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  1. So you lost against a team of snipers?! hahahaha, your team must have sucked! :P
  2. Well, a good working squad (or a few for that matter) is thé way to win the game. Medics are required so that a dead squad member doesn't have to wait 15 seconds before respawn AND because it will save you one ticket for not dying. A sniper can be very very very usefull is certain maps. The problem with snipers, is that in some maps like karkand or sharqi, everybody wants to be a sniper... in a 32 player team, you will lose with 20 snipers and 12 medics.... concerning the squad, you can be in a squad as a sniper so that you can spawn in usefull places on the map without having to walk around for 5 minutes. respawn and walk away from your squad... JUST DON'T BE THE BLOOMIN' SQUADLEADER ON A FREAKING ROOFTOP 10 MILES FROM THE BATTLE!!!! just my 2 cents :)
  3. the "verifying" is done pretty fast, but it is alsos caching the map, so if your hard disk is slow, the loading time will take long (or something like that, i'm no techy, but it doesn't depend on your internet connection)
  4. Heard SmidsY is playing again... i'm to busy with my study and the intens lack of video card hampers my play (my video card broke down...)
  5. eeehm... not lately... last time was in october i guess :P
  6. agreed Smids... Downside for me is that those days are OR my workdays OR my "Watch movies at SmidsY's" :P
  7. well... about bloomin' time. Does this mean that the GS server is up and running again? [edit] eeeehm... there is nothing on battlefield2.nl... well, no download link, only the announcement :(
  8. well... I wouldn't go that far... i'll still be playing BF2 :)
  9. o my god... they must be kidding right? who would be stupid enough to buy that game now, let alone play... who?
  10. I hate delays. Getting a miniLAN with SmidsY today, tomorrow... and the day after, so it would have been nice to play a GS server any ideas on when the patch WILL be released?
  11. well... at least it sounds promissing, but so did the other patches
  12. right... couldn't they have thought of that with patch numero uno? anyway is it true the patch will bring a new map and a new game mode?
  13. you're pooting me right? source?
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