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  1. Good to see you still in the game too. I've been head down in SOAR, i've come up for air for a few days. I do have a few requests, but I don't need them for a few weeks so I will put the list together later. PJ
  2. Hello Tchos, Just in case you have not see this yet cuiilv has put up a pack of witcher placeable buildings, carts etc to the vault. I know that these models have not yet appeared in your set so you might want to not work on these if you update this further. I have taken corpse 06 you did for RJS for the next cornucopia update. What are the plans for this. Are you still working on the set or taking requests only? PJ
  3. The woodland looks good. It's hard to get them looking anything like real. I find colour helps a lot (a warm brown under the tree), as well as placing a slight rise under the tree. PJ
  4. It takes a lot of practice. It's worth having a look at the prefabs by NIceThugBert. https://neverwintervault.org/tags/nicethugbert He used software which takes real map data to create a set of large areas with good fine detail in the terrain. These will save you time and there's plenty of chance to practice your texturing cos it's pants in the prefabs. Grey shading and colour are your friends when your doing exteriors, you can get some very good effects off just a single texture base. PJ
  5. The walls to this set have also been separated out for use in soar. Email me and I will send you the models. PJ
  6. That's a very good start ;) I missed this thread since I don't hang out here so much. Welcome to the party .... PJ
  7. Hello Daniel, I have been using your models in my work also. I will post some images once I get back to it. They're very nice models to use, very flexible and look good in game. Thank you for your efforts. PJ
  8. I got excited for new stuff then :) I really love the furniture models this set has given us. PJ
  9. I was poking around in the tables area and found two more 09 and 10. I think these may have been found before but they're new to me. Both are re-textures, one better than the available one and one perhaps less flexible, All these need are a blueprint. There's a table 11 missing now but I cannot find that model. http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e377/PJ156/Tables_zpswtx0tlm8.jpg PJ
  10. Not sure which frame you mean. I've been using the separated stock windows and one I made from bits out of the city pack. Quite looking forwards to getting back to my own mod so i can use some of the Witcher ones again. PJ
  11. That would be cool especially if they were animated? Your door set looks interesting, some interior windows would be good as well? PJ
  12. That's pretty much what he has done. It's a huge set of bits ripped off stock models, lots of cool bits like your cellar entrances. PJ
  13. Good to see this thread again. Looking forward to this but Kamals project could potentially cross over with this in many places so it's worth checking that out before hacking too many other stock models apart. PJ
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