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The Ultimate Debate: Service Rifle or Cowboy Repeater?


Service Rifle v Cowboy Repeater  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer, the Service Rifle or Cowboy Repeater?

    • Service Rifle
    • Cowboy Repeater

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Eh, just drop in an IMOD that makes the gun full auto and voila it's suddenly actually usable.
IIRC assault carbine is 5mm and not 5.56 so it'll be a nice full auto gun in another crappy and abundant ammo type you're happy to splurge.
Won't increase raw damage but will certainly increase the pathetic DPS.

If you wanna be extra wild and wicked about it, balance the gun's health (condition) so it's just hardy enough to be reliable as a semi, but will absolutely break too soon in full auto.

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