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Hello all, i don't know if you still play fallout 4 but...

I have been making my Fallout Final Fantasy VII inspired base for some years now in Sanctuary.


The base is very high (Z=6000) and large (all sanctuary build area).(image 1)

A lot of effort and when i finally got things ready for my settlers, they don't leave the ground area don't go go up to a second floor on the main tower, they don't seem to be able go upstairs or use elevators they are just stopped as zombies and rarely go to their jobs even on ground 0.

The only way to put them in the main tower is if i ring a bell inside and sit and wait for 2 hours they are spawned there, but they got teleported down and disappear again.

I only made jobs for settlers in 3 floors Z=1256 from ground zero ,but even commanding them they don't pass the entrance stairs z= 350.

i already took of the floor and connected it with stairs and ramps to a functional floor where i can comand them but they don't pass the top of the ramp and they act as if there was no floor there. (image 2)



Commanding my companion it says ''no way out of my reach'' yet the floor is the same as below and correctly cliped..


Q1:Could it be a navesh or height script problem?

I installed settler sandbox overhaul and multiple floors sandboxing mod too. but doesnt work and multiple floors sandbox mod keeps auto disable it self in each save??

Q2:Maybe problem having both mods?Deleted Sanbox and doesnt work anyway...

Anyway these mods i think only make it possible to detect areas to Z=500 but i wanted more.

Q3:is it possible to be overwriten for more?


I divided all Base in sectors as in Final Fantasy game, and wanted to start to build the top town but no point now if they can pass overthe roof height...

Yes i know they made the game to dont build so high but its so freaking awesome:)

Thank all


(Third time i try to post this help...)

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I assume you are doing this in the Creation Kit.


1. Have you properly navmeshed the entire building? Hopefully you built it in layers so that navmeshing will be a but easier.


2. Have you adjusted the height of the buildarea to accommodate the height of the structure?


3. Do you NPCs have AI Packages?

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I assume you are doing this in the Creation Kit.


1. Have you properly navmeshed the entire building? Hopefully you built it in layers so that navmeshing will be a but easier.


2. Have you adjusted the height of the buildarea to accommodate the height of the structure?


3. Do you NPCs have AI Packages?


Hi i made all this IN GAME, not editing.

I used modpos x,y,z command because fo the biuld limits so i could move block and tcl to clip some areas. Down part is divided in sectors but after finishing that and the main tower my settlers refuse to go upstairs. Even with that mod i can only command them in ground.

ONly recently i instaled multiple levels mod so my settlers could go up but doesnt work, and i think my navesh now is completly broken since my companion refuses to follow instructions even outside of the settlement saying ''its out of my reach''. I really wanted to make this work since it was so much time envested. But if i cant make my settlers move no point in doing the upper city now =( thanks

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Hello All

I might be finally getting to a conclusion to solve the problem of settlers not moving, or not going into buildings or navmesh broken inside settlements.

So My problem was, i made this huge settlement in sanctuary look like a fortress and put up walls all around it as you can see in (image 1 https://prnt.sc/UKoPqG2z2S6u ).

Imagine as the Navmesh being like a Matrix network that comes from the core and gives the instructions to your settlers of what to do and how to move. And is always linked to the ground. If you block this path putting walls all around it when the settlement becomes huge they stop moving. It’s like that network has nowhere how to enter the settlement and they become statues.

1. I had placed this gates (image 2- https://prnt.sc/1M63gdIqA2SV ), but This gates are from a Mod and even though i can pass between them, its base cuts off the ground and the Navmesh.

I had placed this gates also inside main entrance (image 3 - https://prnt.sc/Z7_kNS14OrNq ).

Once i removed them and replace them, My companion started to finally follow orders. That what first step.

Solution 1: So Don’t put too much stuff for your settlers to pass between or it might break their navmesh.

2. But once i entered the base he freezes again and they stop moving after 1-2min. And sometimes they teleport away. Why? The only entrance i had was a stairway without any clear and direct connection from the outside to the inside (Image 4 - https://prnt.sc/0124xPcz5YgV ). So the game forces them to go to a place where they have navmesh.

So i had to create a new gate that could make a direct link from the outsider to the inside. (image 5 - https://prnt.sc/wRNRtdL0Kvp8 )

Solution 2: Having that direct link it solved a lot and some settlers started to move finally. But it doesn’t solve everything.

3. When your settlers move in a floor you placed, there can be nothing going through it. If you force something with ‘’modpos’’ command, for the game and navmesh, that structure just disappears and they don't’see it’’ (image 6 - https://prnt.sc/3hIVMywpFo5A and and 7 - https://prnt.sc/8E4nHOqOt2YU )

Solution 3: When you make a floor make sure you don't force it into other structures as stairs etc or use smaller floors so that one of them can be free for navmesh.

It’s not all.

4. Each time the game loads, the settlers are loaded without consideration of the structures you made. So they can land inside walls or other places where they can't go out (Image 8 - https://prnt.sc/rz5DEUxmFYtO ) that will help you understand what areas you must correct.

You might be able to move your player but for them the navmesh doesn't exist.

In that pic they are in one floor but the stairs go over the floor so for them it doesn't exists. So i had to take out the floors let the be on the ground and put small stairs and finally they move.

Solution 4: Always make sure your settlers have a direct connection with the ground navmesh and the structure you are placing. All structure must ‘’clip’’ its the clip that activates navmesh into that structure.

5. Some structures will still work, in image even though the floors making stairs are not connected they are small enough for them to see the navmesh. (image 9 - https://prnt.sc/TrcTSoxFjdnF)

Solution 5: Sometimes settlers time to respond can be long, consider as the game trying to find a path from the entrance of the settlement to the place you ordered. If they dont move, start by clicking next to them.

Go from one floor to the other to see where they move. This allows you to see where the path is broken.

I had to test paths a lot in a new settlement (image 10 - https://prnt.sc/DJyTCWK2G2Zj ) to understand this dynamic. If Stairs push through a floor they dont see it most of the times.

Sometimes they still don't respond because they are ‘’floating’’ or landed on a structure without navmesh, and sometimes you just want to kill them all. When this happens i suggest you quit workshop mode, save the game and kill them all, then load again. It will make you feel better!=)

I hope this might help someone, if so share it. Enjoy the game

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