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  1. Yep. That's when reports started coming in. I've been spending time going over everything to find the root cause. For most PC users it's not an issue since most files contain the facegen and it's easier to pack. But if you have a really large mod and have to do it manually in the CK and miss those files, it's a big deal.
  2. All of us anal retentive mod authors..... Oh right. So we did all that testing. (do you have a headache? I do!). And if you are missing the facetint file from \Actors\Character\FaceGenData\FaceTint\ that will cause a CTD with a new game
  3. I wanted to wait to post. Since there was that debacle earlier I feel responsible and I would like to repay your services to the modding community and I'd be happy to help in whatever way I can : )
  4. I will name my next burger after you. Fantastic response : )
  5. ~standing ovation~ I am naming my next rescue after you.
  6. Oops, BodySlide/Outfit Studio. I apparently mashed me words together , apologies. And yes, I have used it for SSE :)
  7. Got any grape soda? :wink: Hmm, no, but I do have cream soda, diet coke and sweet tea :D
  8. Fellow popcorn eaters...I brought some cookies and whiskey to share...oh and I guess I'll add some milk for you milk-drinkers.
  9. BodyStudio really helps with this sort of thing- you can adjust those pants a lot easier without working with a 3d modeling program. You can raise the pants and lower the waist band to make it fit properly :)
  10. I have those dogs included in Skyrim now. I will be releasing the DoS soon :)
  11. You can click on the little Cog and it should auto pull you to the texture directory where you can select the texture you are using. NEVER use the full game path. I have had so many errors with armour because I see C:\\ etc on there and my Steam is located somewhere completely different.
  12. In response to post #50367272. YES! Smithing Oils got noticed! I put the mod up for consideration a couple of months ago. I cannot play without Smithing Oils it has made my warrior playthroughs so amazing. I am always, and forever, amazed at how creative people are :)
  13. I don't see any blocky faces on 64bit...the new textures over here helps a lot with that :)
  14. We get request emails quite frequently, but we haven't had anyone with the motivation AND the skill set requirements. Programming isn't what we need for SKSE64, we need reverse engineers who understand x86/x64 assembly and C++ structure alignment. I don't believe switching to git would bring anymore people in. It would likely just bring in more need for management (i.e. Peer Reviews). If you're interested in contributing your reverse engineering skills, all you have to do is submit a few alignment fixed classes to show us that you're capable. You don't even need to know x64/x86 for this, you just need to understand structure alignments and C++, this is essentially where I started 6 years ago. Here's some classes I'm confident are broken strictly from alignment shifts: EffectSetting TESRace TESNPC TESObjectWEAP TESObjectARMA ActiveEffect You don't need to fix any utility classes e.g. tArray, these are already fixed, you should correct the offsets in the comments on the right as is our convention. That is awesome you listed what needs to be done : ) Now those who have said they want to help and know how to help will be able to :D
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