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  1. Could someone make a mod that makes it so weapons/shields don't break? That would be awesome.
  2. So I'm new to Vortex and every time I install a mod or update a mod it pops open a command window and shows the entire deploy process over and over again and I would really like to hide this. I looked in settings but saw nothing about hiding it. Is it possible? This stuff is hidden in the background of other mod managers.
  3. I have started using mods like "kryptopyr's Automated Patches" and "QUASIPC - Qwinn's Unified Automated Self Installing Patch Compendium" which is great for patching out incompatibilities in mods. It also has filled my load order with dozens of tiny patch esps and I am wondering how feasible it would be to use merge plugins to merge all of them together. Thank you for any input on the matter.
  4. So the Bethesda launcher is no more and the Fallout 4 Creation Kit is now on steam. It installs directly into the Fallout 4 folder as usual but when I try and launch it from within Mod Organizer 2 I get the Application error 65432. I have restarted steam, rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled both Fallout 4 and the Creation Kit and ran the creation kit by itself first. Nothing helped. I do not use the CK much, just to fix navmesh errors when I combine settlement mods. Any ideas?
  5. what part of the quest are you on? Have you entered the underground after the meteor struck mistwood?
  6. yup that was my problem. I got the mod "sse display tweaks" which fixes physics for high fps :)
  7. I am having a problem that when any creature/npc dies the dead body starts freaking out and flying everywhere. Have never seen this before.
  8. VTAW has outfits very similar to that, could be one of those.
  9. So I was thinking about the glowing item mods and how I hate how they are always glowing. It occurred to me that the targeting hud does the same thing but for creatures. It in effect overlays a colored texture on top of the creatures/people/etc. Why not do the same thing for items like bobbleheads, magazines and wild plants? This is just an idea for a mod and I don't know if its possible but might be really cool if it is. Thanks and god bless.
  10. go into settings in bodyslide and under gamepath point it to the \data folder not the game folder where the .exe is. this will fix it, sorry for the late reply but I just had the same problem and had to google for like 30 minutes to find the answer.
  11. Is it possible to add custom paint jobs for cars? I'd really love a all black version of the Guinevere car.
  12. So ever since the game came out it has always bugged me that when you go straight from the vault to Codsworth he acts all crazy but if you go straight from the vault to Concord and rescue Preston and company, Codsworth has a completely different conversation with you where he's more level headed and you can immediately get him as a companion. I always wanted a simple tweak where you get the level-headed conversation with him right from the beginning. I have looked over the CK and have no clue how to do it. I would love it if someone could do this for me, thank you.
  13. oooh um thanks for the info I'm definately sticking with 1.10.162 hehe
  14. I hadn't played a lot since december and am using 1.10.162. I logged into the nexus and saw mod updates for a version 1.10.163 and see mentions of it on google (mostly pirate sites) but I alunched Fallout 4 from the launcher and from steam and did not get any update. is 163 even out for pc and if so how do I get it if steam does not update it for me?
  15. So I have been using the nexus sites for ages now and love them to pieces, I pay for premium when I can and could not even play some games without these sites. That being said there is something I've always wondered about. When searching for mods why is it sometimes much easier to search google then the specific nexus page? There have been countless times when I have searched for something and found no results (and yes I have cleared filters too) but then googled it and found it right away. I'm not knocking the nexus sites or anything I am just genuinely curious. Maybe I've been doing something wrong all this time? Wario
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