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EPIC games modding?


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The Epic Games Store version is DRM free and uses a normal file structure, so it should mod the same way as any other version.

As far as I seen all the files are different. I have yet to get a mod to work, even the few new ones that pop up.


Mainly want to get the ie mod to work and one to make two handed weapons one handed. If anyone can help me out that would be great.

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Maybe this link will help:




It appears that the Epic games store version has a different version number than the Steam copy, which creates some complications. Likely because of how it's more uniformly bundled vs Steam. I'm currently installing the game right now to see if I can get it to work. Will be trying later tonight.


Edit: I tried it and couldn't get it to work. According to other users on the mods comment section, the Epic Game Store's different game version makes it incompatible. The mod author also says in the description that non-steam copies are not supported - as the mod doesn't work with those. It apparently does work with the version distributed through Amazon Primes game service - but those are setup exactly the same as the Steam versions as far as I can tell.

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