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  1. Hello, I am coming back to the game after a long break. I am looking for Mods that work with War Of the Commonwealth and Sim Settlements 2. Things I do not want: Cheating or Make the game easier mods. Script heavy mods New or Changes to Settlements (I can make my own mods for that) New Weapons and Factions Cosmetic only modsThings I want to Avoid: Overhaul mods (exception is Horizon, not sure if there are any conflicts with that)==================== Things I am planning out so far. Sim Settlements 2 (Chapter2, SimHomestead, Rise of the CommonWealth, Vautl-Tech Tools, Wastland Recon, So made plans) War of the Commonwealth Vertical Spawns Light No Combat Boundries Search and Destroy Fallout 4 AI Overhaul Adv Ai Tweaks Brotherhood Of Steel Overhaul Super Mutant Redux Horizon 1.8
  2. I know little to nothing about making meshes and applying textures. In my time playing this game I know that there are some objects in the game that are precombines that are not just created by running the previs and precombine actions in the CK. - I need help tying to find out how i can make my own precombines that are not going to break when a mod changes the game. -- If there is anyone that can point me to or provide any insight on this i would be most grateful.
  3. we all know that the Technology the institute used was AMAZING and could EASILY wipe out the BOS. With one Synth and teleportation tech, they could have teleported a nuke onto the pridwin and into any of the BOS outposts. The potential to save the world with their technology was, hands down, the best for humanity! But, they just lost their way and became hermits and secret assassins. I would like to have see an option for the brotherhood and Institute to join together. The condition are obvious; Allow the BOS to assume joint control over the 'Synth Soldier Project' and 'Teleportation Technology. While the Brotherhood would provide full access to all FEV and Adv. Technology R&D. That is all. :)
  4. I have look but i can not find any mod that allows you to just drop items in a container and then go to a terminal to auto sort them to other chests. I am looking for this because I need to setup sorting and not be tied to any one location; I want to have this in each settlement if possible If anyone is feeling adventurous or knows of a mod this can do the following: 1.) Place down specific Scripted Storage Containers link to a 'Dump Chest'. 2.) Access a sorting terminal that will auto sort items in 'Dump Chest' to the respected scripted Containers I was thinking about doing it myself but i can not understand how scripting works and applying them to objects; so I am hoping something like this is simple enough. As a better example: Place down a custom Storage: Ammo, Explosives, Small Guns, Heavy Weapons, Energy Weapons, Clothing, Armor (Raider, Metal, Synth, Combat, etc), PA Pieces, Chems, Food, Collectables, Legendary Items. Then place down the Dump Chest. Go to a terminal and activate sort Dump Chest. I know someone will comment about the sorting tabs in the game; but this will show me every item in my storage and a sort mod allows me to better filter items in containers beyond WEAPONS|APPAREL|AID|MISC|JUNK|MODS
  5. Gleam link does not link to this give away. Just an FYI
  6. In response to post #65928921. Wow, it remember that game..man i feel old now
  7. Each game has its own set of mods and loadorders. all that switching games does is switch which game you are seeing at the time. It should retain any and all settings, load order, etc.
  8. Thank you, i will give some of the ones i do not have already a try. I have all the Looksmenu, Eyes of Beauty, and CW Cuts
  9. I can make small changes to the CBBE body models and try to make it look close to my ideal female body; but when I try to get face presets they usually do not work, either the neck seams show or the face and body do not match due to custom colors and morphs (shiny skin, tone mismatch, skin blemishes, etc). I have tried custom saves but most have this fascination with overly sized chest and butts, muscle bound amazons, or androgynous synth like characters All I want to do is play the game with a character that looks amazing, like the ones people keeps showing off, with gear meshes that do not convert the body back to vanilla or CBBE defaults. I have tried to use the Bodyslide and studio to make the cloths match, but I am just no good at doing that kind of thing. =============== Can anyone recommend a few good mods or character saves? Just in case you are wondering what the face and body types i am going for: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/759307?tab=imageshttps://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/2509011?tab=imageshttps://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/3460920?tab=images Especially jmenarus faces. Very intense and beautiful.
  10. Facebook and not some website i have never heard of, I am cool with that :)
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