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Bunker Hill CTD's


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recently i had such an ctd event close to bunker hill with no companion. it seems that some spawned buggy npc raises such an event. my solution which always helped with such ctd:

before entering the ctd area enter "tcl" in the console. travel in tcl mode through the ctd area and kill all recently spawned enemies. you can use your weapon or the console "kill" command. if you have done that save and reload. if you killed the source (mainly raider) the ctd will be gone.

this works in all areas where ctd occurs in a before known ctd free area. my game is mainly ctd free apart from such situations. killing buggy spawns this way using tcl works great for me.

if using tcl mode does not prevent the ctd it is a clear sign that your ctd is probably not spawn related.

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This problem is not mod-related. This really needs to be more documented tho, as it is a big problem in vanilla game play too. If you are ever planning to use Bunker Hill as a settlement, you need to kill, disable, and markfordelete the Savoldis, Tony and Joe. And the bar counters they use, and the stools, and the beds above. 

These furnitures and the scripts attached to how the Savoldis use them are unlike any other mess of garbage devwork in Fallout 4. I always completely wipe the Savoldis from the game and everything even slightly related to them, and enjoy Bunker Hill bug free in every playthrough. Messing with other actors who use special store furniture like Deb and Kay is not advised. Do not ever ttouch them, if you accidentally select one of their stores in workshop mode and it let's you, it's too late. You just broke them. Exit and load, do not load another save from that save. Or mark them for delete and kill and disable. Why all 3? Quests and scripts sometimes need to see a kill, not just a disable.

Hope this helps.



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