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  1. I assume you disabled UAC on windows 10, I have windows 7 but I haven't used windows 10 nor do I plan to. Anyways, I think because GFWL wasn't made for win10 that could be the issue but I can't think of a workaround sorry.
  2. well you have to create a folder named DarkSoulsII and put it in the textures folder and then you put Override in the DarkSoulsII folder so to answer ur question you have to set it up personally and run GeDoSaTo tool with admin rights which i'm sure you can figure out
  3. i found out from http://www.gameskyrim.com/what-happend-tes-eyecandy-t68338.html that Tes Eyecandy was closed down in August for financial reasons. the post was october 11,2010 at 5:21 pm the website is shutdown nothing anyone can do about it now.
  4. there is a forum that has all the weapons and most of the armor in dark souls in skyrim(do keep in mind armor and weapons are separate) but i can't post a link to that forum due to nexus's stand on porting
  5. I decided to remake the character
  6. i vote clone wars because the clone troopers are really cool i know 2 people on another forum that might be interested in a mod like this i can't link to the forum b/c it's frowned upon by the nexus
  7. yeah i used to use BOE then i couldn't find the weapons in it and I deleted it which sucks cuz i really liked the mod but i couldn't find the munitions shop
  8. idk i'm thinking of using this mod animations are really hard to make in a video game cuz you're not really in a movie where you have actual people that can move/pose on their own you have models you have to animate which is a very extensive process
  9. In response to post #7985769. #7999228, #8001089 are all replies on the same post. we can always wait for them to fix it everything takes patience and time just cuz you ask people to do something doesn't mean it'll be done instantly
  10. i love this idea of a place where people can ask questions and talk to each other
  11. yeah totally man the new event in SWTOR was pretty awesome i wanted the red tron-looking armor but i wasn't the right rank with the ancient gree
  12. you play the old republic too?what server do you play on?i play on the shadowlands i'm living memory the sniper if you've seen me we should meet each other in TOR XD if you haven't seen me
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