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A Guide on Downgrading Skyrim to 1.6.640.0 with Working Load Order and Links (WIP)

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I'm currently in the process of making this guide but I figured I'd go head and post what I've got so far. I'll gladly accept any tips or knowledge on how I could make this better for everyone. This list will be my complete load order when I'm done. With links and instructions on which versions to choose.

Downgraded Skyrim Guide

And Working Load Order

Skyrim Version 1.6.640.0


Starter Guide:

  • Install Skyrim

  • Run Skyrim

  • Download CC Content

  • Close Skyrim

  • Downgrade Skyrim to 1.6.640.0 (Paste steam://open/console into your web browser)

  • Type These into the Console that pops up in Steam, one at a time. Waiting for each to download.


download_depot 489830 489831 3660787314279169352

download_depot 489830 489832 2756691988703496654

download_depot 489830 489833 5291801952219815735


  • Copy the files from \Steam\steamapps\content/(Three Sub Folders) into your Skyrim Folder


Mod Organizer and Tools:

  • Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019

  • Install MO2 to an SSD Drive. Preferably the same one with your Skyrim Game

  • Download SKSE (Version skse64_2_02_03), Copy Files into Skyrim Directory)

  • Install LOOT into your MO2 Folder

  • Install SSEEdit and Copy Files into your Skyrim Folder

  • Install Wrye Bash

  • Install BethINI into your MO2 Folder

  • Download ENB and drop wrapper version files into Skyrim Directory

  • Run MO2, Press Yes to Handle Nexus Links

  • Add all of these tools including SSEeditAutoClean BUT NOT BethINI to your MO2 Toolbar by clicking the Gear Icon in MO2 followed by the + button. 

  • Run Loot, Sort Plugins, Update Masterlist, Close Loot

  • Run Auto Clean, Double Click the Plugins Listed, one at a time, closing and reopening Auto Clean after each.


Mods to Clean:



































  • Go into your Skyrim/Data Folder, Copy ALL Cleaned ESP’s and Paste them in a Backup

  • Now Install These Mods in Order. After Bug Fixes, the choices are yours. But you will want these SKSE Plugins and Bug Fixes.

  • I will continue the Load Order based on my LO, so you can get an idea of not only good mods, some adult mods, but also where they go. I’m no expert, but this worked for me. I’d love to get feedback in the comments if you have a better way of doing things.


1. SKSE Plugins (Address Library, Papyrus Extender, JContainers, Base Object Swapper)

Address Library for SKSE Plugins

PapyrusUtil - Scripting Utility Functions (Get Version 4.4)

Papyrus Extender

Console Util

Console Commands Extender

More Informative Console

Scaleform Translation PP

ENB Helper

ENB Helper Plus

ENB Input Disabler

Better Jumping

JContainers (Get Version 4.2.3)

FileAccess Interface for Skyrim Scripts - FISSES

Fuz Ro D'oh (Get Version 2.2)

Base Object Swapper

Custom Skills Framework

Time Format Changer

dTry's Key Utils (Get Old Files SE Version)

Spell Perk Item Distributor

Dynamic Key Action Framework NG

*FormList Manipulator (Requires MergeMapper, But I don’t have it [I’m working on it])


  • Watch THIS video and follow the instructions to install the DLSS/FSR2/XESS Upscaler

  • (These are currently not working for me. I suggest skipping them unless you want to try to figure it out for yourself)


Upscaler Base Plugin 

Skyrim Upscaler


2. Bug Fixes and Tweaks (Engine Fixes, MFG Fix, USSEP)

SSE Engine Fixes

Bug Fixes

SSE Fixes (DO NOT download DLL Plugin Loader. SSE Engine Fixes has it’s own loader)

SSE Display Tweaks (Also grab the High Performance Config if you can handle it)

Mfg Fix (Download Main File, then the optional MCM)

Dead Body Cleanup Script Crash Fix

Chillwind Depths CTD Fix

Dragon Mounds CTD Fix 

Scrambled Bugs

Survival Mode Prompt Removed

Recursion Fix (Choose the Bottom-Most Recursion FPS Fix)

Powerofthree's Tweaks

Papyrus Tweaks NG

Disable Auto Vanity Mode

NPC Stuck in Bleedout fix

Stuck on Screen Load Door Prompt Fix

Southfringe Sanctum Crash Fix

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Unofficial Skyrim Creation Club Content Patch


3. Alternate Start

Skyrim Unbound Reborn (You will need to reinstall this after/if you install Guard Dialogue Overhaul, Relationship Dialogue Overhaul, Cutting Room Floor, Book Covers, Audio Overhaul, Sofia, Timing is Everything, Trade and Barter, WACCF as they need patches from the installer)


  • At this point, delete the SKSE Folder in your Overwrite. It crashes the game for some reason. Now right click your Overwrite tab and Create New Mod for the SSEedit Folder.

4. HUD and UI (SkyUI, QuickLoot, iEquip, TrueHud)

Sky UI

MCM Helper (Choose MCM Helper SE (1.6.659)


UI Extensions

Infinity UI

Add Item Menu








MORE COMING SOON. I'm literally typing it up on another tab.

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To be honest, the Starter Guide section is the guide on downgrading Skyrim to 1.6.640 anything listed after that is up to user preference.

I would therefore have to say that the titles as they are, are misleading.  If part of the goal is to instruct others how to downgrade, that is fine.  Just make it a bit clearer for those who just want to downgrade and then do their own thing.

Perhaps something like:


Downgraded Skyrim Playlist Guide




Skyrim version 1.6.640.0

How to downgrade Skyrim:

  • etc
  • etc

Third Party Utilities:

  • etc
  • etc

Setting up the Game:

  • etc
  • etc




Note: formatting would be better outside of the forums, this automatic double spacing is a real PITA.

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The downgrading is necessary, but I've had times where installing "bug fixes" or improvements actually made my game ctd more often.

I'd say if you wanna downgrade, and you did that, just install what you think you want for your game. If you don't really want it, then don't use it.

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Hey NuveroticMods despite those (noted and considered) comments  from IsharaMeradin and lefttounge I just wanted to thank you for creating this page, it helped me a lot and I am definitely interested in checking out your updates. One suggestion I have along the same lines as the others, I personally really like ASLAL (especially with alternate Mara Statue from PSBoss) so it would be good to give people some curated suggestions if giving any. (heres a link to that statue replacer XD https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/53520 )

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I very much appreciate the quick access to the downgrade codes. I use vortex however, so the rest means nothing to me. I gave up on MO2. But thank you so much for making an easy place to find the downgrading info!  Cheers!

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