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There's not a single track worth of listening to in this game. Who thought it was a good idea to place the same depressing track that plays when you face Eothas and the other gods into a catacomb?! When you wonder into a dreaded dungeon, you'll be expecting a mystery or suspense track, not a melancholic one. Seriously, someone there needs to find a new job ASAP, because they suck at it. Hearing that repetitive OST completely killed the mood, I had to turn off the game's music so I could resume exploring the dungeon.

To say nothing of combat music. I always turn it off. If the fight takes too long and you have to think a lot, you start getting crazy hearing those same monotonous sticky chords.

Soundtrack is the game's greatest weakness by far, along with the awful "mobile-style" world exploration.

There's also the Single/Multiclass balance issue, where going single + solo + PotD is downright suicidal without using console commands to boost your stats and add extra talents.

But I shouldn't be complaining at all. Maybe they'll perform even worse in Avowed and we'll find ourselves nostalgically missing the first two classic entries in the series.

Story and combat is what holds PoE II's rushed and unfinished pieces together, really. Even if I still enjoyed most of the game, and I think most players did, Obsidian needed an extra 1~2 years of heavy development to rework the island exploration system entirely and give the game less superficial, more meaningful content (notice how pretty much every dialogue line was shortened from PoE I because of the voice acting costs). The writing itself wasn't a big problem, even though I believe writers were given a "limited number of quest stages, scenes and dialogue lines" to work with.

Last but not least, bounty quests felt like a disguised form of level grinding: totally uninteresting and repetitive, the kind of which you compulsively finish one after another just for the sake of gaining more XP.

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