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  1. showler's post in "Plugins not sorted because of cyclic rules" because of rule I didn't create was marked as the answer   
    Either it's a LOOT rule or the rule is based on the category the mod is placed in.
  2. showler's post in I reinstalled Windows, is there any way for Vortex to detect my mods? was marked as the answer   
    Set your download directory to match your existing one and you shouldn't need to redownload anything.
    You'll need to reinstall them because you don't have the information Vortex needs for that anymore.
  3. showler's post in Show Bethesda mods in Vortex? was marked as the answer   
    Our friend Pickysaurus has you covered.
  4. showler's post in Once mods are deployed: can I delete them?(Skyrim SE/Reborn collection)Vortex 1.9.12 was marked as the answer   
    You can't delete anything in the deployment folder.  Those are the real files, the ones in the game folder are just links to those files.
    You can delete the downloaded archives, but if you need to reinstall or change the mod you'd have to re download it.
    FYI, the files in the game folder report a false size when you look at them.  They show the size of the real file but are actually extremely tiny.  It gives the false impression that you're using more disk space than you are.
  5. showler's post in Extensions will not delete even after a complete O/S reinstallation was marked as the answer   
    You don't.  They're part of Vortex.
  6. showler's post in Please explain what "Save all changes", "Revert all changes, and "Use newer file for all changes" actually do was marked as the answer   
    I believe it uses the newer of the two files, the one in the game directory or the one in the deployment folder.
    So if you have a case where the file has been replaced by an older version somehow it will keep the newer version rather than either saving all or reverting all.
  7. showler's post in Extension Downloads was marked as the answer   
    Why do people keep thinking this is a problem?
    Vortex comes packaged with extensions for dozens of games.  If it keeps re-downloading and re-installing the extension, that's because it is supposed to be there.  It's part of Vortex.
    The extensions are tiny.  Just leave them alone.
  8. showler's post in Deleting a published collection or collections. was marked as the answer   
    For now you can unpublish them, I believe.  Pretty much the same as making them hidden.
  9. showler's post in Can you backup and later restore a modded Fallout 4 and the "workfolders" to another drive? was marked as the answer   
    The reason why you purge your mods is that the files in your data directory are not real files, they are just links.  But if you copy them to another drive, Windows will treat them as real files and you'll take up more space than you need.  Also, when you restore them later Vortex will be confused by them now being real files rather than links.
  10. showler's post in Vortex mod storage question was marked as the answer   
    You're not actually losing that space.  It's a false report by Windows.
    If you have a 1TB drive and you install 200GB of mods you should be able to put 1.2TB on the drive as far as Windows is concerned.
  11. showler's post in vortex mods refuse to install was marked as the answer   
    First, you can install a free VPN to see if your ISP is interfering.
    Otherwise, follow the directions here:  https://help.nexusmods.com/article/92-im-having-download-issues-what-can-i-do
  12. showler's post in I cannot run Vortex was marked as the answer   
    To be clear, the mods need to be installed on the same drive as the game.  Not Vortex.
    You can set a directory for the mods for each game in the settings.
  13. showler's post in How to make a mod for Vortex. was marked as the answer   
    Vortex INSTALLS the mod.
    Modengine2 makes the game capable of using the mod.
    Similar to Bethesda games where Vortex can install all the mods, but some of them are going to need the script extender in order to function.
    It's not misleading...it's two different functions.
  14. showler's post in Uninstall/Reinstall Does Not Replace All Files was marked as the answer   
    Masterlist errors usually result from failure to connect to GitHub.
    Try a free VPN and see if it fixes the problem.  That will tell you if your ISP is messing with things in a bad way.
  15. showler's post in Thief games was marked as the answer   
    There are mods for thousands of different games on the website.
    But Vortex can only install mods for a few hundred of them.
    Others might need a different mod manager, or it might need you to place the files in the right place on your own.
    Pick a mod for the game and read the mod page to see if they give you installation instructions.
  16. showler's post in After a Windows update, old saves (.F4se) not showing to load. New saves now have (.fos) extension. How do I retrieve my old saves? was marked as the answer   
    ".f4se" files are called co-saves.  There should be one for every regular save.
    ".fos" files are the actual game saves.
    The game save file saves all the information the game normally uses and the co-save saves the information used by F4SE based mods that need to store extra information.
    If you had a similar incident to me, you'll need to go into your Steam install folder (something like c:/programfiles(x86)/Steam), then find a folder called "userdata" and then you'll find a bunch of folders with numbers for names.  Sort by most recent and check them until you find your .fos save files and then copy them back to your "my games/Fallout 4/saves" directory so that they are back with the matching co-saves.
  17. showler's post in unable to see games in the unmanaged section of vortex mod manager was marked as the answer   
    Neither of those games are on the Supported Games list.  The website hosts mods for a vastly larger number of games than Vortex can manage.
    https://www.nexusmods.com/about/vortex/#:~:text=With mod support for over 30 different games,Vortex is the most versatile mod manager available.
  18. showler's post in Vortex mods no longer working unless enabled on Bethesda's creations load order menu was marked as the answer   
  19. showler's post in Vortex load order support for Cyberpunk 2077 was marked as the answer   
    Ask here: https://www.nexusmods.com/site/mods/196
  20. showler's post in Skyrim Special Edition disappeared off my Vortex Games Mod Manager was marked as the answer   
    On the Extensions tab, click the "show bundled" button and check if any extensions are disabled.
  21. showler's post in Can't play saved games on Fallout 4 was marked as the answer   
    Your steam install directory is probably something like "c:/program files(x86)/steam".  Inside that folder should be one called "userdata" and inside of that should be a bunch of folders with just numbers for names.  You'll be looking for a recently modified one that contains your save files (which will end with .fos).
    You'll need to copy them back to your "documents/my games/fallout4/saves" directory.
  22. showler's post in Controller Issues was marked as the answer   
    Have you tried setting the Skse launcher itself as a game in Steam?  And then setting the controller options for it specifically?  Steam has PS controller support for all games, only games with native support or only games WITHOUT native support.  You might need to play around with the various options to find one that works.
    Or, and this is a sudden thought, it could be connected to the issue Pickysaurus mentions here: 
    Specifically where he says "in Skyrim 1.6.1130 the integration with Steam appears to be completely absent".   If so, this might be a bug that Bethesda will need to fix.
  23. showler's post in Strange Vortex I/O error for a drive letter I don't have was marked as the answer   
  24. showler's post in Vortex doesn't recognize save games anymore was marked as the answer   
    Check in your steam install directory under "userdata" and sort by most recent changes, then check the numbered folders for files ending in ".fos".
    I had the same thing happen last night and Steam had moved all my save files from the Documents folder to that folder in the Steam install directory.  Moving them back fixed everything.
  25. showler's post in Same staging folder for multiple games - help separate was marked as the answer   
    I'm not sure it has that option since what you are experiencing shouldn't be possible.
    Best bet might be to use the "purge" option on each game to remove the links, then manually remove the mods from the folder, copy back only the files for a single game, have Vortex move the staging folder and then repeat for the other games.
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