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  1. Hate to necro, but I was experiencing this. Found this thread looking for a solution. Turning down my AmbientLightingCurveInterior from the basic settings fixed it. Maybe this helps someone in January 2021.
  2. Hi there, I was hoping to get permission to use one of the armours from Courier's Cache as a mod asset. Do you think that would be okay? Kind Regards, Crossfire
  3. Selling of mods is, among other things, a violation of GECK licensing. You would get shut down by Bethesda real fast and probably sued.
  4. I will jump in and say something here. This is a matter in which I am personally invested since I have spent a large amount of money on models for use in Willhaven. Let's be clear about one thing: Sites like Turbosquid exist to sell 3d assets to people for use in things like games. That's why you see many products advertised as "game-ready." What is prohibited is buying something from turbosquid, then turning around and making the assets freely available in unedited format. This means I couldn't buy a product--let's say a rar containing fbx and tga files--and then post this same rar on the nexus calling it a "modder's resource." However, as is made clear from reading the full royalty free license, you are indeed allowed to convert the files into a proprietary format (packaging dds and nif into a bsa archive for example) and use the files in your game or mod. The notion of "royalty free" actually assumes redistribution will occur and frees the purchaser from paying later percentages of revenue to the seller of the models. I hope this makes sense. Turbosquid exists to sell things for people to use in their projects. This could even include professional game developers. The restrictions that are in place exist to protect turbosquid's ability to continue to sell the products after they have been purchased and used by others. If someone downloads my Chakan mod, for example, then uses the predator model I purchased from Faraz Mobin in a project of theirs, then THAT person has violated the copyright and their creation could be subject to legal action. However, it is still the case that my use of the product is protected and in alignment with the rights accompanying my purchase. Does this make sense?
  5. Hey dragbody, don't think I haven't forgot about that armor you owe me for winning your contest. I sent you a bunch of concept art and you haven't even looked at the message since the day I won the contest. Please fulfill your end of the agreement.
  6. Hey buddy, how about removing those links? The people who made those videos didn't have permission to post them, plus those files violate nexus ToS. Since the files have my name in them, I'd really appreciate you doing the right thing and deleting your post. Well, the right thing would have been never posting it to begin with. Removing the post is just the next best thing. Thanks.
  7. Why aren't all your mods on the nexus? I don't trust a lot of these other sources.
  8. Eating vegan trail mix. Who's the big winner here? Me.
  9. Cool. I'm going out to get food. Very hungry. I win.
  10. If you are interested:D I have some idea for mod(some sort of quest) wich needs you new armor from Cesar new regime.
  11. Hello, would it be okay if you created a mod that creates a gladiator-type armor. Nothing like what Caesar's Legion wears in the Vanilla game, hehe... Vanilla... Something like they would actually wear in the good ol days of 180's :) Please and thank you
  12. hay dont know if u like to help me but am making a mod which is already on new vegas nexus it called better life in free side if u want to help when u have to send me a PM
  13. hay dont know if u like to help me but am making a mod which is already on new vegas nexus it called better life in free side if u want to help when u have to send me a PM
  14. i noticed you like to mke new armors and clothing how about a USMC dressblues mod that makes a male and female USMC dress blue uniform?
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