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LGBTQ+ community needs to call out Nexus moderation


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I'm not happy to make this thread, but as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I feel the need to speak out. Recently, over the past few months, big content creators (like Asmongold) have been covering Nexus moderation policies concerning mods like the ones that remove LGBTQ+ flags and replace them with American flags. We all have busy lives, so let me be concise and abundantly clear:


I am not HARMED by a mod. I can simply move my eyes 2 inches forward and skip to the next. This does not HARM me.


What I AM HARMED BY, is when Nexus removes a mod and the general public hears "x mod was removed for the LGBTQ+ community," or "BECAUSE of the LGBTQ+ community," that is HARMFUL. What do you think, a person who is on the fence, thinks when they hear something like that?


It's not about who's morally right. It's about actual progress. It's about understanding and acceptance - tolerance. The kind of REAL tolerance, that has nothing to do with the aggressive, intolerant actions taken in the name of a good cause. There's even a saying for this, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."


Speak up. Do not let divisive, aggressive people take control just because "they're on our side." We're the most blind to the wrongdoings of those closest to us.


Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and interpretation of what has transpired. I may be wrong - it's just an impression after all - I don't spend hours daily on the internet keeping tabs on current developments. I'm happy to let someone educate me. I'm not afraid to be wrong, nobody should.

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Read the bottom two paragraphs. It's still relevant today.


It's not about who's morally right. It's about actual progress. It's about understanding and acceptance - tolerance.

Outside of the fact we don't want to host mods that actively work to undermine groups (of all types), even more so for us, it's about not wanting to moderate hundreds of purely evil, hate-filled mods, comments and posts from neo-nazis, far-righters and generally deranged people. We were regularly having to deal with individuals sharing how they want to murder their chosen hated group, how they would actually do said murder, why said murder would be justified, and so on and so forth. That was probably the worst stuff, but the problem was, it wasn't and still isn't rare. The absolute state of some of these people.

Nor do we want to provide a platform for those who wanted to encourage and empower such individuals. It's far easier for us to say "fuck off" to these people than it is to do the impossible - to provide a place where people can share "whatever they want" (i.e. including mods that deliberately target groups they don't like) without the site turning into an absolute hole of a community filled with the dregs of society that pushes away anyone not crazy enough to be onboard with such ideals.

I, as the owner of this site, really couldn't care much less how others think I should be moderating my own site. All I know is, when I wake up on Sunday morning, I don't want to be dealing with another cesspit of shite caused by pure hatred posted to my own website.

As per the news post linked above, I've removed the other comments and locked this thread. When we say we really don't want to argue it, we mean it. I tend to leave one of these up every now and again to remind people we mean it.

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