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All Mod Manager Downloads do not download


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Hi All
For a few weeks now I have been unable to download any mods via Mod Manager Links (as attached) https://imgur.com/a/BaWhNtF
Manual downloads work fine but some mods require Mod Manager Downloads so this is an issue
I have uninstalled all browser extensions and tried multiple browsers (bing, chrome, firefox, and incognito on multiple) none work
No VPN used
Malware and antivirus scans, all fine
Any help is appreciated

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I use Balders Gate Mod Manager (not vortex)
For most mods this isnt an usual and I simply manually download and manual instal, but for some mods it creates confusion and erros and id quite like to fix this, as originally, I COULD download the mod manager download files and instal them normally.
Now, when I try to download them, it requests a slow or fast download (the usual stuff) I click slow cus ima cheap scrub, and no file ever downloads. I click to manually download it and it doesnt download either.

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