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Skyrim on Both STEAM And GOG At The Same TIme, Can Vortex Handle it?

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Forgot to mention for anyone landing on this page for dual setup, when Vortex needs to UPDATE  you have to be careful and update BOTH but NOT AUTO RESTART, read below.
DO NOT use restart and install, just close/quit Vortex, it will popup the msg about the update click ok,  give it a few seconds and now launch THE SAME  Instance of Vortex you was using.

If like me you have the Steam and GoG versions, most likely Steam is your, we will call it Default Vortex for this and GoG is the Alt.
So if you click update and restart here is what happens:
If in Default Vortex no problem, as normal BUT IF IN ALT if you click it will update and restart the DEFAULT Vortex, and then if you go back to the GoG will tell you again about needing the update because It doesn't apply the update to the Alt Vortex unless you do those extra steps.

Remember you only have 1 installation of Vortex in windows that the pc sees as the main/only one,  the extra folder made by us to manage Alt is not seen the same way in the system until you actually launch it.

Also avoid headaches check your tools minus BS, FNIS, Nemesis as those you install to the game itself and recognizes the path. Better yet make a folder with the tools like BethINI Pie, SSEEdit, ZEdit in other words anything that manipulates files that have to be injected to game and standalone as you will need to pass some commands so it actually works and sends the stuff to Alt version and not the Default.
Here is what I need for SSEEDIT to work with GoG for example:

-D:"G:\GOG Games\Skyrim Anniversary Edition\Data" -I:"D:\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition GOG\Skyrim.ini" -P:"C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\AppData\Local\Skyrim Special Edition GOG\plugins.txt" 

For AC just add the AC command at the beginning.

Have to write everything, including the quote marks and pay attention to DRIVE letters to match your system.

Sorry for the wall of text, I'm sure could have been explained a bit simpler but oh well. lol.

@tanning I know something new is coming down the pipeline that maybe solves that, if not good to remember this problem,  but meanwhile any way to maybe update Vortex to integrate it, so it does recognize the 2 versions as separate games?
ps: hope all is well.

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