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  1. Thank you for this. Oddly enough after a bit of "I'm not seeing any extensions tab" I had to race through settings to "enable advanced mode" before the thing crashed(took a few times) It was only then that I could even see an extensions tab because it wasn't on by default. If this is gonna be a legitimate solution it really needs to be better documented in the text of it's workaround. I was so frustrated earlier and this lack of "tell me what i need to do" makes us tech normies only more aggravated, I guess.
  2. Okay... i'm just gonna risk looking like an uneducated techno-noob for the sake of helping others.... BUUUT..... What the hell does this mean? I've never seen an "extensions page" when dealing with the personalize page for Win 7. I've spent the last hour hunting online for just what the hell the above quote meant, trying to solve why Vortex keeps crashing every time I open the settings tab....
  3. I have an Idea... The Amulat of kings as the "dot" in the middle of the Oblivion O the written below that "He lived for 65 years and through 5 games , On the 6th I saw him die in one swing... What a N00B."
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