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can CreateFullActorCopy be used for creatures in construction set?


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Hi i'd like to know if its possible to place at the player a 'CreateFullActorCopy creature' through the editor id? 
im editing the mod 'Ghost bottle 2' to see if i can get the mod to place a 'unique' named copy of the creature
So far, it wont place a copy of the creature, but if i was to replace line 35 'aaaReleasedGhost' to 'player' (player.createfullactor) as a test, it makes a full copy that keeps the name change. 
im not good with modding or scripting so some tech help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Screenshot 2024-01-21 005006.png

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Is aaaReleasedGhost base object or placed reference? This command will not work with base objects. Also a copy will be placed where original reference resides, so if you create a copy for example of Seed-Neeus, her copy will be placed at her shop.

Edit: Yes, this command can be used also for creatures, but CSWiki mentions that such copy will attack anything on sight (as I see the name Angry Ghost it will propably not matter).

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