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Help me find which mod is doing this and how to solve it: Slow Horse


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I think I remember a mod adding illnesses. I got a horse and went to get on it, and it was like an on-target spell was cast at the horse. I heard the sound effect, and then when I tried to ride it, I found that the horse went ridiculously slow. I thought that it must have a caught a sickness that made it slow. If I knew what mod did this, I might be able to find out how to cure my horse so I don't have to move at 1 PPH (Pixel Per Hour).

I attached my load order, hopefully someone can help me. I put together these mods a year or so ago, so I've forgotten what a lot of them actually do, which is fun in some ways and annoying in others.

load order.rtf

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Don't you have any spell to cure someone else's disease?

You can open the console ², click on the horse and type

setav speed X

where X normally has a value between 1 and 100

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I would solve this using RefScope.  Get off the horse, use RefScope on it and select 'Active Effects".  It will give you the BaseID of the effects on it.  Then (keeping the RefScop dialog open) you can open the console, click on the horse to select it, and type Dispel xxxxx (where xxxx is the BaseID of the effect from the RefScope dialog).  Also, the BaseID of the active effect will give you the load order number of the guilty mod.

Another way would be to open all of the mods in TES4Edit and look through the mods to find ones that have the category Spells.  Expand the Spells category to see if they add something that would slow a horse.  Having identified the mod, you will then have to figure out how that spell gets cast on the horse (probably a script somewhere) and modify the script or just remove what ever they are doing to cast that spell on the horse.  Or you could jot down the BaseID of the spell, and use the Dispel command on the horse.

Another way (for the total noob) is to save your game before you get on the horse, and then exit and deactivate one mod at a time until you can load that save and get on the horse without that happening.  Then, knowing the mod, you would have to decide how you want to fix it.


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