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  1. Its the sunlight. I did some testing with alot of lights removed, especially shadow casters. Also, alot of mist (FX) can cause micro stutters depending on hardware and some mist is totally unnecessary downtown BC. I removed all and the game ran alot more stable. I do it oldschool using only a iGPU to "feel" even the slightest change in performance. So i encountered alot more smooth gameplay when removing room bounds and portals and the entire TimeStamp, PreVis, and PreCOmbine lists and references per interior cell. All of this combined, light, FX, cell references can have a huge impact already in interior cells. Its really interesting ! Now my second plan is to do this for the entire exterior worldspace. All is setup already.
  2. Yeah, thats what i am fearing. Maybe some of the template function per actor might trick the game but i doubt it. The reason why is very simple, body part data is superior in making unique damage calculation. I wonder if armor can overwrite or force the game to use new body part data ?! The problem is body part data is tied to race and once body part differ from race the armor and anything applied to the actor is off. Correct me if im wrong. I cant find anything on the net about it. SOme good tutorials here and there about basic editing but nothing in depth which forces the game to use new body part data once a certain armor or else is used...
  3. Hm i doubt it, well its hardcoded but when playing around in the CK there is no level set other than 1 and it does not apply to every actor it looks like damn mess since there is no logic from actor X to Y its just totally random. I dont use F4SE and will never use it.
  4. I would like to override the power armor race once a certain actor uses a special power armor furniture. As i can see it the power armor race is a default object. And properly the entire race to armor to actor sequence is hardcoded. Is there any chance to override the body part data? I would like to swap the body part data based on the items and or furniture used.
  5. Yes and no. The biggest problem on surface cells or exterior worldspace is LIGHT. Light and shadow will drain performance in an instant. I noticed NO performance decrease when disabling the TS, PV, PC stamps and refereneces for any interior cell no matter its size, also i did not notice any performance decrease for disabling room bounds and portals. FOr exterior cells, the easiest workaround to "trick" the engine will and would be to merge most of the static objects into static collections. This would work wonders for Boston... I assume the maximum number for objects in any cell (interior 8³) or cell collections (uGrid X) is 65536. You can build a skyskraper by 1k+ static objects (just like in vanilla which uses an insane amount of statics per building) or just use 1 static (collection) object. ... uGrid 5+ such as uGrid 7 and more might be interfering at some point based on the number of objects.
  6. Its time to disable TimeStamp, PreVis and PreCombines for exterior cells ...
  7. I request a robot omod update/upgrade. A simple skull like remesh of the current Eyebot actor mesh. It should be a little easter egg, reference to the Lost Souls in Doom3. Also of interest might be the Forgotten One. Make this can be of help too: Skull Lord Helmet.
  8. If you switch, swap or whatnot the Navigation Door Link - Navmesh you may also update the NAVI (Navigation Mesh Info Map). More info: https://simsettlements.com/site/index.php?threads/navmeshing-a-very-simple-guide.19686/#post-135236 Could not find more on the CK wiki, will update the post later.
  9. Thats funny since: WorkshopOverrideXBoundMin [AVIF:00249E6B] WorkshopOverrideXBoundMax [AVIF:00249E6A] WorkshopOverrideYBoundMin [AVIF:00249E6C] WorkshopOverrideYBoundMax [AVIF:00249E6D] I missed to add these: WorkshopOverrideZBoundMin WorkshopOverrideZBoundMax Would negative numbers work?
  10. You could also try to hot load the plugin. Type: fcf hlp Pluginname
  11. Did you enable loose files? [Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 sResourceDataDirsFinal=
  12. You cannot swap textures if the object you would like to change is precombined and/or tied to vanilla scripts.
  13. I would go even deeper... how many centuries have people read? On which format did their eyes adpat? Was it rock, paper, ...? Rock lit with fire has a the most clam effect i can imagine. Under the line, how many people were able to read back in the time ...
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