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The Sea


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All along Neptunian knolls,

-They rise, they roll, they fall-

Are sown the strings of sundered souls;

-They plea, they flee, they crawl-

Hark their hums, lift their lungs,

Down to depths of doom they plunge.



They drift along Poseidon's sphere,

-Njördh guides their way-

Down to waters deep and sheer;

-They limp, they cry, they pray-

Drown their tears, flood their ears,

Choke them by their hellish fears!


For the sea! The sea! Oh courtesy,

It is to clasp and lash,

To strain in humble agony,

To flail, and writhe, and thrash;

Forever to roam, along the foam,

This sea, this sea, you call it home.



Never free...never free...

For alas, its destiny.

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Very interesting; a good poem though I would suggest another title than that of the 'Sea' or even a subtitle that hints more strongly of the purpose, the deeper story, of the poem. Excellent!

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