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  1. Kind of. Not as active as I used to be - doing the odd supply run out to 0.0 or wherever the alliance is deployed, building fully operational death stars when I get the chance, and logging in for the odd fleet when pings go out. Basically, I'm up on the balcony with the other bittervets, heckling ^^ Have been to Fanfest the last few years though, and will be going again this year - it's the people that make EVE, not the gameplay ^^
  2. pwnedbyscope, don't let yourself be put off by vindekarr's comments. Before you follow his advice, you should probably read some of his posts in which he shared his experiences with various corporations, and judge for yourself whether the incompatibility between vindekarr and the corporations that accepted his applications was always entirely the fault of the corporations, or whether perhaps vindekarr's attitude may have had something to do with his repeated failed attemtps to find a good corp. :) A much better guide is samroski's post, which highlights some of the opportunities and pitfalls new players may experience. :) I have been playing EVE for over 6 years now, and have always found something interesting to do. From starting out running missions in high security space to taking my first steps into piracy, from flying in small pvp gangs to being a part of epic fleet battles, I have met many other players who were willing to teach and guide less experienced players at every stage. Like samroski, there are aspects of the game that I have never explored - so even after 6 years there are still new things for me to try, should I wish it :) My focus in the game is pvp, specialising in flying logistics ships. Again, ignore vindekarr's comments about 'blob warfare' - from looking at his posting history I doubt that he has ever been able to acquire first-hand experience of fleet warfare to be able to make an informed comment rather than regurgitating perceived forum 'wisdom'. If you have never seen 150 Apocs in a fleet warp, you really have missed out on an amazing sight :). Or seen a cynosural field open, and a capital ship fleet enter the field (admittedly, that was even more spectacular with the old cyno effect^^). Or participated in an 8 hour long running battle that left 1000 ships destroyed. Or set your alarm clock for an early morning op to recapture a system that would turn the tide of a sovereignty war. If you want to find out more about different aspects of EVE from a player perspective, I would suggest watching some EVE videos - you will find no shortage of them in the EVE Online forum section set aside for them: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=topics&f=262 Check out the 'Clarion Call' ones, for instance :) Among corporations who help new players, EVE University has an excellent reputation. Many factional warfare corps also welcome new players and help them get started. As you progress through the game and acquire skills and ships, you will also build up contacts and a reputation, which will help you (or hinder, depending on the kind of reputation you acquire - and word does get around in EVE!) get accepted into other corporations that engage in the gameplay you want to try out. What you want to do in EVE is your choice - but the nice thing is that you can always change your mind and focus on something else instead :)
  3. This forum may be dead - perhaps we are too busy in game, or perhaps there just isn't a critical mass of EVE players on these forums to keep up the 'posting momentum'. EVE, on the other hand, is far from dead, and I strongly disagree with Vindekarr that there is almost no content - EVE is a sandbox, what you get back depends on what you put in. As for content... I'm finding plenty to do in null-sec warfare. War is brewing in the south, with almost all the major null-sec alliances and their allies involved. The 0.0 political map may soon need to be redrawn again - and there have already been several big changes this year. Fanfest was great - apparently not all players are basement-dwelling nerds. The 1200 or so who attended fanfest were certainly a very sociable lot :)
  4. The opening post reminds me of the portents of doom recorded in mediaeval literature... From the Annales Cambriae: From the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: And from http://omacl.org/Anglo/part7.html The world must have been balancing on the edge for a while now!
  5. New neocom is nowhere near customisable enough (allow me to get rid of the chat button and the skill training bar, and let me move the ship and icon hangar away from the undock button, as a minimum). Also, having dozens of identical icons show on your neocom any time you have a bunch of windows open is just terrible design - I would really like to get the old minimise function back where you could see at a glance what to click to bring a certain window back. POS fuel blocks are nice, but implementation was obviously not thoroughly tested. :ccp: Changing the names of propulsion modules and missiles was totally unnecessary, and removes some of the immersive depth of EVE. AFs... mine have been gathering dust since about 2008, though the enyo was my first 'training goal' in EVE. Nice that they are finally getting a boost. The one change that I'm really pleased about is that you can now reorder the fleet watchlist, and have an extra 5 spaces. Invaluable for logistics pilots :)
  6. I wouldn't call the female armours in question 'denigrating' - I find 'implausible', 'impractical', 'pandering to tired old clich├ęs' and 'horribly unimaginative' to be more suitable expressions.
  7. Looks as though my crash problem is fixed. It's been 5 days now since I removed the faulty RAM module, and I've been able to play without a single crash since then - the game ran fine for hours without crashing on the remaining 2GB. Installed the replacement RAM last night, and again, no crashes during several hours of gameplay. So it looks as though in my case the crashes were caused by faulty RAM. I'd definitely recommend running a memtest scan to anyone who's sufferring from frequent crashes.
  8. This is NOT a CTD thread. We're all sorry you're having problems, since we are as well, but you are in the wrong place. When you say a desktop crash, do you mean you entire system is forced to perform a hard system restart? Perhaps you did not quite understand my post. While I was getting CTDs, and the problem first manifested itself in form of CTDs, I was ALSO getting black screens and BSODs. Which, incidentally, have not recurred since removing the faulty RAM module. Was able to play for several hours last night without any form of crash.
  9. 64-bit Windows 7 here, i5, 4GB, ATI HD 5770 I started getting frequent crashes last weekend - mostly CTDs, but also a few black screens and BSODs. Not only Skyrim kept crashing after a few seconds of gameplay, but also EVE Online, which usually runs fine with 2 game clients open, and even FireFox. Tried updating the graphics drivers - this at least let me play EVE again. Tried cache file verification - this just led to the Skyrim launcher CTDing. Tried running the TESV.exe as administrator - that let me play for a while. Last night I had another CTD after which the launcher would instantly crash every time. This morning, trying to run the exe as administrator again, I had 2 BSODs in close succession, each giving memory management as the cause. So I ran windows memory diagnostics, which told me I had a hardware failure. Installed and ran memtest... and sure enough, one of my RAM modules failed on the first test. I'm currently waiting for a replacement - and hope that this will sort it.
  10. Hi there :D How are you now adays? :D
  11. The Hem & Haw thing was pretty cheesy, indeed. :)
  12. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but this is THE most useful 3rd party EVE site I know: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/
  13. Just some friendly advice... Good corps can pick and choose who they want as members - they are doing you a favour by letting you join, and expect you to prove your worth to them. It's not up to the corp to adjust to you, but up to you to make an effort to fit into the corp. With the employment history you are building up, you're going to find it harder and harder to get into good corporations - 'corp hoppers' are generally frowned upon, and applicants with a corp theft in their history are generally rejected outright. Think about what you have to offer to a corp, what you expect from the corp you join (and try to keep your expectations realistic, no corp is going to change their entire modus operandi for you) and then make a post on the recruitment forum and see what offers you get. Good luck.
  14. I put some of my SP points into training large projectile turret from 0 to 5, and used the rest to shorten the appalling training time for carrier 5. Haven't used the SP allocation on my second character yet, and my alts mostly just 'levelled' up their cyno skills to save on LO. And my lowest SP alt can now have a 3rd jump clone :)
  15. I've taken a lot of time during character creation to get my characters looking just right... so I will certainly miss them, and I'm not too happy at having to get a makeover for all of them :( Also, looking at the images in the dev blog... sure, the graphics are technically better, but they look unimaginative and bland. The old characters had character!
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