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Sovngarde Overhaul? (request)


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So I was replaying an old save where my Dovakiin was in Sovngarde, (you know, for the epic music) and when I looked around and really saw exactly what all was around and at what scale...I was seriously disappointed. I mean, Sovngarde is, essentially, the Elder Scrolls version of Valhalla, or Heaven for Warriors, right? With that in mind, I really feel like Sovngarde should have been large and grander in scale, having a mead hall the size of (or even bigger than) Solitude, and most of all, MORE PEOPLE!

Seriously, Dragon's reach wasn't a whole lot smaller, and there were more people in Riverwood than Sovngarde...Not to mention the fact that all of the guys have one of two voices...


Rant aside, I'd really like to someone totally overhaul Sovngarde, making it larger, more dynamic, and filled with more people. Make unique NPCs that are voiced and regail you with tales of their battles, stuff like that. Halls of Dovahndor was a step in the right direction, even if the NPCs were horribly dull, but I feel like Sovngarde itself should be even bigger still.

I'm still trying to figure out the creation kit and haven't had a lot of free time lately, so this isn't anything I'm going to be able to do myself in the near future; but I'd love to hear from other modders that might be interested in taking on this project and perhaps brainstorming with them and such. n_n

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There was a mod that added more NPCs to it. It was close to 15 I think, but the author took them from the lore, from Morrowind (Mostly from Bloodmoon), etc. It didn't add any extra architecture to the place though.

Sorry for the late reply; Christmas season was busy.

Anyway, that definitely sounds like a step int the right direction; I don't suppose you remember what the mod was called or who made it?

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really cool concept, one that i have seen done very well in the newer assassins creed games which started in origins and then went to odyssey and to valhala. but yeah, it would be great to see sovengarde as a much bigger landscape, perhaps the land has a few quests within the mist to help weaken Alduin's grip on the souls of the immortal dead before the dragonborn is able to get the help of the hero's to take down Alduin with their help, not much would be changed to how the vanilla events take place, but some of them would be somewhat delayed due to some things that need to be destroyed in order to help give the hero's of sovengarde a fighting chance against Alduin.


the weird thing is if you look at the cell of this place, bethesda left a lot of odd things within the cell and seemed to add in experiential things outside of the map that were used for something, but there is plenty of room within the map that could be fixed or taken out and recreating this whole cell to expand on the overall size of the afterlife of sovengarde to make it much more epic in not only design but scope and depth of the area.


perhaps Alduin's fight is a little harder as well as he brings a few more dragons with him, or maybe they were the blockades in the dragonborn's way that needed to be defeated in order to grant the hero's more strength in the fight against Alduin.

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