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  1. Thats actually really easy to do.
  2. crashes tend to happen especially with so many big mods activated. It would depend on the kinds of mods that you are looking for.
  3. The only way to make it look the same size wit ha shirt on is if there is a seperate mod that makes it that way. The mod you downloaded probably didnt chance the size of the chest while the shirt is on, perhaps the author uploaded that as a different mod try looking for it.
  4. wow you guys have been busy since last i checked up on your progress keep it up!
  5. Seems like an interesting idea i like it. I used to mod but havent for a long time due to my busy schedule...hope you find the help you need.
  6. having worked on this project in the past i want to point out to other modders is that this project is the most flexible group project that i've worked with (many if your wondering) so if you could only work for a little bit a week this project is the one that you should take a look at in helping. ;) i'll be back soon.
  7. Well i made it to the number one spot at the official forums....now that is a hard feat considering that they post 100X more than they do here....and most of it is NOT spam... :whistling:
  8. No i have no probs defending bat, thats the right thing to do. What you did wrong is how you took care of the situation, usually your better than that sep. There's more to it, its just hard to explain. Its like, your every post is different in a way.


    Well, call me on it some more, and tell me what you think I can do better. But PLEASE stick around.

  9. Aunease: Get you facts straight, censorship has NOTHING to do with what you said. not to mention what you did was immature too. Next time use the report function. Keep up the great work Buddah!
  10. Hey emma! Continue being tehawesomess!
  11. hey ben! Continue your great work helping people! ;)
  12. Yay im one! :D
  13. halo 3 is over hyped....
  14. hey LS! Continue your fine work on your site and your help here at the nexus.
  15. Wow, ALOT Of interests...i do agree on alot of them though. ;)
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