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Invalid Privacy Policy link, and missing "Manage Cookie Settings"

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The cookie notification that covers over the entire page until you click Continue has an invalid link to the privacy policy. The link goes to the invalid URL of http://$$privacy_policy$$/ instead of the actual privacy policy linking of https://help.nexusmods.com/article/20-privacy-policy My guess is this was probably a template or something but it never got the correct value added on your end.

Also the overlay mentions being able to change what data is collected by using a "Manage Cookie Settings" but doesn't link to it or explain where to find it at all. I looked all over and was even using the find on this page feature of my browser as well as looking in user preferences under my profile etc without ever finding a Manage Cookie Settings anywhere. I will admit while making this post I did eventually find what I expect is the referred to Manage Cookie Settings, however it is actually named Manage CCPA Settings which is why searching never found it anywhere. You probably want to either change the text in the overlay to refer to Manage CCPA Settings or rename that to Manage Cookie Settings

I've attached a screenshot showing the overlay screen I'm referring to with my cursor hovering on the link showing the invalid URL (bottom left circled in red). And just in case you're wondering there are no ad blockers enabled on my end so its not related to anything like that, you can even see multiple ads visible in the screenshot.


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correction on location of url
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On 1/8/2024 at 2:39 AM, Pickysaurus said:

This is not intended to be a link to our privacy policy, but it is for the ad provider, we'll let them know thanks. 


This is the consent banner shown to us in this country (UK)


So, where is the "manage cookie settings" option then? I'm getting the same message as the original poster, but I can't find "manage cookie settings" or "manage CCPA settings". Googling just gives this thread.

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The links in this privacy modal should be functioning as intended now.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) link is difficult for us to test locally but should also be functioning as intended.

If you see any further issues with this functionality, please feel free to update this thread and we will look at it as a matter of urgency.

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