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Community Answers

  1. Install from new download worked. Thank you for helping.
  2. Thanks so much for responding. I tried all of the steps except re-installing from a fresh download. I just want to make sure all of the mod data and profile setups I currently have will not get deleted before I went forward with that.
  3. If I reinstall Vortex, will my current setup be saved?
  4. There is a limit on the number of BA2 archives you can have. If you go over that limit you will get a crash at the main screen. The only way to fix that specific issue is to reduce the number of archives you have. You can remove a number of mods which contain archives. You can extract a number of mods' archives and then delete the BA2 files and just load the loose files. You can merge a number of archives together.
  5. For Fallout 4, should I Ghost Disabled plugins after making a merge or does it matter?
  6. Thanks for replying. It looks like for me, it's an issue of the group rules not saving how I set them. They keep reverting back to defaults.
  7. I initially thought that was it too, but it was the load order that'd changed, evidenced by the load order which populated in FO4edit.
  8. I set armor and weapon mods to load towards the end, but there are a few types of mods which need to load after any and all armor and weapon mods.
  9. For me, it appears as though Vortex is loading all esl flagged files at the end now regardless of how I set up Groups. Is this just me doing something incorrectly?
  10. Looking at the current Dependencies column, it appears to only show other ESPs the selected ESP must load after. Is there a way to easily see all other ESPs which list the selected one as a master? As an example, if ArmorKeywords.esm is selected, it would list ESPs such as Armorsmith Extended.esp, DCGuard_Overhaul.esp , Mercenary.esp, Clothing Of The Commonwealt.esp, etc.
  11. Just an FYI. Another reference to the archive limit. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/63063
  12. Thanks so much for the update and the continued work. So much appreciated!!!
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