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Why I liked FO: New Vegas


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Good Springs reminded me of a place I discovered that really existed and made playing the game with a sense of being there.  I was looking for work around there too.

The robot I found at the Couriers place I might be able to repair. 


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Simply put. Atomic Age + Wild West strikes that Space Cowboy vibe synergizes so well like old meets new. Also found elsewhere in the Fallout franchaise but the take on it in FNV as additional theme on top of the already expansive universe, there's alot to bite into on top of the wealth of writing that is there.

Modding is just icing on the cake.

Both Fallout 3 and New Vegas' DLC make me feel like I've gone on a journey or party and returning to where-ever my home is setup with a bunch of loot weighing me down, it's just a feeling which never gets old for me.

The long way round to reach the strip is also a journey. You build up your character on the way that when you do get there, you feel well travelled, well armed and wanting that period of relaxation that only the strip can provide as an oasis in the wasteland.

So much more I could say, there's just alot of feelings.

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