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Starfield - Plugins not working


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26 minutes ago, Pickysaurus said:

Do not load plugins via the INI file. 

SFSE needs to be updated to the latest version. Until you've done that you cannot load any plugins. 

SFSE 2.2 is installed, Vortex doesn't show any plugins, when I hit "Enable Plugin management" it keeps installing SFPE 1.2. Plugin.txt Enabler is also installed

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Load Order still clears for some reason, when re-enabling plugin management it re-installs again SPSE 😕 :Edit seems to be Deadly HAzards and Enhanced Blood Textures causing issue 😕


Screenshot 2024-02-07 130952.png

Screenshot 2024-02-07 125938.png

Screenshot 2024-02-07 125909.png

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Starfield Script Extender 1.2 / 2.2
Starfield Community Patch 0.7
Plugins.txt Enabler 1.2
Address Library SFSE Plugins 6

Haaalllllppppp 😕

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10 hours ago, Pickysaurus said:

You should only have SFSE 0.2.2 installed. If you still have an old version that may be causing the problem. 

When I click "Enable Plugin management" it installs SFPTE 1.2, SFSE 2.2, when return from mods page to load order, it's all missing. Click again it re-installs again creating conflicts. 😕

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Try completely deleting the SFSE and plugin enabler from Vortex, restart the app, and enable plugins (which prompts Vortex to install it again itself).

If it still doesn't work you have something very odd in your setup.

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