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  1. HadToRegister's post in How to disable Vortex from downloading mods was marked as the answer   
    Start NMM as administrator

  2. HadToRegister's post in Enderal not detected... was marked as the answer   
    OK thanks, that got it to show up
  3. HadToRegister's post in Any way to recover the vortex mods? was marked as the answer   
    You have to redownload the mods.
    Also, since LOOT still recognizes your mods, it's means you never PURGED your mods before reformatting, which is going to lead to problems later.
  4. HadToRegister's post in cant move download folder in vortex was marked as the answer   
    The part where he said " ( I fixed it nvm all i had to do was manually change my downloads folder to the drive that i wanted)"
  5. HadToRegister's post in How can I clear everything to start Vortex new was marked as the answer   
    First off, before you uninstall Vortex you MUST "Purge Mods", then UNINSTALL THEM.
    You can't just uninstall Vortex without undoing and removing what Vortex has already installed, otherwise you'll be left with a mess, which will leave you with a "lot of error messages"

    You will also end up with a Vortex MODS folder, full of installed mods, (If you never uninstalled them) which you'll need to get rid of.

    Vortex stores it's stuff in C:\users\<NAME>\appdata\roaming\Vortex\ -or- C:\users\<NAME>\appdata\roaming\BlacktreeGaming\Vortex\
  6. HadToRegister's post in HELP! (FNV Mod Trouble) was marked as the answer   
    Did you click on the PLUGINS tab (Under the mods tab on the left) and make sure THOSE are ENABLED as well?

    Did you DEPLOY the mods?
  7. HadToRegister's post in HDD failure - how to best save my load order for a new install was marked as the answer   
    You need to PURGE the mods first with Vortex.
    So it severs the Links between the mod staging folder and the game folder.
    Since you're looking to uninstall and reinstall, you can just go to the MOD TAB, select any Mod, and hit CTRL+A, then select REMOVE at the bottom with the little white menu that appears, DO NOT check the DELETE box.
    Then you can backup your Vortex DOWNLOADS folder wherever you have it installed) you can find it, by looking at SETTINGS----->DOWNLOADS
    navigate to hat folder in Windows, and COPY it to another drive, or thumbdrive etc in order to back it up, that way you wont have to redownload all your mods again

  8. HadToRegister's post in Need Help / Have A Question was marked as the answer   
    Just put the ESP in a GROUP that loads Last, like Late Loaders, or Dynamic Patches
    Did you look at the built in Knowledge Base, because I'm Pretty sure this is in the Knowledge Base
    Go to the PLUGINS tab.
    Double Click on the plugin
    A panel opens up in the right hand side
    Find the GROUP dropdown menu and select the Group that's at the bottom of the list, usually Dynamic Patches or Late Fixes & Changes
    Select one of those groups.
    Now double click on the ESP to close the panel
    Click SORT NOW in the upper menu
    Also, be aware that a LOT of mod authors tell you to put their mod at the bottom of the load order whether it really needs to be at the bottom or not.
  9. HadToRegister's post in Unable to locate Fallout 4 on games directory was marked as the answer   
    Go to EXTENSIONS Tab, make sure all of the Extensions are ENABLED
  10. HadToRegister's post in Fallout76 error nmessage by starting was marked as the answer   
    SFE needs to be updated by the mod author
    SFE muss vom Mod-Autor aktualisiert werden
  11. HadToRegister's post in Vortex install for formatting computer was marked as the answer   
    Yes, first PURGE your mods for each game
    Backup the Folder on C
    Then after formatting and reinstalling Windows and Vortex, then restore your appdata\roaming\vortex folder
    then you should be able to DEPLOY your mods again and pick up where you left off
    Of course, you'll also lose all the savegames and data for your Bethesda games, because those are all saved in C:\ Documents\My Games\ folder, as well as any program settings etc, that are saved to the Users\Yourname\appdata\ folders
  12. HadToRegister's post in Failed to Run FNIS When FNIS isn't even installed. was marked as the answer   
    This is the Vortex Support group.
    Go ask in the Mod Forum for whatever game you're modding.
  13. HadToRegister's post in File not read as should on NMM was marked as the answer   
    This is the VORTEX support Group, not the SKSE or Nexus Mod Manager Support group
  14. HadToRegister's post in I am premium member and still the download speed in vortex is bad was marked as the answer   
    The problem is, is that your "me too" in this case doesn't apply, because OP is a PREMIUM Member, who gets different download speeds because of that.
    re a non-paying member, so you are capped at
    1/mbs if you use an ad blocker
    2/mbs if you DON'T use an ad blocker
    So whatever fix would be posted for the OP, would be unavailable to YOU as a non-paying member, such as going into your user dashboard and switching to a PREMIUM Server.
    This is why people need to START THEIR OWN THREADS rather than hijack other threads that don't pertain to their problem.
  15. HadToRegister's post in Vortex is not picking up any of my games (GOG) was marked as the answer   
    Vortex can't find Deus Ex: Mankind Divided because it doesn't support it yet.
    A quick way to check if a game is supported is to go tot eh GAMES TAB, and type in the name of the game in the Search box.
    If it's supported then it will show up in either the MANAGED, or UNMANAGED section.
  16. HadToRegister's post in Deployment Method - missing options was marked as the answer   
    In order to use HARDLINKS, the Mod Staging Folder must be on the same drive as the Game is.
  17. HadToRegister's post in Cleaning/clearing Vortex staging folder was marked as the answer   
    The files in the Staging Folder ARE the installed Mods.
    If you delete those, then you break the symlinks, and the mods disappear from your game mod/data folder

    The Files in the Staging Folder are NOT duplicates of the files in your Game folder, they ARE the installed mods.

    The files only physically exist in the Mod Staging Folder, the Mods in the game folder are only links.
    Windows however, incorrectly reports the files as taking up twice the space.
  18. HadToRegister's post in An error Occurred creating profile was marked as the answer   
    Are you using Windows Defender?

    If so, turn off "Controlled Folder Access"

    Also make sure your INI files in the Skyrim VR directory in Documents\My Games aren't set to READ ONLY.
  19. HadToRegister's post in FO4 Can't Level Up, LO pasted was marked as the answer   
    You should post this in the Fallout 4 Mod forum
  20. HadToRegister's post in Why does nobody talk about mods that have no plugin in load order was marked as the answer   
    I see they got some flashlight mod working, but not the skeleton problem, which was their original complaint.
    Something about using FNVedit to 'fix' it, which I suspect could've been done with LOAD BEFORE/AFTER, but to each their own.
  21. HadToRegister's post in Fallout NV Missing Masters was marked as the answer   
    OK, I see Weapon Mod Expanded.

    THIS is why you need to read the Description page of every mod you use.
    WMX has a specific set of instructions

  22. HadToRegister's post in How do I change the load order in Vortex. was marked as the answer   
    You don't have to, Vortex does it for you, just turn on AUTOSORT, or leave AUTOSORT off, and click SORT NOW

  23. HadToRegister's post in Mods can't be deployed, Vortex says none of the solutions can be applied. was marked as the answer   
    When you "Deleted all your mods and game", did you PURGE the mods first?

    If not, then Vortex still has the hardlink info and thinks that the mods are still installed.
  24. HadToRegister's post in Help moving Vortex, Steam, and Modded Games was marked as the answer   

    Since you haven't installed very many mods, start here

    1. In Vortex PURGE any mods you have installed

    Now you can safely move your Steam Install to the other drive

    2. Next, move your Vortex downloads folder USING VORTEX...

    3. Next, move your Mod Staging Folder, USING VORTEX

    4. You will have to manually set the game location for each game in Vortex. By clicking on the little PLUS + sign in the corner of the game on the GAMES Tab.


  25. HadToRegister's post in Mod disappeared after download and drag was marked as the answer   
    If the mod was in Vortex's Download Folder, there was no need to drag it from the Download Folder to Vortex, that's why Vortex was asking you if you wanted to replace the mod that already existed, because you were dragging the mod to the folder it was already in.

    Dragging a mod to Vortex is only necessary if you MANUALLY download the mod and put it in a different folder other than the DOWNLOAD folder

    Since you dragged the mod, from the Download Folder, into the Download Folder, on top of itself, Vortex went and overwrote the mod with itself, and ended up deleting it, because you told Vortex to overwrite the file with itself.

    If you download with Vortex, the Mod goes to the Download folder, there is no need to Drag the File to Vortex.
    I'm curious as to where you got that information from, because it's not the correct way to do things in Vortex.
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