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  1. I take it the light mode is no longer an option? This current format is not jiving well for me (I'm autistic), and is actively making it harder for me to read things. Also I updated my profile, and saved it, but the about me section on my profile on the mod side of things is showing absolutely nothing now. Did something break?
  2. Turning that on doesn't always work, if people don't tag their files correctly (or outright has it disabled), or it wasn't set properly as adult content. Some stuff will inevitably slip through. There is however a better solution, but it is a time consuming one. @calebbx239 could just go onto the mod author's profile (just click their name on any mod they have) that has content they don't want to see, and hit the block author button. They would need to do this for each author that has content they don't want to see, but it does work rather well.
  3. There's a way to disable gifs from playing in Firefox, or to set them from playing only once. I hope this will help you: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Animated_images I have sensory issues so I had to recently use that to disable them as it was just too much for me (a few weeks ago with the hot files for Skyrim classic, give or take based upon my tag blocking preferences at the time).
  4. Curious what you mean by "patreon prices"? I've only ever seen the Donation Point patreon page and it's just a single tier, no benefits, straight donation to the DP pool setup. Ah okay, so nothing really worth comparing then. Like I said earlier I haven't really looked into it. I knew that page was used for that, but wasn't sure how it all worked, because I never bothered to actually check it out. Guess I'll check it out later. Edit: @zcul Yeah I think those were the ones, or at least one of them was. Don't have time to check right now, but I will later. Thanks.
  5. After reading the article I don't think this is too much a big deal. It's being modernized (ever increasing inflation and having all these servers, etc definitely is expensive to run. I think there was a news post years back that explained all of this). The fact they are keeping supporter status (no ads, higher download speeds) is good as well. They could have easily done away with that to encourage folks to keep buying Premium (especially with this Collections system on its way). Having it moved away from the forum system is also a plus. I do wonder how their Patreon prices compare. Not something I really checked out before though. I am glad they will be honoring life time, and existing premiums for folks that already purchased them at least.
  6. This is what I've experienced as well. Can any of the other folks that have been posting here test this as well to see if this is just on our end or not? Thanks. I guess when I get home I'll also edit the op to have this information too.
  7. Well testing this with all blocked tags removed (again using AlienSlof's account first), and then sorting by asc fixes it for me (though clicking on the account name from one of the mods below and opening it up in a new tab seems to have the same results of showing the correct number of pages, only if the tag isn't blocked). Adding back just the tag Sexy/Skimpy only for now to test things out again, causes the issue to surface again. Removing it again causes things to work intended either through changing the order of sorting (asc or desc) or right clicking on the name on one of the mods below and opening it up in a new tab again. Doing all of this just on modern Firefox (after clearing all history, cookies, etc, and then signing in) again. Same settings and no addons as before. So it seems all along the issue is tied to the tags? Can anyone else test this out with this particular tab? I may try this in my other browsers but I'm wondering if I actually need to though. I also went back and tested it with sleepytigereye's profile, and if I leave all tags unblocked, everything works as expected. If I block Sexy/Skimpy only, I get some pages removed. If I go back to blocking all the Skyrim body mods in addition, back to one page for all games. Can't believe I didn't think to try any of this first. Of course that isn't the most ideal solution either for long term. Edit: To add because ideally I'd like to use the tags to block things while searching through category, but if I click on a mod author's account to see what other mods they did, and just because they may have some mods that I have tags blocked for, it shouldn't be causing the number of pages to break under the profile's user files sections, at least on my end. However the issue with inconsistent tag blocking still occurs. Checking KURESE's page for example, with the CBBE Bodybase tag blocked (and/or all the other Skyrim body mod tags) should have multiple mods showing up with the message, because several of those have been tagged with that one. But none appear to show up with that message as expected. Back to throwing on just Sexy/Skimpy only and some mods that have it, correctly display the message, but several others do not display it as it should. Like I said I only tested all this with the modern Firefox for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if the results are the same again in my other browsers (on my laptop here and mobile).
  8. For Waterfox Classic it is the default Space Fantasy theme which is available from going to customize and then selecting themes at the bottom. For the modern Firefox I use Space Fantasy Redux. At least it isn't or doesn't seem to be an issue with the browser itself since neither one of you are having this issue with this type of browser. Granted IsharaMeradin is using Chrome and had the same issue (and Edge, which I also tried). Though switching back and forth between Oblivion, All Games, Skyrim, etc does nothing on my end to fix this issue. I changed my tracking settings to be less strict (set to never for tracking protection), have Geolocation enabled, etc, set to accept third party cookies, etc. Still having issues across both. I even tried it in Microsoft Edge. I think my settings there are default since I only really used it to get my browsers of choice. Signed in. Only seeing 2 pages for Oblivion mods, and 4 pages total for all games. Which is the same thing on my Firefox and Waterfox Classic browsers. I also uninstalled, and reinstalled and refreshed Firefox so it would use the default settings, with no addons installed. Cleared all history, cache, cookies, etc. Still the same issue after signing in. Again it doesn't happen with every account's files, just certain ones, like hers. Another user's mod files this happens with is sleepytigereyes for example, but arguably it is even worse here as I only have access to one page (doing it in Edge this time, but the problem persists on all browsers I've used, mobile and on my laptop): While I would think it could be an issue with my older outdated OS, but again this is also happening in my phone browsers as well. Tried both in both Chrome and Firefox today. I don't use Chrome much (rarely) so settings are default there. Some examples below (using AlienSlof's user files again): Only 2 pages for Oblivion mods in mobile Chrome and/or Google: Only 3 (or 4) pages for all mods in mobile Chrome and/or Google: Only 3 or 4 pages in mobile Firefox (again this is an older version): Could it be something to do with where I'm located too (in PA, US)? Or even an issue with my nexusmods account overall? Or is it something to do with my source of internet connection (such as the router) and/or provider even? Though turning off wifi on my phone and using its network (through Sprint) gives me the same issues so maybe it isn't tied to that... The inconsistent issue with the tag blocking is still occurring in all browsers and both my phone and my laptop as well. I'll be trying to dig through my complete nexusmods download history in the next few days to gather some mods I may have missed grabbing to back up, and check as many user profiles and user files I encounter this with (at least those with mods still around), and will add them here as well.
  9. Thank you. So it isn't just me, and doesn't seem to entirely be isolated to a particular type of browser like I was wondering. So strange honestly...
  10. Well I am curious what mods are gone now that several games no longer have their own sub nexus site for. In any case I thought it would be interesting to see what the daily numbers using archive.org from the past two weeks +, and it's shocking. Despite the growth of new mods added daily (as can be seen with the ever increasing trend of mod authors growing), there is definitely a dip in user files within the past week, though some marginal growth again recently. 6/20/21 317,279 files for 1,323 games from 128,268 authors6/21/21 317,448 files for 1,327 games from 128,328 authors (+169 files, +4 games, +60 authors)6/22/21 317,488 files for 1,327 games from 128,357 authors (+40 files, +0 games, +29 authors)6/23/21 317,714 files for 1,333 games from 128,441 authors (+226 files, +6 games, +90 authors)6/25/21 317,872 files for 1,333 games from 128,497 authors (+158 files, +0 games, +56 authors)6/27/21 318,109 files for 1,334 games from 128,665 authors (+237 files, +1 game, +168 authors)6/28/21 318,275 files for 1,334 games from 128,736 authors (+166 files, +0 games, +71 authors)6/30/21 318,458 files for 1,334 games from 128,800 authors (+183 files, +0 games, +64 authors)7/1/21 318,415 files for 1,335 games from 128,861 authors (-43 files, +1 game, +61 authors)7/2/21 317,573 files for 1,335 games from 128,926 authors (-842 files, +0 games, +65 authors)7/3/21 317,385 files for 1,335 games from 128,980 authors (-188 files, +0 games, +54 authors)7/4/21 317,347 files for 1,335 games from 129,020 authors (-38 files, +0 games, +40 authors)7/5/21 317,310 files for 1,335 games from 129,046 authors (-37 files, +0 games, +26 authors)7/6/21 317,178 files for 1,335 games from 129,085 authors (-132 files, +0 games, +39 authors; This is the biggest visible decrease in files from 6/30/21, edit: before increasing again)7/7/21 317,223 files for 1,337 games from 129,202 authors (+45 files, +2 games, +117 authors)7/8/21 317,314 files for 1,332 games from 129,253 authors (+91 files, -5 games, +51 authors; which can change since the day is not over yet, in my timezone which is EST. Edit 2: After 12am for me, and now it is showing: 317,301 files for 1,332 games from 129,263 authors; so it went down 13 files from earlier.)Edit: Added how many files, games, and authors were either added or removed from day to day. 7/2/21 saw the biggest decrease in files overall, with nearly 1k files removed, which happened to be the day after the news post went up.
  11. Edit: Adding the stuff from post #12 down below: Can anyone else test this and confirm if this is happening on their end or not? Thanks. Original post below: So this is something I've had an issue with for a bit of time now. I'm not entirely sure why this happens. Could it be something to do with my browser settings? It's extremely inconsistent though. Some mod author's user files, like AlienSlof for example, that has 90 mods for Oblivion alone, only shows 2 pages for me currently (as I do not have premium only the first 20 mods show per page). However that should mean only 40 mods are visible if there is only 2 pages displaying, versus 5 pages.The only way to see more mods is to sort by asc and desc. This is not the only mod author's user files that I've run into this issue with. Image to show what's going on: Another inconsistent example is Gamwich's user files has all 57 Skyrim mods visible to me, with enough pages to browse through them. And while not related to this issue entirely, I've noticed some user files that have tags that I have blocked, still show up as if they were not blocked, while browsing user files on a mod author's profile, while most do. For example, I have the tag Sexy/Skimpy blocked (and several others). To give an example, I went to check out KURESE's profile, and user files, the mod R18Pn 09 - Shanoa Armor for UNP CBBEV3 7B should show up with the "This mod contains content that you have blocked in your settings and will not be visible in any of your search results." message covering it but does not, despite having at least one tag I've blocked (though technically more then one). The mod R18Pn 08 - Lingerie Set for CBBE or 7BSeveNBase UNP has the same tag however, and does show up with the message. However attempting to search for either shows no results, as expected. So why is this inconsistent? I've checked in both Waterfox Classic and a relatively up to date Firefox, and the issue is consistent across both. Ditto with an older version of Firefox on my android phone. Disabling all browser addons does not correct any of this. OS is Win7 64 bit (which I know is unsupported, but stuck with it for the foreseeable future). As far as my desktop browsers go, Waterfox Classic is version 2021.06 (20210603161224), Firefox is Firefox 89.0.2 (20210622155641).
  12. Nexus will be sending an email to mod authors to give them a chance (Until August 5th) to either Leave ALL their Mods on the Nexus, or Delete ALL their Mods from the Nexus, not some, or a handful, you either leave ALL your mods on the Nexus, or you request ALL of your mods be deleted from the NExus. All or Nothing. You should get an email soon. Despite the ultimatum for mod authors to choose before August 5 to have mod files removed or not, they still technically aren't even being deleted in totality though. They are still only being archived. See here: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/10205883-an-important-notice-and-our-future-plans-for-collections/page-143&do=findComment&comment=96376118
  13. Having this issue as well. Checked in Firefox, Waterfox Classic, and Microsoft Edge. Only the first image or two loads, the rest do not.
  14. Working again on both Firefox mobile for me (haven't checked my other browsers there just yet), as well as on my laptop's Waterfox Classic 64 bit. I'm located in central PA (USA), if providing that is of any use.
  15. Having issues on Firefox mobile on Android (version 68.11.0) when yesterday I didn't (links on the mod page are not responsive, such as attempting to switch from the description to the comments, and neither is the header bar). Having similar issues with pulling the site up through the google bar, or Ecoasia's mobile browser as well. Same issues with Waterfox Classic 64 bit (most recent update) on my laptop (Win 7), although some mod pages with many images don't load all the way. Actually I just attempted desktop mode in Firefox mobile and having the same issue here as well in regards to that. When I get the chance I'll try the regular/newer Waterfox or Firefox on my laptop and see if those have issues at all.
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