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  1. Post #72 [062] The tomes, from the Treasury Vaults, had been written by the Shazgods and even bound by them. They became known, for simplification's sake, as the Shazgodtomes. STA1's Seekachampions had been going through the tomes and other resources that they had gained from the Helpcubes and other sources. That is Sc13A1 had been doing so! The problem was that the Seekachampions had written the Shazgodtomes, as Shazgods, but they were no longer them having changed in a great way. So they were only slowly-steadily remembering what they had created as they tried to deal with Shazgodly arrogance, hubris, extravagance, over confidence and other faults that showed in the otherwise brilliant writings; it did not help to know that they had once been those very Shazgods and as their memories slowly-steadily returned it became no easier. Sh13B0 appeared in the Self Projection Booths, Sh13B1 in the general Seekahomebase, Sh13B2 in Seekakeep, Sh13B3 in SeekatranspoSh13 and Sh13B4 in Seekahome. That meant that STB1 emerged in Seekahomebase, STB2 in Seekakeep, STB3 in Seekatranspost and STB4 in Seekahome. The Seekahelpers were the supporting equals to the Seekachampions while the four teams were mostly made up of Seekaservers. This meant that the Seekachampions, and Alpha Seekateams, could focus more on the Doomsworldgame.
  2. Post #71 [000] The EverWanderer responded. “If the prince has been replaced he is far from alone. The vanishing, and replacement by infiltrators, has been happening far too many times, recently.” There was the muffled sound of a shotgun being fired off. The EverWanderer turned his head in time to watch the ticket seller, and door bouncer, slam the armoured metal door closed before putting into place two heavy wooden planks and steel bolts. Then he took out what looked somewhat like a fob watch, being on a fine chain, and studied its three big, and five small, arrows. They were pointing in different directions except two big ones aimed squarely at the door. He sighed. “My friend, it is time for you to become fully what you truly are.” Harrista froze, shimmered, and he also wore hoodrobe, now, as a EverFollower. He sniffed the air, softly. “The Seekaquesters, should have in theory, been here by now.” The EverWanderer responded. “What 'should be' changes with changes in circumstances. They have been helping Shazzie and also teaching, and training, her through experiences they have put her through while protecting her. Professor Sagesmart is also with them. Iself needs you to be sent to be with some of STA3 in the Sacred Vaults of the Shazgodfolk. They are in Sacred Vault #1. When you arrive there you will return to being Harrista of the Royal Family's Secret Order also known, from ancient times, as the Shaztecahandis.” The EverFollower nodded. “Why do I have the sense that you are also keeping me safe?” The EverWanderer responded. “That is only part of the truth. We need to start to really learn the truth, if there is but one, behind what is taking place. Oh, yes, beware of the LittleFatesManif showing up for that LittleCelestialManif appears to be acting even more erratically than normal. Even the LittlePrimeManif can not keep track of him, of late, and that is saying much. Rainbowsphere!?” The EverFollower arched his eyebrows. “Aaahhh, I see! Do I have time to say my goodbyes and so forth.” The EverWanderer smiled. “An avatar projection, of yourself, will return to your family, and friends, as Harrista Longreach, to take a long, well earned, break. I have already cleared it with the royal family though a bit of bribery did not hurt. I informed them that you had been of great assistance to me and insisted you be allowed to go on leave; they did not seem to object to the idea.” The EverFollower gave out a short, soft, laugh. “Shows that they are not fools even if they are far from being fine people.” Then the EverFollower vanished away with a soft shimmering.
  3. Post #70 [000] The EverWanderer made his way through some of the poorer streets, of Shazzantacca, of which there were quite a few. Centuries ago only the slum quarter could be given such a description but now at least half of the templecity could be described with such terms. He passed a long closed down, looted, shop that had once sold electric light-bulbs, batteries, clocks and myriad other such devices. They were still made, and bought, but only in the single, elite, corner of Shazzantacca known as the Golden Quarter. A trio of Street Gangers, young male toughs, started to size him up but then withdrew back into shadow as if sensing that he was out of their league when it came to being a threat. He turned and made his way along a dingy laneway. There were shops selling semilegal goods of pornography, mildly blasphemous writings, edge cult magic, drugs, socially challenging tattoos and much else. Religious brothels, of the Nuns of Relief and more like them, sat next to secular ones. Danceclubs, stripclubs, chanceclubs, healers, clerical legal, and other semilegal services were also there in that lane but not just there. The EverWanderer quietly entered an adult only danceclub, the ticket-buyer barely acknowledging him despite the generous payment he gained and the bouncer not heeding the newcomer at all. With dancers, in different states of undress, on small stages in the background, he sat at a small table in an isolated corner. The dancers, and waiters, were female, male and even neuter in some cases except that the last were modestly dressed while the others were skimpily so. The hoodrobed other, an agent of the Royal Family's Secret Order, spoke. “The gronk is not bad here though expensive because of the moderate popularity of this place. Don't bother with the beer because sewer water tastes better. Meatworm stew, with veggies, is quite good. We still have no idea how Princess Shazzantie, who is often called Shazzie, managed to escape from Shazzantacca. At least that is the official line.” The EverWanderer did not sound impressed. “Given how badly the Royal Family treated her, before King Khazashazza III was dethroned and beheaded, and how this led her to spending much time with people who enter-leave the templecity constantly, most would question such official statements, would they not?” Harrista, not his real name, frowned. “Unlike her father, Shazzie has become popular with the general population. Now her brother, who would be Khazashazza IV, is seeking to marry Shazzie and to impregnate her with his royal seed. His mother, Queen Yhashella III, is against the idea for normally those type marriages are carried out only when very necessary to keep the dynasty going; there is no such need now. She has even sown doubt that he is the real prince because he vanished before he supposedly returned out of nowhere.”
  4. Post #69 [061] It soon became evident that only the Seekachampions, in Sacred Vault #1, could remember the incident of the false apparitions appearing and than vanishing with such amazing smoothness. The others acted as if it had never happened including Shazzie and Sagesmart. K9herois, Catsipaw and Babyrobotsi returned as solid projections. The activated Wishling had caused the emergence of Cabled Teleportation Booths, or CdTBs, the CD standing for cabled as there were also CsTBs as Cableless Teleportation Booths. Shazoutpost became the temporary name for the Treasury Vaults Network and also for Sacred Vault #1 with all of its sublevels and sidesublevels. So it was that the Seekatranspost materialised in the Shazoutpost Multichamber as a marble cube in appearance with a double slidedoor in each side with a cupboard slidehatch either side of that. Except, that on top, and below, were the same arrangements, the reason for this being only revealed in future. The Seekachampions organised a meeting in Seekatranspost and discussed the amazing appearance of the false, but incredibly effective, apparitions in Shazoutpost. They did not get very far for there were no real clues to what 'Higher Celestial Faction' was behind what had happened. Not that it would have been direct, an influence, for those factions were just too powerful for them to directly effect any mortal realm without causing great harm. Still, they simply could not do so anyway for very practical, fundamental, reasons. So they discussed other matters! They focused on the way that the Seekaquesters had gone so far and how the quests had changed. In the end it was decided that they needed to focus on what was happening there in Shazoutpost. They created a 3Dmap of Sacred Vault #1 as built by the Shazgodfolk and also filled by them as they had filled up the Treasury Vaults. They listed the sublevels with their features. #1.1 with its odd displays, some likely being fake. #1.2 with its blacked out displays. #1.3 that was the first service support network sublevel going downwards. #1.4 that was very much like #1.1 in the way that the display domes were filled. #1.5 where it seemed about half the domes were empty. #1.6 that was like #1.3 as in being another service support sublevel. #1.7 with grid domes filled with intricate metallic figures. #1.8 like #1.2 but with only some domes being blacked out. #1.9 being the lowest, last, sublevel and the third, down, service support one. The whole, of STA3, would be involved in investigating Sacred Vault #1 as with both its obvious, and not so obvious, features. This included Shazmaze, sidesublevels and even sidesubvaults.
  5. Post #68 Note: the RFD has become the RFDM and the term 'machine' in RRDM as become 'mechanism'. [060] The Rattanfolk, as they had started to call themselves, knew nothing of any 'Shazmaze'. No, they had all fallen asleep in a curious, well hidden, alcove offside of a larger alcove at the edge of Sublevel #1.2 being the one that was below the sublevel that they were in at that moment. That is except for the robot that had become semiactive. When they awoke it was only to find that with them were 10 small robocarts, remoterobotic carts that could also be used as basic vehicles, with enclosed storage backs full of useful resources. They were the sort of stuff that the Shazgodfolk were using already, needed and could use at once. Each robocart also had an unusual, multiple lensbarrelled, weapon on it of odd design that had with it related items. Were there other non standard items in the robocarts? The four Seekachampions all checked over the booklet, the message, and the 13 spikekeys. When it came to the items, that the non existing Rattangirl had offered, they were three identical copies of the same. Somehow it was no surprise, to them, that there were three more sets, of copies, now in Seekainventory. There came, to the Shazgodfolk Multichamber, more of the doppelform humans who had disturbing news from the Shazgodfolk Mainpost; it was a sidesublevel being #2,1 out from Level #2. It turned out to have the same grid pattern, of display domes, but all were black and their plaques were blank when it came to any descriptions. They brought with them more companions, some robots including robocarts and other equipment-supplies. The captain spoke to the four Seekachampions. “Major Thomk0001 has decided that we need to spread out our command and resources mainly to the two sides. Mainpost will continue to have most but here, now called Outpost #1, will build up its resources. Mainpost has the amazing Shazmechanisms of the RFDM as the Return From Death Mechanism, the RRDM as the Reinforcements Resupply Delivery Mechanism, the MHRM as the Medical Healing Recovery Mechanism and the TEEM as the Training Exercise Entertainment Mechanism. Shazservovant #2, Majormanly, has been trying to help get some more resources through the Shazservonet but Shazservomind is proving, once more, to be rather obstinate.” Sharry responded. “In light, of recent events, STTA3A1 will remain here for some time while we try to work out just what is truly taking place here. We will try to make contact with Shazservomind but more directly so and not through any of the Shazservovants.” She paused, noticeably, before going on. “We Seekachampions were Shazgods but we have changed greatly.” Captain Thomk012 bowed briefly. “We will serve you with all our being for you seemed 'familiar' to us, somehow, from the first that you appeared to us. Perhaps you can assist us to know why the RRDM has been sending us fewer reinforcements and resupplies.” Sharry nodded. “Yes, of course we will, but there will be more puzzles than that to solve and the answers might easily connect to one another.”
  6. Post #67 [059] The shadowmimic frowned even as it handed over a bioplastic bag of items. “Some of us Shadowfolk don't fit into the Shadowdomini of more than Shadowfolk or the Shadowdom of the so called Shadow Civilisation. Like so many else who have social misfits, so do we, and I am one of them. The Shadowdom puts up with us, dwelling on its outskirts, as long as we are useful to it and so a few of us have ended up being here inside Doomsworld. Its not because Shadowadis wants anything to do with Doomsworld and the same goes for the Shadowdom that serves that one, its aspects and most powerful avatars.” The bioplastic bag, of items was spread out over a tabletop. There were 13 spikekeys to the 13 Sacred Vault Doors. There was a booklet with some stable maps of the Shazmaze plus clues to the ways that a few tunnels seemed to shift, clues to getting past other illusions, to detect deathtraps and even the nature of some active threats. It neither had all necessary information or pretended to. Then there was a sheet of pale parchment made of albino white human skin upon which was printed, in blood red, the following words: To the Seekars, as concerning the situation at hand, upon the brow of Shadowadis' Conscious, if there be one even if so very alien to even we the Shadowalords, you are in a trap of devious long term planning and development but also of chaotic madness. You are not the only ones for Shadowadis, Burninadis, Malignadis and others of the Disadiskind are also bound through their extended aspects along who-what else? There appear to be many from high to low, powerful to weak, so forth. It is necessary that you more than survive, that you thrive and that you find success in just the way that you most need to do so.” Shazzie gave a start for the shadowmimic was gone almost as it had never been there. There had been no shimmering or other dimensional side effects. Once moment it was there and the next moment it wasn't with truly amazing subtlety. The other 'Rattantwins' were gone, also, in the same manner. The Seekachampions showed no surprise just as the androids and robots did not. Sagesmart had the expression of one who had deepsensed something odd but could not quite work it out what he was 'sensing' while still being puzzled. Shazzie spoke. “Where did it go, the shadowmimic?” Sharry sighed. “It was never here for it never truly existed just as none of those, who apparently vanished, actually existed.” At that moment all of the real Rattantwins arrived, including the honorary ones.
  7. Post #66 [058] Rattanboy spoke out. “Beloved sister, you kindly shut up! Shazmaze is what we call it for pretty obvious reasons. We had two other honorary Rattantwins with us being Rattantooni and Rattansnake; they were both killed! We did find just a small number of interesting items; I suppose my sweet sister wants us to hand them over for free.” Sharry smiled, very sweetly, but her eyes were lukewarm. “You will be generously rewarded just as we do for all who assist us. There are always other ways to get the items from you.” Rattangirl shook her head at her brother. “Will you ever learn, sweet idiot?” She turned to look back at Sharry. “I put them somewhere safely away from my brother to stop him from trying to sell them.” Rattanboy snorted. “You needn't have bothered! None here want to buy them or have anything worth buying them with and we are too far from anybody who would want to have them. Anyway, woke up after last sleeping with a headache after having a strange, disturbing, dream. Until you showed up I just dismissed it as a product of my warped subconscious. You, newcomers, were in it and so was a horribly scary figure in a blackest of hoodrobes like it was sucking in light and reflecting none. He had his hood pulled over his hood and his face seemed to be obscured by a layer of black smoke. He spoke to me in a way hard to describe, to explain.” Sharry looked into Rattanboy's eyes and he froze. Seconds later he seemed to shake himself awake. “What did you do to me? I was too strong for him and didn't tell him anything.” Sharry shook her head. “Firstly 'he was a she' and you told her everything that you could when she threatened to expose your 'dirty little secrets' to others but also offered you some 'interesting' rewards. So where are the other items that you collected and did not give to your supposed twin sister?” Rattanboy went to speak and then he tried to sound tough while failing to do so. “What are you talking about? You are speaking rubbish.” Rattangirl shrugged. “My real twin brother vanished in the Shazmaze. This 'thing' came back in his place and reported that Rattansnake, and Rattantoon, were dead. As if I would mistake you for my twin brother. I said nothing to you because I can deepsense that he is alive somewhere out there, perhaps in the Shazmaze. He is a fool, in some ways, but not of darkside nature as you are.” 'Rattanboy' shimmered and there stood a shadowmimic that was somewhat like a shadowshifter in nature. The black, smooth skinned, hairless figure was wearing Rattanboy's clothing, still, that now hung too loosely on it. “Okay but there is a Shadowalord out there with lots of nasties serving her. I will give you the items.”
  8. Post #65 [057] The effeminate male sounding Shazservovant that had spoken, previously, to STTA3A1 was Shazservovant #5 who also had the name of Queenie. The captain led them through the big chamber where there were Shazguards, Shazworkers (blue collar workers), Shazservers, Shazspeccers of specialists and Shazgenners of generalists assisting all others or doing carrying out basic tasks. The last were all moderately sophisticated androids that were above the level of remotedroids. With them were Shazpanions, companions, of varied types being animals, cyborgs and a small number of 'odd ones out'. Two, of the last, were the Rattantwins of Rattanboy and Rattangirl; with them, as honorary Rattantwins, were Rattancat the catmonkey, Rattanrat as a big water-rat Rattanbot as a ram shamble robot built from any come to hand parts. Shazzie frowned at them, in the Ratten Nest of their own sideroom. “As usual this place would look like a rat's nest.” The big water-rat made an odd humphing noise before speaking. “Now, now, rats' nests are always kept neat and tidy when it is possible to do so.” Shazzie bent over. “Well, you have made your point, you cute adorable ratty you!” The water-rat leapt into her arms to be hugged and kissed for it seemed some kind of greeting ritual had been fulfilled. A mildly rat like, young, man spoke as Rattanboy. “Interesting new friends you've made; perhaps we could do some kind of mutually profitable deal with them?” Shazzie shook her head. “You be care with these people because they will not be conned by your slum tricks. Tell them about your ventures down below here.” Rattanboy grinned. “Maybe yes, maybe no, depending what we will get out of doing so.” Rattangirl sighed. “Sweet brother, please shut up! We will tell you all that we will know. Officially there are no ways between sublevels except for a few, heavily secured, ones. Same goes for some sidesublevels to each sublevel except they are even more secure. We found a secret network of tunnels, chambers and other features that can take one between those locations but also to hidden ones; trouble was its own security, some deathtraps and a few more active threats. Its also a maze that change as in shifting tunnels or that is what appears to happen.” She went on speaking. “We grew up daring to infiltrate the Shazzantaccan Deep Sewer Network of ancient tunnels, secret outcast priestly temples, long abandoned not so ruinous ruins, monster nests and lots more of that kind of interesting encounter. Some areas are friendlier than others but the unfriendlier ones have more good loot to gain. Yet it was not as dangerous as Shazmaze turned out to be.”
  9. Post #64 [056] K9Herois slept next to a doppelform as a young woman or was it K9Herois? It turned out to be K1Braveas, a female clone sister of K9Herois. In her fatigues, the young woman sat up quickly and studied the newcomers. They had come into the big chamber that appeared to serve many purposes. She, and the hybrid wolf dog, were on a thick, inflatable, mattress of thick bioplastic. Sergeant Thomk0313 saluted and spoke crisply to the woman. “Captain Thomk012, these newcomers rescued Corporal Thomk0214, and myself, from a shadabeast using most unusual and curious means. K9Herois, Babyrobotsi, and Catsipaw have been sent to a better place to live but could return to here in a special way.” The captain frowned softly. “Of course we want the cheekies back for they are of our people. How many died this time?” The sergeant frowned. “Three were killed and two were wounded; the dead bodies went for possible RFD and the others went to the healing place.” He turned his head towards the Seekachampions. “RFD is our term and means 'Return From Death'. Death returns can be problematic even if successful. Generally 40% return in good condition, 20% in lightly harmed condition, 20% with moderate damage, 10% with heavy damage and 10% stay dead; the last need to be replaced by the Reinforcements Resupply Delivery Machine, the RRDM. We have requested upgrades with our technologies, through the Report and Request Terminal, and have been promised them but nothing has come through the RRDM.” “That much I do know unless it has happened in the last hour or so while I have been off duty.” Thomk012 stood up and put on a belt dotted with pouches and other items including a holstered semipistol, semiautomatic pistol a combat knife in a sheaf. “I was sleeping in fatigues only because of the increasingly difficult situation that we are in.” Sharry spoke. “So we are in the level as reached from Vault Door #1 above!?” The captain frowned softly. “So, at last, somebody came to us in an understandable fashion. No, this is but Sublevel #1.1 of nine official sublevels of the level. Not that all are full up as this one is and three are filled with service support network systems. Only our Shazworkers go in there along with Shazguards to protect them from possible infiltrators small enough to move around in any of those sublevels.” Sharry responded. “We can provide you with augments for you tech and not just weapons. We can also supply you with some remoterobots and remoteturrets. Do you have a supercomputer network working with you or for you?” The doppelform captain sighed. “Shazservomind communicates with us through the Shazservonet and the nine plus Shazservovants; problem is that Shazservomind appears to have gone a 'little crazy' as expressed through the multiple personalities of the Shazservovants.”
  10. Post #63 [055] The three entities came cautiously out into the open and paced, or wheeled, over to the taskteam and the soldiers. The big wolfdog went straight to Shimmy, not surprisingly, and sat on his haunches while the catmonkey clinging to his head from behind. The robotic unit had a dome top that opened up to reveal, as a transparent dome, the top part of a plumply muscular baby. Babyrobotsi faced Shanka, looking up at him while sucking his thumb. The wolfdog, who was to turn out to be more than that, was childlike in nature as quickly proven by his nature. The catmonkey was soon revealed as a rather cheeky female of great curiosity. The male Babyrobotsi was a most curious form of cyborg but separate from the robot that he rode in while being integrated with it. Seekamind communicated mindwise with the four Seekachampions. “That compassionate gesture gained you very much but not just in Doomsworldgame terms. That entity was a shadabeast type shadaclone now 'she' likes to be called 'Brucecie'. She is learning how to use her physical attributes to carry out practical work such as using her pincers to crack open giant hardnuts. The Quest System has been refined and extended both specifically for Seekars and in general for all Doomsworldgameteams; the other teams also have their specific refinements but of those I have been given no information due to Doomsworldgame Mandate.” It was a reminder that time passed, now, twice faster inside the Seekarealms than outside of them as on-in Doomsworld. If there was a mystery there, to reveal, was it in the disguised displays or was it more subtle than that? Where had the shadabeast come from, such being able to take multiple shapeforms, and how had it gotten into the chamber? Why had the Shazgodfolk left the devices, and cubecanisters there, if they had done so? How had the doppelform soldiers, and others that turned out to be there, come to be in the domechamber; who-what had sent them there and why as in beyond the basic explanation of the mission that they had been given? The Shazguardfolk, as they were called, had discovered a number of creatures inside the domechamber and, since they had not been defined as 'outside intruders' had befriended them. It was one symptom of their limitations of thinking but with a positive outcome. Shimmy found herself befriending K9herois who liked to sleep with his head in her lap but soon he was transshifted to Seekahome where he was sleeping with his head in Shimmy's lap again. Babyrobotsi, and Catsipaw, went with him and were soon very much accepted by those already there. STTA3A1 went to meet the rest of the Shazguardfolk!
  11. Post #62 [054] The Seekachampions put away their guns, the others ceased firing that had been doing so, and the Seekachampions each produced a multimorphin handtorch. What had decided them to cease just attacking the creature was not obvious. Beams of energy struck the entity being a unique one from each of the four 'handtorches'. The entity stopped charging, lay down, and made itself comfortable. 'Something shrieked from inside it with pain, fear and rage before doing so more keenly as it shot out of the physical entity as a spout of black energy of what was often called 'antilight'. Then, with a flash of red, yellow and white energies, it ceased to be! They transshifted the former slave creature to Seekakeep where it could be helped in a secure, safe and even comfortable environment. It turned out that the doppelform soldiers knew very little about themselves, were unaware of being doppelforms, but did have some information for practical purposes. They had each a short name ending in a number, a rank that could change and a basic mission to help guard the chamber from outside intruders. The taskteam explored the great chamber, moving along a very big grid of laneways going north-south and west-east; the two soldiers went quietly with them. For over two hours they did so, recording displayed items and the information, before each, on metal plaques. If anything they became more impressed with what was clearly shown though there were the hidden devices, if they were so, that had blank plaques; that is except for numbers stating just where that display fit into the pattern of t hem. Jhenna spoke, as the neuter Seekachampion. “Some, of those, supposedly obvious displays are fake as in both the items displayed and the descriptions on the plaques.” Sharry responded. “Yes, that seems to be the way of it. There appears to be a formation of 200 west-east rows and, of course, there are 200 north-south ones, making up a grid of 20,000 displays. Going north-south, each odd numbered row has domed devices and each even numbered one has domed 6x6x6 metre cubecanisters. The supposed automatons appeared to be fakes as very sophisticated, holographic, projections they being 20% of the devices but are the other 80% really what they seem to be? The plagues, with the cubecanisters, only state that they are filled with service support supplies and equipment, giving no real detail at all. It could all be a lie!” Shimmy smiled. “Don't look now but we are being cleverly spied upon.” The big wolfdog, small catmonkey, and wheeled robotic unit were all peeping around a device and through part of the transparent dome that covered that device. One of the soldiers cried out, in a warm and friendly manner, in Panglish. “K9herois, Catsipaw and Babyrobotsi, its safe to come out. Its Sergeant Thomk0313 and with me is Corporal Thomk0214.”
  12. Post #61 [053] They seemed to be running from a threat rather than being on the attack as the two men looked rather worried, almost panicky. They whirled, crouched, and began firing at a target that the Seekaquesters could not detect. Shimmy frowned. “Those two are, but are not, truly human. Doppelforms!” Shazzie looked puzzled. “What are they?” Shimmy responded. “A cousin species to doppelshifters that are born as doppelformers but then are turned into a permanent shapeforms as doppelforms. Doppelformers are put into deepsleepcapsules, or coldsleepcapsules, then changed into what ever their lords, and masters, want them to be. Do they even know what they are? Sometimes they end up placed on a host world to carry out instructions while assuming they are natives; for instance they might think they are normal humans. This is all achieved through the use of twisted science and technologies that are often banned. That way, even if they are forced to speak, of what they know, they will not admit to being doppelforms because they won't know that they are such.” Shazzie shook her head. “That's crazy but, considering Shaztec society that I grew up in, quite believable.” Shimmy smiled. “Then, perhaps, one day you will tell us your true history.” Shazzie snorted. “You would not believe me if I did so.” Sharry spoke. “Prepare tripleguns! I think that we would considering that we are truly ancient transmortals as in celestialmortals. The doppelforms are not the threat that we have been psysensing.” Psysensing was psychic sensing. They spread out and only Shazzie, and Sagesmart, did not take out guns as they had started to act as back up only or in self defence if that became necessary. That could well change in future. The black, eight legged, monstrosity came dashing at the two soldiers with amazing speed and agility. It was big while it looked like a combination of spider, crab and scorpion. The short duration laser beams, and bursts of bullets, did not even slow it down. Just as the two soldiers seemed doomed, the Seekaquesters unleashed heavy firepower upon the black, glistening, creature. Armour piercing, explosive, bullets and high intensity pulsebeams struck the monster along with handlong missiles plus rocketshells. The four robonoids hammered away with larger bullets, from their triplemachineguns, but also arrow missiles from above and dart missiles from below. The creature was halted, while the two doppelform soldiers retreated to stand to one side of the taskteam. They looked tired even as the malignant monster, though getting damaged, started moving onwards again.
  13. Post #60 [052] Despite the device being called a 'pocket knife', the blade extruded out from the front end of the body and then changed shape into that of a thin spike. Sharry thrust it, carefully, into the hole and then sensed the spike alter though she was not sure how she did so; perhaps it was due to the nature of the device itself. There were a short, sharp, clicking noise and the thirteenth, disk shaped, 'door' began to slowly-steadily descend; it stopped only a metre from where it had begun to move. The four humans, four androids and four robots easily got down to the floor which began to move again though about twice the speed it had previously been going at. Down the vertical shaft it went until it halted with an open doorway now visible to them. It would turn out that the 13 different vault elevators would go down to 13 separate levels with #13 going to the highest and #1 to the deepest. They found themselves on a large, ring shaped, viewing platform surrounding a cylinder shaped pillar that the elevator had come down through. They stared in wonder at the mechanisms that were arranged, each under a transparent dome and on a disk shaped platform, in neat lines across the floor. They were automations of more basic automatons but also more sophisticated automators, robots, vehicles and other type machines; a few could not be truly identified, especially when it came to ones much further in the distance. There were also big cubecanisters that were also on 'display'. 'Something' bolted across a clear area and was seen, anyway, by organic eyes, synthetic eyes and cameras. Shimmy sighed. “A big dog, perhaps a direwolfdog hybrid of a direwolf and large hound. Had a catmonkey hybrid straddling his back. Was followed by a wheeled robotic unit of some kind that most likely caught us on camera. Can psysense (psychic sense) danger but not from them though the robotic unit was armed.” There was the sound of a shot being fired being definitely a firearm of some kind such as a rifle or carbine. Feeling exposed, on the viewing balcony, even with its fairly high safety fence of steel, they got back into the elevator and it took them down to floor level. The dozen of them moved along a fairly wide, clear, laneway. More shots rang out and into view ran two humans dressed not like Shaztecs, or Zhastecs, but like those from the Craterzone such as the former Strongborne Mercenaries. They were dressed as soldiers with fatigues and body armour but not as any cultists in hoodrobes even if they had the same underneath their robes. One carried an autocarbine, automatic carbine, and the other a lasercarbine. Both Sagesmart and Shazzie materialised as solid projections. Sagesmart spoke. “We humans did some talking with Shazservovant and there is a presence, behind that one, known as Shazservomind!”
  14. Post #59 [051] The activation of a Wishling was Doomsworldgame Mandated and Protocoled so such was very regulated. Not all Gamelings were so heavily so but a Wishling was amongst the most potent of them and thus much more potentially dangerous; it could also give a Doomsworldgameteam too much advantage. Sharry activated a Wishling, there was a flash of blue energies, and Shazservonet was then as good as new having been fully replenished with resources. In consequence, Shazservovant was also in fine condition. Those were the intended consequences but unintended ones had also taken place, as was often the case with the use of Wishlings. It was one of the reasons that they were so heavily regulated through the Doomsworldgame. A basically positive, unforeseen, consequence was the addition of multiple, small, enhancements to Shazservonet. A moderately positive, unforeseen, outcome was that Shazservovant gained a few remoterobots to use being multipurpose in nature. A very positive result was the creation of a multichamber outpost to be used in future by Seekars or others invited into it. The Shazservonet had features in one of the five chambers. Where there other, such, results that they had yet to discover? Shanda, Shazzie, Sagesmart, a simuladroid and a robonoid remained in the new Shazoutpost while the rest of STTA3A1 went back out into the domechamber. After some careful investigating, of the floor, they found lines that were the probable outlines of 13 floor based vault doors. The Seekaphases, as the newly renamed phasephysicals, had been growing slowly-steadily stronger and more capable as had the metaphysical and the physical humans. They had been busy, away from the taskteam, for a while doing important work elsewhere but now they were back. Yet, when they tried to sink down through the vault doors, they could not even get past the surface of any of them. In contrast they went through the vertical, vault, doors in the same domechamber though with some difficulty. Was it a mere whim that had Sharry investigate the flat disk at the very centre of the domechamber floor. She did so and found there thirteen sets of symbols, on the rim of that disk, that each led to a particular horizontal outlined door. With each was a single, small, circular hole. Again, was it a hunch? She took from her hoodrobe one of the supersolidstate 'pocket knives' and held it close to the hole of vault #1; nothing happened. Nor did anything happen until she reached Vault #13's hole.
  15. Post #58 [051] Shazservovant opened a slide hatch in a mechanism and out came what looked like a rounded off, otherwise blocky, telephone like machine. Yes, it had a large, old fashioned, finger dial with single digits running from one to zero. There were other features with it familiar with old fashioned public telephones such as a vertical coin slot, a card slot and even a chute, with tray, with change as coinage. A vertical list, to one side of this, had a row of single names, of short size, with a black button, a green light and a red light. One of the names was 'Joy'. At top were instructions on how to use the machine. Many coins, from one of the inner vault chambers, had been placed into Seekainventory. Sharry seemingly took out a silver 100cd (credit) coin being the lowest denomination of silver coins. One one side was a side profile, of a head, that could have been any of the male Seekachampions and on the other another that could have been any of the females or neuters. She picked up the headset and slotted the coin; then she pressed the button next to the name 'Joy' while noting that the green light was on, figuring that meant that the one called Joy was available. What she got to was a message service of some kind. A very sultry, sexy, female voice spoke with an odd, but not overdone, accent to it. “This is Joy. I can't come to the phone right now as I am with another client. Leave just your first name, your current location telephone number and any message that you may have read as found with the number that you used to call me.” Sharry did as instructed, giving her name, the telephone number on that telephone mechanism and then the short message found, in graffiti on the old looking wardrobe that had been recorded by Seekatranspost network systems. They bought self heating cupcans, of coffee or tea, from a curious vending mechanism using more of the curious Shazgodfolk created coinage. Change was given just as Sharry had gained some bronze coins as change from the telephone call that she had made. Waiting in a large, comfortable, alcove that had the quite big vending machine, they waited for the telephone to ring with a message from the mysterious 'Joy'. Except when the thick jets of cloudy gas shot into the chamber, they protected by armour, if living, and the substance had no effect. Shazservovant spoke. “Do not be alarmed, it is a cleaning system that carries out regular cleaning services. Ooohhh, dear, I forgot to turn it off. You see I the last visitors came to here centuries ago. As for Joy, she went into 'sleep mode' as her kind do as an AI Personality Construct, over 239 years ago. Joy did leave a message, for a 'Sharry' that reads. 'Both the Sacred Chamber of 13 Vault Doors and the Treasury Chamber of 13 Vault Doors are the very same domechamber. Look to the domechamber's floor. Ooohhh, I know why I make mistakes for, as I remember now, the Shazgods stole some vital components from me before they departed; how very rude of them!”
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