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  1. I had a nice working version of Skyrim SE. But, Steam updated it so most of the mods don't work (skse64). I really like playing skyrim and want to know if GOG can be used with  RaceMenu?

  2. Is there any chance the game location is set to the wrong folder? If it somehow thinks the Data folder is the game folder that would explain the extra Data folder.
  3. Am I misreading or was this only on the beta channel? Because a couple of people here seem to be acting like this was a stable release.
  4. It can't tell whether you have Windows 10 or not. The message was added when support for Windows 7 was dropped. I have no idea why you would think Nexus Mods would be serving Windows updates.
  5. Technically correct if the first one is the group you belong to and the second one is a title.
  6. Uninstalling Vortex does NOT remove any of the information the previous version had stored. You have to have done something wrong, like randomly deleting the Vortex AppData information.
  7. PS5 and PS4 Bethesda games (like Fallout 4) can only get mods from the in-game mod menu through Bethesda.net. Mods from this site can't be used on consoles.
  8. Now that I'm actually playing the game I have to say that this thread is seriously hilarious. As expansive and expensive as this game is it still suffers from most, if not all, of the same flaws as every other game of the type.
  9. There's a button on the reply section that opens up a listing of all the emojis. Will that not suffice?
  10. It actually wasn't working correctly at the time they made this post. It was only showing some old posts, a couple of new ones and only showed one page worth in total.
  11. Vale, se trata de Starfield. Entonces, ¿por qué no publicarlo en el foro de Starfield? ¿Y por qué publicarlo por segunda vez?
  12. I don't know what game this is about or why you posted it here, and I really have no idea why you'd post the exact same thing a second time.
  13. First, you can install a free VPN to see if your ISP is interfering. Otherwise, follow the directions here: https://help.nexusmods.com/article/92-im-having-download-issues-what-can-i-do
  14. It does work for Windows 11. I'd suspect the problem is that when you only get one report of an error every four months and that report is lacking in useful information (despite having millions of users/downloads) it can be very difficult to find out what is causing the problem for those very few people.
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