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  1. The Instance Naming Rules determine how the weapon/armor is renamed based on the keywords of the OMODs. For further explanation: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/articles/161/? So depending on what you want in your mod you can create a separate INNR record just for your weapon instead of using the common one, and creating the respective keywords for it. Otherwise, if you just want an automatic receiver to not add the automatic prefix you can just remove the hasreceiver_automatic (or something like that) keyword from the OMOD.
  2. A quest mod (voice files) that's supposed to look "next gen" (large textures) with only 138 mb? Sure... We believe...
  3. Nifskope itself has an export as OBJ function, it's quicker than using Outfit Studio. And for using Outfit Studio to export a non outfit nif, such as a weapon, you should select your BSSubIndexTriShape, delete its children, and copy/paste branch it into a working nif of something similar. Then right click it and Block -> Convert -> Bethesda -> BSTriShape. Check out MikeMoore's tutorials, they're great if you use Blender http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10763/?
  4. I suppose it would be reasonably easy to make a perk that checks if you're in power armour and applies a recoil reducing effect. If you're familiar with the CK/xEdit it should be pretty simple to do.
  5. The modcols are a list of possible attachments that is then referenced in the weapon record. The weapon record has several templates/combinations, like standard, simple rifle, scoped, etc. These templates are used by the leveled lists associated with its keyword. There's always a default one though, with a flag that says so. If you added a new attachment slot, you can, for example, add your "none" (or whatever you want as default) omod to the default combination list, and add your modcol containing the different options for your new slot to the other combinations, or whatever you feel appropriate.
  6. The FEV removes all traces of gender in super mutants. There's no male or female super mutants, they're all gender neutral, with no sexual parts.
  7. Custom animations are now possible. Search for F4 Animation Kit and F4Biped. I'd really like to help all the modelers that don't know how to put their creations ingame, as it's something I have quite a bit of practice on, but if I helped everyone I'd do nothing else in my life, unfortunately. And it would be better if they learned instead of me making that part for them. I thought about making a tutorial but unfortunately I don't have recording equipment good enough to do so. But I can help anwering questions in text. First thing to know is what modeling software you use. Oh, and since you're portuguese I could talk in your native languague if it would help ;)
  8. The vanilla "assault rifle" is my favorite vanilla weapon. I don't get why everyone hates it. Just use a mod to rename it to machine gun and change it to 308, it is what it was originally going to be called anyway, but beth changed it since they decided to cut the chinese assault rifle later on. It was designed to be a weapon to be used with power armor. And I just renamed the combat rifle to M199 (the rifle the R91 replaced according to FO3) and changed it to 5.56, makes a lot more sense.
  9. Because it is intentional. Is it stupid? Yes. But they will never release a "patch" to change a design choice like that. And calm down, I'm sure there will be a mod to change that eventually, but it's a lot of work and will take time. Besides, this is a minor complaint in the big picture. Most people don't care about that, and certainly not more than the real problems like the dialogue system and lack of choice.
  10. I don't get why everybody hates the vanilla machine gun. It's not an assault rifle of course (and wasn't intended to be one, they only renamed it because they cut the chinese assault rifle later), but it's a nice weapon. And there's a bazillion of normal assault rifle mods out there already. Including loads of AKs and AR15s. Feel free to spend dozens of hours making animations for that then instead of complaining. Besides, it's probably not even possible to have true dual wielding without some major changes to the weapon system which are probably hardcoded and thus impossible.
  11. As long as it's completely custom assets, nothing bethesda made in them, it's ok. Also make sure the author allows using the assets without permission and/or contact, even if it's a modder's resource. And I don't know much about animations, but what do you mean by porting animations? Surely you can't simply do that between games since it's a different skeleton and everything. And I don't understand people's obssession with AKs and ARs. There's a bazillion of them already, and even Nuka World is going to add an AK anyway.
  12. Our own research into the problem has lead to a lot of contradictory solutions without a consistent resolution. This is exactly what we were looking for so now we can start writing our automation scripts. Thank you kindly! You can also use the usual DXT formats for the diffuse (DXT1/3/5) if you want to save memory or have transparency. Oh, and you should also learn the new material system. The nifs point to a BGSM (or BGEM) file which has various settings that used to be in the nifs itself and some new, and point to the actual texture files. For using transparency and glow maps I recommend checking the available tutorials here on the nexus since it's not exactly the same as the previous games because of that. And learning how to set up material swapping in the esp is also useful. If you have some knowledge of PBR it certainly helps a lot, but don't hold on too much to what you know, since FO4's is an unusual system. Sometimes not strictly following PBR can give better results. I recommend looking at the vanilla and other mods' textures to get a feel of how a texture looks vs how it looks ingame. Oh, and sharpening and contrast are your friends to fight the neverending blurriness ingame :P
  13. I'm surprised at how frequently people still ask about this. But anyway: using the Intel plugin for Photoshop, BC7 for the diffuse (_D), BC5 with inverted Y for the normal (_N), BC5 with spec on the red channel and gloss on the green for the _S. No alpha on anything unless actually using transparency on the diffuse, and irrelevant blue channel for the _N and _S.
  14. I have no idea how exactly the game calculates the accuracy value, it's probably some equation involving a lot of the different settings in the aim model + attachments, but I don't think it's documented anywhere. The cone of fire is basically represented by the size of the crosshair ingame, a shot can hit anywhere inside that cone (depending on the range of course). I wouldn't worry too much about the displayed accuracy stat though. Best way is to experiment - change the values and try the accuracy ingame, then adjust until you're satisfied. Then use it as a guideline for the other weapons, it shouldn't be that difficult if they are all similar weapons. Why do you need 63 different aim models though? What kind of mod is it?
  15. Base accuracy, recoil, etc is set through a separate Aim Model record referenced in the Weapon record. Make a copy of the vanilla one your weapon is using and reference it in the weapon record. Increasing the cone of fire will decrease the accuracy.
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