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Guidance to update your BBCode - December 2023


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This thread is part of the announcement posted on Nexus Mods here, please check that post if you're unsure of why the BBCode has changed. 


If you need help with your formatting please include a link to the content you're trying to update as part of your reply. 


To update a mod page BBCode to ensure it loads correctly after the security update on 20 December 2023, you should follow these general guidelines. 


  • Treat each new type of formatting as a "block" and ensure that everything the formatting is intended to apply to is inside that section. 
  • Don't close BBCode tags inside other BBCode tags - this will create an invalid hierarchy.
  • When using spoilers, keep any formatting for the spoiler content self-contained so it doesn't "leak" out onto other content. 
  • If you want to make your BBCode easier to read, you may want to consider putting the formatting tags on new lines.

The most common area for formatting to stop working is with spoilers.



These examples show common cases where the page will not display properly and how to fix them.

❌ Invalid - Italics tag starts outside the spoiler but ends inside it.

Text I want inside the spoiler that is italic[/i]

❌ Invalid - Italics tag starts inside the spoiler but ends outside of it.

[i]Text I want inside the spoiler that is italic

✔ Valid - The italics only apply to the text inside the spoiler.

Some regular text
[i]Text I want insider the spoiler that is italic[/i]

✔ Valid - The italics apply to everything, including the spoiler.

[i]Some regular text
Text I want insider the spoiler that is italic

Here's an example of the error. The spoiler should include all the content down to the red line, but is empty. 



Editing BBCode directly

BBCode can be edited directly by swapping to the BBCode view in the editor. This is not available on mobile devices. 


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3 hours ago, haplessAccreditation said:

Valid nested lists are broken.


	[*] This is a top level comment
		[*]This is a nested comment, and it will break the bbc interp


Thanks. I can't promise this will be looked at until the new year now but I'll pass it on. 

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It took me a lot of time and work but I figured out that single bulleted lists do work in a spoiler still but they will on the back end cause the BB code to put a size flag on each line/bullet when you use the bulleted list tool on the mod page which now breaks the spoiler. If you simply go to the BB code of the mod page and then remove the size flags and just leave the bulleted list in there and define size at a high level over the whole mod page it will work. While this isnt hard to do it is work* and will take a hot min. Just make sure you go slow and methodical as you do it. I personally make a backup copy of the original bb code in a notepad ++ doco.

This was in a way addressed in posts here and on the big community shout out but not specifically about how bulleted lists are breaking things via inserting flags on every single bullet on every line. Which was the source and cause of my personal issues.



Edited by EdmondNoir
High level all edits were to clarify things better but also I found out that BB code I was showcasing was being used here (of course duh) so it was getting hidden and just used by my text - It needed to be redone in a "Code" but it was too much work
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