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  1. What's the point? if any! I can understand it in "sports" games, because it boosts "reality" but in a wargame? What product could benefit from this? Don't think a brand would think this would acutally boost their sales.
  2. Ideas a plenty, the problem is getting people to get on the wagon. I think a thursday of friday night has the most potentional
  3. .... you would do better swapping that piece of yankee hardware for a H&K quality product like the G36 ;D But the patch is in, got it installed, now to find some time to play on the GS server :P
  4. At least a 24 hours delay Source
  5. Ash has found some time to play and convinced me to join in and get me away from my busy workschedule so yeah last couple of days were fun, hope the fun gets better with this patch and the inevetable return of GS ;D
  6. Me 2 definatly. But as always i don't write of a game beforehand, i always want to play and use my own expirience before buying a game. So when BF2142/ET:QW hits the torrent scene i'll down them both, get several well earned frags and then deside what will be the succesor of BF2. So we will see what the future will bring. But looking at the the internet/hype etc. i'm looking more foreward to ET:QW than BF2142 :unsure:
  7. Indeed, MP could just have cashed the money, it's not their fault the game is buggy, they're delivering their part of the deal. Now all we need is the 1.4(!?) patch asap :D
  8. Good to hear, hopefully when "we" are back it is with a non crashing server. EA/Dice wil have an open beta periode in early july, so at least we have to wait a month (if not longer)
  9. :glare: I would advise against that, not because of the criminal fact, but because of the financhial side of things. Dutch banks are a) far and few between (last couple of years lots of them closed or downscaled) b) have minimal amounts of cash (large amounts must be requested few days in advance) So you are better of robbing a mc donalds or something ;D
  10. Don't know!? should we? is a good question. wasn't planning on getting AF but is the server goed that way i'd probably have to go that way ;) (If the A10 is good i'm in)
  11. uhm...what was is, we played so many maps/servers yesterday, and had serveral crashes true the day. So i'm not exact, but it cost me a gold, so i think oman (a little birdie tells me it's the second round after you left)
  12. I thought so :) I've worked a couple of months for Philips in the UK, a semiconducter plant in hazelgrove, lived in stockport and truly licked manchester. To bad to hear the plant is now closed. But that's still quite a drive from antwerp to eindhoven you than have to do, you do use the right side of the road do you :happy: We dutch do spit when are compared with germans*, the belgiums aren't that problematic (as long as they speak vlaams, and not french). And yeah in belgium they know how to make a good beer, but i also like a pint of murphy's/guinness from time to time. * Disclaimer no flame intended Now back on topic :ph34r:
  13. Just out of curiosity, how does a Brit end up all the way in Brabant (The area these city's are located) this because it's generally not the first place foreigners visit in the netherlands. This got anything to do with Philips?
  14. Thats exactly what you need, happy players. They will generate some word to mouth publicity what eventually can only be a good thing for GS
  15. And we can all use a good laught now and then, but sometimes you just need to cut the chatter and get back to sweet silence o_O
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