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  1. In response to post #91947883. #91948568, #91948623, #91948758 are all replies on the same post. Might be a naive question, but does this even impact that many people? I'd think Steam is by far the larger platform with Microsoft's barely being used. Anyone who'd experience the joys Windows Live would stay away from them as a rule.
  2. A little late, but the problem with your method is that the records you copy this way will still have form 44, not 43 in them, which is like doing nothing at all. This means the only possible way to copy them from an SE plugin is to do everything by hand, first creating the base categories, then the entries, and only then copy the actual content.
  3. I didn't experience any kind of speed cap, and I use MO2.
  4. That's like saying all of them are on Nexus every second of the day and they are the reason the site breaks down, I'm not buying that. Nexus has been around for a while now, I'm pretty sure this doesn't happen every time school is out.
  5. This can't be blamed on the holidays, and it's not the first time Nexus has experienced year end rushes either. No, something else is wrong.
  6. A general issue is even worse because it means there are fundamental problems with the site, yet no word whatsoever was released that they even acknowledge the issue, let alone are working on fixing it.
  7. Half the time the mod manager defaults to being unable to login now without even trying. I'm beginning to consider asking my money back since I didn't pay hard cash for this kind of service.
  8. It's STILL impossible to get a download with mod manager, and they can't blame it on the holidays anymore.
  9. MO2 times out the majority of the time with not even being logging in, let alone download anything. Something's been really wrong for a week now.
  10. Half the time MO2 can't even login, and the rest is a coin toss whether or not the download begins. Forums are fine though, just like StormWolf has said.
  11. I thought it takes a much different approach, since I recall seeing people publish ported content without having waited that long. Though I guess this means I'll have to keep it private unless I get a reply to my PM. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. He seems to be a Japanese modder who didn't specify anything either on the mod page or in the readme. That's why I'm asking since that leaves me with no clear guidance on how to proceed.
  13. Hey guys. Does anyone know how long I'd have to wait for permission from an author if I want to port their mod for a game to another, in this case, an FO3 mod to FNV? They seem to have been away for the past month, and this is the first time I've tried porting anything.
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