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  1. In response to post #84075668. #84076498, #84076513, #84077488, #84077583, #84077828 are all replies on the same post. I am going to tell you a secret: In software development, you can never tell a concrete release date, because sudden limitations, scoping problems, a member illness, bugs, etc can set back a project by months and those things are very common and unexpected, you cannot predict them, commercial products release date are reached by overworking the devs with a lot of extra hours when those things happen, but since this is basically a volunteer thing , that is not an option so a release date is not an option.
  2. Legal != Nintendo or bethesda approved It is legal, owning a hacked switch is perfectly legal, as long as you don't use it to do illegal things like pirating games. If you just use it for homebrew and modding it is perfectly legal, all being said, it being legal do not mean that nintendo is not going to ban you if Nintendo detects that your switch is hacked, science it is against Nintendo's TOS. Legal? yes You may get your switch banned from online? also yes. As long as the mods do not have copyrighted material it should be legal, and the CFW that you use to load the mods is also free from copyrighted material if you use atmosphere, for a better point of view, hacking a switch is not very different from installing SKSE on pc, is software without copyrighted material done by reverse engineering to modify the intended behavior, so modding a hacked switch is not very different from a legality point of view than installing skse mods in a skyrim with skse installed on pc.
  3. In response to post #64348461. #64378511, #64494761 are all replies on the same post. Can't you just use a debit card? Maybe sience the premium is a subscription type thing, paypal request your card to charge in case you can't pay whit the funds you have on paypal, all being said this is only a hypothesis. have you tried purchasing the life time premium or the supporter rank? maybe sience those are not subscription based paypal don't ask you the card?
  4. In response to post #64411191. Isnt aids candy an option? or cotton aids? just joking
  5. In response to post #64376966. #64415711 is also a reply to the same post. You don't get it, your downlaods are as fast as they always where, is just that if you buy the supporter thing or don't use adblock you now get extra speed. Is a way to recompense to the ones that help support the site, whitout affecting the ones that can't or don't want.
  6. In response to post #64388591. You need to log in the MO2, then clear cache in the MO2 close it, and reopen it as admin
  7. I leave a comment on this article.
  8. In response to post #64330581. For me it downlaods all very fast, maybe is a problem on your end or whit your internet provider
  9. In response to post #64183701. #64191081, #64204401, #64206866, #64229911, #64231896 are all replies on the same post. More than stop people using adblockers on the site they are kind of rewarding the people that do not use them or that have the supporter account, if you have adblock you can continue using the site as always, whitout changes, they are not lowering the cap for adblockers, they are increasing the cap for non adblockers and supporters, adblockers can get the same cap they aleardy had. Technically you can sandbox the web browser that way malwares are contained and would not harm your computer. Bad ads are not the mistake of site owners, they are the mistake of ad networks, in nexus you can report bad ads you see in the forum and the site owners ask the ad network to remove them. So they are not willingly using malicious ads, but there is not much they can do about it other than what they do, today malicious ads are very hard to detect from their end, because those ads are very ofuscated and hard to detect, and nexus is not google or some big company to have their own ad network and a very powerful algorithm to detect malicious ads.
  10. Vortex is great and all, a clearly improvement over Nexus Mod Manager, but i preffer Mod Organizer 2, i like to have the main game on a ssd and the mods on a hdd and have a virtual link
  11. In response to post #64110961. #64111471, #64111571, #64111716, #64111811 are all replies on the same post. Yeah but what i mean, is that this is not punishiment whatsoever, i get why use adblock, but this is for people that are okay whitout using it, there are people that really don't care that much about ads, and that are inteligent enought to not fall on ad scams, for those people and for supporters, this is a reward, a thank you, sience those people help to pay the page, and as such they obtain more resources out of it, because those resources cost money. And for the people who can't or dont want to help, they still obtain what was always avaliable. So this is not a bad thing, this is a good thing, this is not a punishiment for adblockers but a reward for ad watchers and supporters
  12. In response to post #64110961. #64111471, #64111571 are all replies on the same post. Is not about you using a piece of software, that is egocentrically point of view, is about rewarding ppl that go a step further to help maintain nexus, if this was reducing bandwith for adblockers to 500KB and keep supporters and ad viewers to 1MB then you would have a point, but it is not, this is leaving the ppl that use adblock the same speed always was avaliable and rewarding the people that HELP maintain the nexus whit a extra 1MB of transfer speed making 2MB.
  13. In response to post #64110961. #64111571 is also a reply to the same post. But you are viewing this wrongly, this is not punishing the use of adblock, but rewarding the not using of it, as 1MB was the non premium download speed all, now they provide an extra 1MB to make 2MB to people that supports this page either by watching ads, having a premium subscription in the past or purchasing the supporter rank. people that use adblock still gets the speed that they where always capable off. Even if you dont want to see a ad, servers are not cheap, and servers the size of nexus are very expensive, they need to pay for it, and it is payed whit the ads, the supporters and the premium, so this is not punishing adblock, this is rewarding the people that helps maintain nexus, is a very very different point of view, if you always have used adblock nothing is going to change for you.
  14. In response to post #64087966. #64088311, #64089056, #64092636, #64102471 are all replies on the same post. This may be a good idea for life timers, but not for normal premium. It can be like "Active Premium" and "Pasive Premium" active meaning you are paying monthly, either by having a "not lifetime" premium or by having a lifetime premium and paying a plus, like 1-5$/mo as you said, and "Pasive premium" being a member that has the lifetime premium but chooses to not pay a plus monthly, still premium, but not supporting the site in a "active" way, maybe mod authors should be given the "active premium" whitout a extra fee(if they aleardy have lifetime premium) if they are updating their mods and publishing new ones? of course still allowing them to pay the extra fee if they want, reason being because in a indirect way a mod author is supporting the site by publishing new mods and updating old ones whitout paying. Of course in any case this would be only cosmetic and more of a option to extra support if you have the lifetime premium membership aleardy. Sorry for my Engrish, im not used to write in English that much.
  15. I must say this is a very beautiful and elegant way of dealing whit adblocking software, not punishing for the use of it, but rewarding the not use of it whit new things. Very beautiful, much elegant, wow
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