on CD without the newspaper... There's an instrumental version of some of Tull's work with Anderson playing with the orchestra. It's really interesting. You'll recognise his playing immediately as it is very distinctive. There's also an acoustic album which is very very nice indeed... I listen to those two a lot - still...
  3. Out: The Dragonborn in person with a copy of The Dragon Breeders's Guide by Sybil Vimes (of Discworld fame). The Dragonborn herds up said stray dragon intent of taking the waif and stray to Sybil who is always on the look out for dragons to rescue. In: 'A sigh of relief' ( from the amassed crowds afraid of both the dragon and the Dragonborn.)
  4. A: Only if you want to listen to Steely Dan or Steeleye Span. Q: Why is a flute called a woodwind instrument when it isn't made of wood?
  5. Ohhh! I'm sorry! That must be awful.
  6. zixi

    Ban for Fun

    George is banned because it's International Ban George Day! I hope you've all got your flags and stickers and kazoos.
  7. Out: An original 45rpm record (vinyl for the younger ones) of Sweet Dream by Jethro Tull. Everyone old enough to remember JT and thus Anderson starts disco dancing... careful now JT was never particularly easy to dance to. In: A Jethro Tull t-shirt. The one with Stand Up on the back. I must be missing a couple of components if I'm daft enough to part with that!
  8. Ummm... am I allowed to ask why are cedars on your hit list?
  9. Must admit I specially love the Vortex is Broken one so here's a song (courtesy of Morning Has Broken...) Vortex is broken just when I need it I’ve got all these mods here I’m hoping to play. It was OK last night though but now it won’t start up. Perhaps someone clever will have something to say?
  10. I don't allow other people to shape the way I am because they might shape me in ways I didn't like - even now, at my ancient age I fear that. Maybe more so because I've lived more life than I have left to live. I've come across rude people too but I don't take any notice of them - they aren't interesting (maybe they try to be interesting by being rude? It fails). They have zero effect on me (aside from wasting a few moments of precious life. And I allow them to do that just once). But I do know what you mean. I don't come across many people these days as my wonky immune system keeps me from them... I very rarely see anyone unpleasant because it seems as if they're in a minority where I live. We're all nice... Being slightly deaf helps too... To change the subject a bit... It's raining here - again. We're developing a small, unscheduled pond... They're aren't many butterflies or bees and the slugs have eaten a lot (most of?) of the plants... I understand the role of slugs in biodiversity but sometimes I struggle with it... like right now... There is no smiley for slug... But there is one for snail.
  11. Sometimes titles of posts remind me of songs and I'm not happy till I've made something up. So, I give you: "Stuck in the Loading Screen with you" from Stuck in the Middle with You" - Stealers Wheel. No 8 in the (UK) charts 1973. I'm hope Radio Tamriel would play this one... Well I don't know why I’m gaming tonight I've got the feeling that something ain't right I'm so scared in case I fall off my chair And I’m worried bout the state of my hair Trolls to the left of me Dwarves to the right Here I am stuck in the loading screen with you Yes I'm stuck in the loading screen with you And I'm wondering what it is I should do It's so hard to keep this mouse in its space Losing control, yeah I'm all over the place Trolls to the left of me Dwarves to the right Here I am stuck in the loading screen with you So you tell me I should start again And reinstall just every thing When all I want to do is play Slap those dwarves and on my way Please help me Please help me Trying to make some sense of it all But I can see it makes no sense at all Is it cool play on Linux now? 'Cause I can't think any how. Trolls to the left of me Know-alls to the right Here I am stuck in the loading screen with you.
  12. Out: A small pond, complete with lily pads and the said frog (see above) hopping about in delight (as well as in the pond). In: The instructions for erecting a shed. You know the sort with multiple choices depending on which shed it is you're trying to build and with loadsacomponents that look nearly identical and some of which might be part of instruments of torture.
  13. A: The spelling. 'Samaritan' is spelled S A M A R I T A N. And 'Philanthropist' is spelled P H I L A N T H R O P I S T. Q: Why are rugby balls oval-ish*? * elongated ellipsoidal to be a bit more precise.
  14. 1996? That's old enough surely! Yesterday I was installing Baldur's Gate I and II via discs. I have a Steam based enhanced version but I wanted to install the original and on Linux. At the end of each installation of a component, it played an advertisement for an up and coming game. It was hilarious. Descent 3 was one of them. I had to look it up. It's apparently a first person shooter and the vid wittered on about how great the graphics were... By the end of the vid, I was helpless with laughter because it really was extremely blobby. It was followed by an ad for Planescape Torment - equally blobby and which I've played very recently and I couldn't recognise the game from the advertising video... Anyway, this was all 1999 stuff and they looked absolutely ancient. Which is a very long-winded way of saying that your 1996 is definitely old enough for a mention here! Do people still play any of the old games they loved/love? I still play BGI & II... and 7K.
  15. Hmmmm. It's sort of a prerequisite to meet some people to be friends with them. And if you can make connections with people on-line then actually you have the skills to do that in reality - whether you realise that or not. Sometimes it's easy to miss happiness and it whizzes by you. I've mentioned ad nauseam that I had treatment for cancer. Chemo isn't the nicest thing so I used to make myself notice three positive things every day... sometimes it was a bit of a struggle... but I always hit the three... even if one of them was managing to eat something (I was obsessed with potato crisps and pizza - salt and sugar - and that makes me laugh now). Just finding something worth looking at ... sunsets and sunrises are good... as are flowers or anything green and living* made me feel better about it all. There's a loft of life you've got out there to do yet. In your position I wouldn't waste it with sadness. I'd be dodging the sadness as much as possible... Sadness is pretty determined if you let it. And yes, you've guess it - I dodge sadness now as much as I can and I steer clear of anyone or anything who tries to give it to me... * (even Vulcans and Martians if you can find them)
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