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RNG - Endless Dungeon/Seeds. A Blades Sacred Quest+Cashe


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The duty of The Blades to build the cashe for the dragonborn an endless series of dungeon seeds with random spawning loot (chests) etc. Multiple exits that throw you into a new seed/RNG dungeon, with ~10% chance of rest/level up merch/training seed 1% chance of all master level chest seed.

Ultra rare scrolls of town portal (For escape from super high lvl monster seed perhaps).

At the very least string all the dungeons in the game together with final passage way(s) that plop you into another dungeon. Like a macro / script to "Placeme.at XYZ" and shuffle the whole dungeon index at the final passage way.

Then a fun little thing people can do is pick from the loot they gather and get the equivalent gear and player.additem it to their skyrim character when they meet the greybeards (The story could be that the greybeards are entrusted with the gear because of their secrecy / fortress since the blades are disbanded in Skyrim).

Think of it like the old NCAA + Madden games where you could play your whole college career then port your player over to the NFL game/draft etc.

Would probably be a lot of work to find the equivalent items between the games but it could probably be done in a magnificent way to make it real fluid/user friendly.

I imagine it as a way to play on maxed out difficulty, by having a twinked out character upon meeting the Greybeards, have the loot spawn in the supplies delivery quest or something.

And out of left field has anybody made the entire catalog of "Timeric Lore" book equipment?!

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