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  1. There's a pretty substantial history of Brotherhood Elders seizing, or trying to seize, power when they are at odds with the established leaders. I'm not at all surprised that someone on the West Coast would try to steal back control from Arthur Maxson in the Commonwealth.
  2. "User Account Control" It's a Windows feature that controls which programs are allowed to run on your computer. Different settings will allow programs to run with or without your express permission depending on whether they have digitally signed certificates indicating who the developer was. In this case, a slightly lower setting would likely mean the game would run without asking you for permission every time.
  3. The error message you posted is from the Frontier mod, not Bounties 3 (as far as I can see).
  4. Manually extract that folder from the archive you downloaded and put it in the correct place to see if that fixes it?
  5. Weird that you needed that mod if you didn't need it before. That last bit with the "do you want to let this executable run" question sounds like maybe your UAC settings are higher than normal. If it works after hitting yes that's probably not a problem if you want the higher protection level.
  6. What's the file? Can you purge your mods and then delete the New Vegas staging folder?
  7. That portrayal of the Brotherhood was limited to a single Knight and was there in order to get Maximus into Power Armor immediately. No other Brotherhood member acted the same.
  8. Okay, first just to clarify, you mentioned the German no-gore version of the game being updated but is that the version you actually have? It reads to me like you are confused by an update to another version breaking the version you have. Second, I think you've been screwed by some seriously bad advice. If you weren't using FOSE for any reason prior to this problem then installing FOSE now would have no purpose and could not possibly fix your issue. Before anything else, the very first thing that should have been done was a game repair. Open Steam, go to Library, find "Fallout 3" entry on left, right-click and choose "properties", choose "Installed Files" on left, push the "verify integrity of game files" button. Let it do it's thing. After that, if needed, you could delete the "FalloutPrefs.ini" in "documents/my games/Fallout 3" and then run the game launcher to recreate it. And that should have been done before messing with FOSE or downgraders or anything else that could have made your situation worse. It seems that the people giving you advice were assuming that you had a game that was already heavily modded with FOSE based mods. If that was not true then they were starting from a false premise. One last thing: you said "as soon as I click on "Play" and then pick "Yes" for the resulting popup" in the first post. What "resulting popup" exactly? I don't have a popup after hitting play, it just goes into the game.
  9. Essentially, this question is equivalent to: "What's the ETA on converting all the comments sections for all the mods on the site to the new format/system that Collections currently uses?" Because that's the prerequisite for restoring a way to search those comments. And that's probably as big a job as converting the forums was last November. Or bigger. And far more disruptive to the main site. As much as I'd love to see that search come back, I'm not surprised that they want to get everything else done and iron out the kinks before they open that can of sandworms.
  10. Here's a discussion on it: But what you perceive is up to you.
  11. This isn't related to Vortex, but I believe your question is answered here:
  12. If I recall correctly, the very first batch of CC content was made part of the "base install" of Fallout 4 when Creation Club was first introduced. All other CC content beyond that first batch are downloaded as required. Those files are probably part of that first batch. To be clear, I wasn't "accusing" anyone of anything. Just pointing out that distributing Bethesda's CC content is normally prohibited and never necessary.
  13. Maybe make a quick comment box with a prominent "join the community" box overlaid?
  14. Are you actually posting CC content to this thread? You'd better be sure that it's free content or you're seriously violating the rules.
  15. Did you hit the "join the community" button for Skyrim? Near the top of the page here: https://forums.nexusmods.com/games/page/1-welcome/
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