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  1. [4.3][0018] Further Ventures in that Most Terrible Highschool. Robocop-Cecil2121 blasted away with his massive pistol that destroyed horribly mutated former students. The Steel Players fought alongside him, unleashing a storm of firepower; bullets, rocket-bullets, laser beams, blaster pulses, minimissiles and of other kinds. The suffering, aggressive, creatures were of a wide array of shapes with multiple type features but a few were humanoid and still wearing some semblance of school uniforms. They kept on coming as if none of them really wanted to survive. They spat spines, whipped out extending tentacles, screamed unintelligible abuse if they could, three any item they could but mostly they had little to fight with. The very last, of them, died! The voice spoke from more than one wall speaker. "Thank you for mercy killing them! Steel Players meet Robocop-Cecil2121. He is a cyborg despite the name of 'Robocop'. He, and his like, were created in the industrial city of Detroit. The human sides, of them, were also clones adapted to being cyborgs except for one. Like so much else, the fate of most Robocops is unknown. Cecil serves me now as do three other Robocops but two need fixing." The Steel Players took the 'hint' and fixed up two Robocops and checked out all four of them. The four had been serving the US Federal Marshals out from Detroit by escorting a very dangerous criminal from Detroit to WashingtonDC. Doomsday had struck and the criminal had escaped them in all of the confusion. Tracking him to the school they had found him already gone on from there and had begun to serve the OneThreeMany. The US Federal Marshals organization had ceased to exist along with so much else of the USA. Shandy used a powerful Major Wishling, the only one that the Steel Players had of that ilk, and yet it triggered off more of a transformation that it could have carried out by itself. A yellow white flash of energies went through everybody and everybody as it went through a large part of the dreaded highschool.
  2. As a young teenager, traveling in a coastal ship along the West Australian Coast going north to south from Darwin to Perth I was able to play a coin operated video game the name of which I can not remember but it was a simple white maze, randomised with each game, that a player steered a basic white shape of a battletank around while fighting others like it. One could, from what I remember, play it as one person or as two people with a split screen view. That was in 1972!
  3. Notes in first post have been edited-extended, again, so I recommend that you take another look at them!
  4. Notes in first post have been edited-extended so I recommend that you take a look at them; now in exciting colouration.
  5. [4.2][0017] Further Ventures in that Most Terrible Highschool. (Direct continuation of post before this one) When the last item was placed into a small alcove, it being a NukaSnackie of chocolate wrapped crunchy peanut, there was a soft sparkling shimmer and all of the items vanished away. A voice spoke from a well hidden speaker. "Good, you have paid part of the price! Now fill up the alcoves again while the first door opens for you to go through. A new list of items will appear for you to use this time around. Through the now open, secret, door you will find much of interest but also... I will let you discover that for yourselves." A door opened as a wall panel opened in the alcoves chamber but not at the back where the alcove wall was. It showed a small, airlock like chamber, and on the floor were three print-out copies of the list. There was also an almost neat stack of nine books marked as three copies of the same trilogy being titled THE TRUE HISTORY OF A HORROR INSTITUTE; A FAKE SCHOOL! The author was noted by the initials AHW33 if it was just one author represented and not more than one. It was a clue in itself that a code had been used and not a genuine name or even a possibly fake one. Shandy, and two other Steel Players, entered the room! In long ago dried blood, preserved somehow, down one side wall was written the words: 'True madness has taken over, as predicted by those who could, who would, see what was truly going on such as the Blondies 13, the AI Supercomputer Helix151617Ajax, my people and three others that one will not mention fully; they are basically good, neutral and bad in turn with more than one special quality to them. I am dying but hope that I have done enough to help end this abhorrent stupidity.' The oddly well preserved body lay sprawled up against the wall beneath the writing of an elderly woman wearing typical scientific gear of the later half of the 21st Century. Her face had on it a serenely peaceful expression on it despite the faded scars that were also on it. Clutched in one hand was an advanced looking, perhaps prototype, laserpistol and she had a VaultTech like pipgirl on the forearm of her other arm. Pipgirls had arisen from pipboys when it was decided that pipgirls were needed for the female gender. Shandy spoke. "Very good performance but you can stop pretending to be dead now, biodroid!" The biodroid, biological android, opened her eyes and sat up. "So, you are not just typical adventurers!" Shandy shrugged. "What are typical adventurers? Do they come out of the few domeclaves, from Techshelters, or even the whispered of secret utopias of the SWIP (Super Wealthy Influential Powerful)?" The biodroid smiled. "I am Professor Alexia Sandris or at least that is my human name. I serve the OneThreeMany, which is a most interesting, sometimes fascinating, experience. You know of biodroids, indicating that you are at home with very advanced science and technologies." Shandy sighed. "More than you may ever know and biodroids, like yourself, are far from the most advanced scitech for us. The one that spoke to us, was that the OneThreeMany?" Alexia responded. "A sophisticated avatar, yes, but not directly so of the good-neutral-bad one. The blood writing, as you probably know, is not fake but was written by the brave, but unfortunate, Sageprofessor Hanz Heinz of the famous cans of baked beans, bottles of tomato sauce and much else of the like. That is his very wealthy family owned the majority of shares, especially voting shares, in the Heinz Corporation. The Umbcorp (Umbrella Corporation), TechCorps and others tried to get control of the corporation, in various ways, but failed for they had powerful allies and, perhaps, benefactors." That was when the sirens began to sound through a hidden speaker and the inner door went sliding open. Very soon, after that, there was fighting!
  6. I have more than one fave and banyan trees are definitely one kind of them.
  7. [4.1][0016] Further Ventures in that Most Terrible Highschool. In the small, hidden room, the Steel Players placed carefully chosen items into the small wall alcoves. A replica of Abraham Lincoln sitting on his big chair, the president who narrowly avoided being assassinated after the end of the First American Civil War. He had overseen, as the US President, the splitting of the USA into two Regional Governed Zones being the Northern and Southern ones. Perhaps he had realised that the 'north and south' had never really been united at the end of that civil war. After that the following were placed in proper order! A small replica of the sometimes controversial Statue of Common Liberty, with her one exposed breast and the musket rifle she held with its long spike shaped bayonet. A small replica of a MrHandy robot floating on fanjets, in theory as it was held up by a transparent stand piece, its manipulators holding caretaker tools as if it was ready to go fixing of various, small, problems in a building or even outdoors. One of the Republican State Building that was also in New York along with the Statue of Common Liberty. A figure that was Captain Leon Armstrong, the first astronaut to step onto the surface of the moon of Luna. He, and the other eight astronauts, got to the moon in an experimental atomic rocketship only to die early of cancer, all of them. A Zetan flying saucer being most likely a mildly inaccurate copy of one of their scout vessels. Marianne Monroe, the famous starlet of Hollywood movies, in the scene where her skirt blows up as she stands over a grate in the street. A power armoured mechanised infantry soldier of the Second American Civil War; the power armour was of an early kind being both fairly chunky and clumsy looking compared to later ones. Adolphis Hitler of the Nazi Axian Nations, the NAN with his famous mustache and beard of neatly trimmed appearance along with his ridiculously overdone military uniform. It was said that he wore that uniform, or one identical to it, on the day that he declared that Jews were not the 'real enemies of the NAN' but that mysterious alien infiltrators were along with others on his list of dangerous foes to be eradicated from existence; it was said that he changed, his view on Jews, when he learned that he was one of them. Lady Goodrider naked on her horse, with her dignity kept by her overly long hair, though the horse was wearing no clothes. A massive, modern, war airship able to fly at high altitude and showing the State Communist NSSR of Russia, Mongolia, China and some other republics; the NSSR was the New Soviet Socialist Republics that invaded Alaska decades after it was fully established. A NukaGirl figure on top of a NukaCola bottle; she was fairly scantily dressed but that was the norm for that character. So the process continued!
  8. [3.1][0015] Gamer Team Players of Steel in Safeumary. Shorey examined the decoded message and frowned. The Sanctumary's Sanctumaristate High Council of Security Matters had very recently issued a series of security decrees intended to seek out and deal with dangerous infiltrators of a yet unknown source. They were stated as being shapeshifters of varied degrees of threat. A few had surrendered to the Sanctumarian Security Keepers or just to private citizens of the Sanctumaristate. It seemed that they hated, and feared, those that they served but not willingly so as they described themselves as being mind-slaves; that slavery failed when they were in Sanctumary indicating that the mysterious Great Enemy had made a mistake of some kind or so it seemed to be. Part of the decoded message was a short list of five, rare, items needed to be sent to Sanctumary and a longer list of more common types, many of which had already been sent. Somehow it was no surprise that Batmanbot arrived in the company of See3pio who he was always protective of. See3pio had not really worked out to be of a great adventurer and Batmanbot brought the best out in him. So they were soon at work, as a team, in Safeumary. With a rising concern that shapeshifting infiltrators might have reached Safeumary, the pair began both helping to protect and teach children at a large, highly secured, teaching training centre. The students were of all ages and not just human. The two lived with Shorey and Shurly which made them both very happy. Frankison got on very well with the two robots, especially the childlike See3pio but that did not surprise anybody who knew anything much of them. Many others not only lived, but worked in, the very same high secured Steel Players Complex. The five androids, and five elementals, were there but soon two of each would be going to join the others at the terrible high school in WashingtonDC. Other changes were coming.
  9. Changed the last part of the previous post to the following to have it make it closer to what I was trying to convey. See3pio spoke. "Gosh, an inflatable sheep for children to play with!" Batmanbot sighed. "Maybe it is not for children to use, wonderful See3pio! I will try to explain later when we are alone together." Batmanbot had quite a lot of such conversations with See3pio! Shandy kissed See3pio and then did the same to Batmanbot; in response See3pio bounced up and down in mid air while Batmanbot froze for a few seconds with a big grin on his metallic face. The search, for clues, continued!
  10. [2.11][0014] Gamer Team Players of Steel Entering WashingtonDC. (Direct continuation of post before this one) News came that the five androids, and five elementals, of the Steel Players had joined the three robots, and two animals, that were in Safeumary; they brought others with them and some equipment-supplies. There was tension, in Sanctumary that the Steel Players could deepsense, when they were there, and they continued to keep contact with a few that were still there; some they did so with in a most discrete fashion. Clue #1 was a pamphlet gained from a free items dispenser of WashingtonDC paraphernalia of an interesting variety. The pamphlet, of the school, showed that large chamber and other features of as a 2D map but showed a curiously empty space behind the vending machines that was very large. It had other blank spaces and also different types of puzzling features. The dispenser was well away from the vending machines but still in the same chamber. They sent more items to Sanctumary that were multiplied by five being ones from both the vending machines and other sources. Clue #2 was the pattern of vending machines that had a empty wall space at the horizontal line of them. A secret door was unlocked and opened to slide upwards so as to reveal a small, cube shaped, chamber. There was a range of small, cube shaped, alcoves in the far wall that had softly glowing, glass like, floors that quickly proved to be active sensors. Beneath each alcove was a cryptic puzzle including a row of numbers plus mathematical symbols. A scouting group, of four, found a Dangerous Confiscated Property Chamber with five major areas; one was marked 'from staff', a second 'from students', a third 'from visitors', a fourth fourth was 'from miscellaneous' and the fifth was 'from unknown'. The great chamber was full of mostly organised items so all was sent to Safeumary multiplied twice. Because time passed twice, as fast, as it did in that gameworld, than it was hoped that those, there, might soon come up with some interesting discoveries. The school based team did study a catalogue from the DCPC and were amazed at what had been there and would soon enough be there again as respawning would take place for sure. Shandy frowned. "Enough weapons to wage a small war with, enough hard drugs to supply a moderate sized South American Cartel with, enough gold ingots to buy a small urban mansion estate full of luxury goods, enough computer gear to put together at least one very advanced supercomputer network, enough pornography to keep a whole town of perverts happy for a year, a great number of sex related items including contraceptives, enough fancy clothing-footwear..." Shandy shrugged. "Lingerie, highheel shoes and other such items that are not always intended for women to wear. Oh, let us not overlook the deluxe chocolates, wines, liqueurs, leather bound books etc. Then there are the torture devices, the assassination tools, children's toys, more jewelry and so much more." See3pio spoke. "Gosh, an inflatable sheep for children to play with!" Batmanbot sighed. "Maybe that it not for children to use, wonderful See3pio! I will try to explain later when we are alone together." Batmanbot had quite a lot of such conversations with See3pio! Shandy kissed See3pio and then did the same to Batmanbot; in response See3pio bounced up and down in mid air while Batmanbot froze for a few seconds with a big grin on his metallic face. The search, for clues, continued!
  11. [2.10][0013] Gamer Team Players of Steel Entering WashingtonDC. (Direct continuation of post before this one) Most of the items, gained from the vending machines, and other sources in the area, were sent on to Safeumary being multiplied only twice because of transdimensional factors. Vended items were lain out, in a careful pattern, on top of a large table. NukaCola items were of the same range as gained already from another vending machine. There was food-drink from a McYummy machine that kept up an annoying 'yummy yummy in my tummy' tune as they bought items from it. The small gifts were fairly expensive ones that one might give to school staff or even students; was it a supplier of some kind of bribery? The medicants were of a well known, useful, range that would be most valuable in the wastelands such as stimpaks, medX, radaway, toxaway and multiantidote to a number of venoms; question was why were they being being provided back before Doomsday took place? The publications were of biodegradable, recyclable, clonepaper being compact newsmags (news magazines), scientific journals, fiction books, nonfiction ones and a short selection of odd ones out. A glossy softporn magazine, with 3Dphotos, showed both men and women. It was called the Fleshpicks Magazine being an edition distributed just a few days before Doomsday. It did not take long to realize that the subjects were attractive 16-19 year old students from that school perhaps being exploited though there was no obvious evidence of it. One a person turned 16, in the former USA, they could be naked in a softporn sense but had to wait to be at least 20 to be in a hardporn one. Yet it was there, in that text, that clues were first found that presented a puzzle and the start to solving it. There were 13 figures, in the photographs, but not all were shown naked or getting to be so. There were three others, in the background, five males and five females making up the number '13'; this might not seem to be important but there was a symbolic precedent about that figure, especially so in certain contexts. Charles Le'Nerd frowned. "Could be three neuters, five females and five males that could be a balanced 13 pyramid pattern as with some types of clone13s." Shandy frowned softly at the man. "Could such be said to be 'revaulting'?" Charles sighed. "I couldn't help myself, really I couldn't! Anyway, no, just a possible lead. You know of my almost obsession with conspiracy theories." Shandy shook her head. "Take away the 'almost' and yes I do! Why display them in such a manner? Could it be a matter of hiding them in the open! They have many features in common, including the dressed neuters if that is what they are. They do not bulge, in their tight suits, in the right places to be either male or female. They were stereotypical in their blondness, tanned white skin and blue eyes being clearly very fit and likely very healthy. There is a strange, disturbing, quality about them that... I am picking up as in a lack of conscious, of a moral compass." Professor Sagesmart spoke with a frown on his face and in his voice. "The students, were they experimental clones or at least some of them. It would be a clever way to disguise so many of them being tested in this one place and could truly explain what was terribly wrong with at least a great number of them." Shandy frowned. "I suspect not just clone experimentation was linked to this place but other types as in Professor Frankenstein's research; according to Frankison they were not clones that his 'dad' worked with as he had worked on Frankison with." Then they found a small number of other, important, clues; it was an experience that was both chilling and yet exciting!
  12. [2.9][0012] Gamer Team Players of Steel Entering WashingtonDC. (Direct continuation of post before this one) Shurly, and Shorey, went to Demisanctumary Safeumary along with Frankison and some others from the dreaded school in WashingtonDC; that is other experimental subjects, including those in the statuscapsules that were moved with some difficulty, animals, plants, fungi, robots and a small number of basic androids. The three robots, and two animals, that had been stored away, were now active in the new halfway realm. Cybergirlie, MrCarryon and Trieyebot were there to meet the newcomers as were Amphibioto and Wingfastus the animals being five members of the Steel Players. The others, in that place that so many had hidden away for so long, were gone leaving 12 Steel Players behind. They explored more, of the hidden away area of the school that was turning out to be far more than just that. The vending machines area became their main base area with four remaining there while two teams, of four, explored. The three teams were always carefully chosen such as Batmanbot was always with See3pio at the 'home area'. A row, of respawning contents, vending-machines were still useful NukaCola ones but others giving food-drink along with small gifts, publications, VaultTech items and three more exotic types.The 'more exotic' type vending-machines were a one that sold one shot medicants, another that dealt with 'small, accurate, historical replicas' and the third that offered a range of experimental devices of later prototype production; that is they were, in theory, not yet in full production. To look over the vending-machines, in a closer fashion, was to realize that there was an odd pattern about the way they were arranged and in what they were vending. They began buying up every item on offer with only the 'semirandom' gift machines offering different items as selling went on. "Why VaultTech items?" Shandy sighed. "Why here in a place supposedly far removed from any of the Techvaults listed officially in DC such as TechvaultDC101, TechvaultDC106 and... ah yes.. TechvaultDC083." Charles Le'Nerd spoke with a tone of mild disgust. "True GECK Techvaults hidden behind false ones full of experimental victims, Techshelters full of TechCorp people and their cronies, Techbunkers ready to help conquer the world and what else, I wonder; its revaulting!" So they bought items like pipboys, laserpistols, vaultsuits, security body-armour sets, stunclubs, miniature vaultbots and other VaultTech items meant for use in a Techvault or other VaultTech built complexes.
  13. Note: have increased the font size, of all past posts, to 18,000 1,800 180 18 for greater readability. You might want to take another look at them, especially the first post as I have done some more editing adding to it.
  14. Changed following sentence, in previous post, from another. 'The 50cm high wide cubecanister appeared with a soft shimmering as it their gaming patrons-benefactors were pleased by what they had done so far but also wished to assist them in further ventures; the 10 special items consisted of two notepadcomps (notepad computers) holding extensive data, two teleport beacons, two minireplicators, two regenerators and two hidden ones, plus secured, in small boxes.'
  15. [2.8][0011] Gamer Team Players of Steel Entering WashingtonDC. (Direct continuation of post before this one) Frankison had given the false impression of there being only a very few lifeforms either inside or outside of statuscapsules. A row, of respawning contents, vending-machines were not just NukaCola ones but others giving food-drink along with semirandom lists of small gifts, publications, VaultTech items and three more exotic types. Humans were there with general, physical and mental, enhancements. They were considered to be mild impact experimental subjects along with others and there were also moderate and heavy impact ones, the last often being in statuscapsules sometimes being big enough to hold more than one. There were also animals such as cats, dogs, lizards, birds and fish in big aquarium tanks. In long plant beds were a variety of plants some offering food or herbs-spices. Crops, of fungi, were also grown being mostly mushrooms. Sandris, an enhanced woman, was in a white jumpsuit and she was hairless with purple skin but green eyes. "Frankenstein colour coded us enhanced humans so we stood apart from non gen ones and those whose nature was influenced by the FEV. There are other statuscapsules with such humans in them along with others; they were captured trying to infiltrate into the school and put into statuscapsules. Before anything could be done to them, Doomsday struck! We enhanced humans only came to here to live after Doomsday took place. Frankison told us about the other statuscapsules but has only been there once, with his 'Frankidad' centuries ago so he can not remember how to get back there. He has told us that there were placed dangerous safeguards to keep others from going there and he has no solid reason to lie about it. You know, I have always wanted to be a paperback writer; of novels, that is!" Shandy smiled sweetly, of course. "What a wonderful ambition! You could still become one if we send you to a place called Sanctumary but you have to admit to be shapeshifters, or at least those of you who are have to do so." Sandris sighed. "Purple skin means one is a shapeshifter but it somehow would not surprise me if you knew what I am with knowing about the colour coding." Shandy nodded. "We will send you to Sanctumary where you will be placed into security quarantine as probationary citizens. We will send all including those in the statuscapsules along with those in them. There you can write, and publish, your paperback novels. Now, I have some questions for you!" Shorey found the bookshelf full of Predoomsday paperbacks and a single one marked 'How to Write a Paperback Novel'. Inside that they found a coded set of data disguised as a 'poor example of writing' and a hidden map of part of the research development centre. It turned out easier, and best, to send all to the 'half way place' and that two of the SQuins would go with them being Shorey and Shurly! Others would be coming, from that same location, to replace the two women.
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