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  1. I had an extremely long, very bad Kvatch battle experience myself, although I wasn't quite as high a level as you mention here. I was high enough so that the majority of the enemies were flame atronachs and clanfears, with some of those daedra spellcasters who look like Darth Maul in the black robes as well. The defenders were totally demolished, and the clanfears were tearing me apart, I had to hide in a crevice where the enemies could only approach me single file and beat them back slowly but surely. I died many, many times, I shall never wait that long before starting the main quest again. My first playthrough of the MQ, I did that part when it was all scamps and much easier foes, it was far less painful.
  2. Good. I held off on downloading it for a long time, I was afraid it would cause issues with my computer, but I was encouraged by other forum members to get it, and I found out later I truly was missing out on some of the more exciting mods because they use OBSE.
  3. No. it's possible to lose Jauffre at that point, he's no longer required.
  4. I had two odd situations recently. One is when I used Combustive Convulsion from Deadly Reflex on a vampire and he exploded, but his upper toro (naked and sans hands) continued to float in mid air and punch at me. Also, I tried using the Deadly Reflex throat slit on the captain you kill for the first DB quest while he was sitting in his chair, and his head did a 180 and started talking to me angrily when he noticed me and avoided the attack (his head was still on his body, but capable of ludicrous rotation apparently).
  5. Do you use "Actors in Charge" by any chance? The only time I've had this issue is when using AIC when I forget to change to third person before activating it. If you don't use that mod, sorry, I'm sure this is less than helpful.
  6. Yes, but Martin is so sexy, you'd miss out on talking to him if you didn't do the MQ. I actually feel a sense of accomplishment after doing it. The high point for me though is the confrontation with Kamron. Everything else just feels like cleanup.
  7. I actually saw an orc riding a horse near Methredehl's house, I assumed that it was some sort of glitch and was getting a little worried. Never saw it happen until a couple days ago after years of playing.
  8. Yeah I noticed a few random horses like that in different places, you've got me wondering who they belonged to originally. Paramedic player...lol
  9. An interesting idea, although by the time I get to the top of the tower, everything is basically dead and looted, so I have very little reason to want to backtrack. I just assume a stone powerful enough to open a portal between realms would be powerful enough to transport a single mortal back to their own realm (granted, it's a little weird that the player would know how to control that power, but that's beside the point). Still, despite me having no need for this myself, I can see how it would be useful to a lot of people.
  10. It is kind of lame that guards and such will walk right by dead bodies, but if I were walking down the street and saw a corpse, and there were police around, I'd probably just keep moving (granted the "police" in Oblivion never actually move the bodies that you see). It is kind of weird when people stand right next to the body though talking about mudcrabs or how the Altmer have powerful wizards and act like it's no big deal. If an NPC I need happens to be lying around dead when I locate them, I just use the "resurrect 1" command and just pretend they were passed out in the street, not dead (drunk perhaps) and my character revived them. Of course, if they are dead because they angered another NPC who is still around, better watch out, because they may get killed all over again...
  11. As stated before, Oblivion never actually ends, although in a sense Oblivion the REALM does end. So if you're enjoying closing those gates, fighting daedra, and getting the rewards from the planes of Oblivion, you'll want to avoid completing the main quest for the time being. If you complete the quest where you confront Mankar Camron, I'd strongly suggest stopping the main quest progression for the time being. You can go a little ways further, but eventually events will start triggering on their own that may force you to complete the main quest.
  12. This is an update to one of my more frequently used characters I listed before, Christian Marquardt. First, here's a pic of him below, before and after (left and right respectively): http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f162/majikmonkee1975/c8.jpg Sorry, I know the resolution on my computer sux, that's the armor and sword from Lost Paladins of the Divines, which actually looks pretty amazing at higher resolution. But anyway...while Christian was already the champion of Cyrodiil, Divine Crusader, and Prince of Madness (though he has yet to visit the Shivering Isles since being named as such), he still suffered from occasional morale ambiguity. Despite having only excessive fame and no infamy to speak of, he found himself obsessively drawn to wine, women, and the hoarding of property, posessions, and gold. After reading "Lost Paladins of the Divines", though, he vowed that the time had come for him to devote himself completely to the "path of light", and forsake worldly pleasures. After completing his quest to obtain the "Heaven armor", he split up his properties among his various companions (basically assigning one each to every different home he owned) and set out to battle evil, disregarding the risks or potential rewards, for good is it's own reward. I know being a paladin doesn't necessarily mean having to forsake love or material wealth, but I like the idea of having a character be truly "good", even at the cost of having no companions or accepting quests that have virtually no reward to speak of. The fight for good is everything... :thumbsup:
  13. I've had similar issues with double posting due to pc lag when I first started. I was amazed you couldn't delete posts, and afraid I'd get strikes for repeat and short posts.
  14. I wasn't going to report you or anything austin, you didn't say anything against forum rules. Sorry if you thought I was offended, I was really just joking with you.
  15. Finding boars for quests when your character is at high level...or imps. Also, fighting will-o-the-wisps or gloom wraiths and having them damage your stats early in a dungeon.
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