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  1. I just saw the thread: It's ok for me to donate to charity (Ukraine, Doctors Without Boarders...)
  2. Maybe... I wondered that myself, but I am not sure that users would find it easily that way... tho: I just saw the Starfield utilities section is now available. Thx to whoever did this.
  3. As title says: I uploaded xTranslator in the "modder ressources" category, but I dont feel this is the right place. Thx!
  4. Gameplay modding on private server can definitely work as long as all players on the same server have the exact same mods. This works on other mutilplayer game, I don't see why not here.
  5. yeah, they screwed. so what...? in america you can sue anyone for everything and anything, that does not mean so much (unless you have some time to loose)
  6. if you use some tools that actually modify the original game file, you can end up with some issue at some point. The most common, will be the need to download the whole given archive file on game update, instead of the updated data. However, you can use mods that produce (or come) as "loose files" or extra archives (ba2) without cumbersome actions nor any risk of file corruption. If Bethesda choose to not allow those at this end, they will invalidate the overrides mechanism, (which is actually availible by default in the prefs.ini files) and nothing wrong happen to your installation.
  7. All esm/esp local modifications will be in conflict with server rules, I don't see this happening anytime soon. We need to wait until they decide to unleash official modding and private server.
  8. They don't. Their games are built and structured with modding in mind.
  9. Being able to modify the fallout76 archive without the game crying for it, is not a good sign about multiplayer game integrity... I am not really sure how I feel about this...
  10. In response to post #56059981. Yes, this is weird actually I get the old version by default.
  11. Hi there thx a lot for the effort. I am all for new things, I guess it's a matter of time until we all get to the new design. One issue however: I personnaly don't like using the clearType options in windows (in fact I absolutely hate cleartype, and the blurry typo), so the default font for the site is quite ugly right now for me. I am not sure if I can do something on my end to fix this.
  12. 1) there is No ETA in modding. 2) also, when a new xxSE comes out, just make a backup of your exe + dll, it's in the same folder and It's not difficult, so take the option yourself.
  13. Hi there just figured out an issue, that could maybe help other than me. After updating f4se for fallout 1.10.26, fallout4.exe was crashing *everytime* on startup. I tried everything that could come from mods, and that was not the culprit. It turns out that the issue came from Riva tuner statistic server: if the service is closed, F4SE is working again. (note: I am using rtss v 6.6.0, which is the latest stable release available).
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