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  1. 1. What should I buy?

    • Watch Dogs
    • Total War: Rome II
    • Other

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There are two games that are coming out this year than I really want, but I only have enough for one. Which one; Watch Dogs, Total War: Rome II or something else (not AC, I'm done with AC)?

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of those two, i say Watch Dogs. as for Something Else, what else would be something you would consider?

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why not look Back. one game i could highly recomend as its by far my most favorite RPG Pc game of all time. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. any pc on this site should PWN it as far as system requirements go. but its a true Tabletop RPG ported to PC with an exellant story and (bear in mind im referring to the point in which it was new) Awesome graphics. still as old as it is the grapich still seem to impress and you could probbly find some graphics enhancing mods for it ( cuz we all know we like to mod) but as for New releases IDK i havent checked the PC lists at Gamestop recently so i dont know who the main next gen contenders are.

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I have played Bloodlines and have the world of darkness pdf. If you guys are going to recommend me RPGs know that I have played them all, including Drakensang.

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