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No per-profile saves directory for Starfield in Vortex mod manager?


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Hello everyone,
I'm trying to figure out if Starfield is supposed to have save subdirectories for each profile, like with previous BGS games.
For example, here is a video by Gopher showing how he used profiles with Skyrim and had subdirectories for profiles:
When I use Vortex with Starfield, however, there is no "open save games" option and all of the saves end up in one "saves" directory.
I've been testing this morning, and the profiles do work. However, all of the saves are in one directory. I tested by selecting my Mod Variant 1 profile, adding a new mod (hence 24 vs 23), starting the game, loading a save, and saving and exiting. Starfield created a new save. It was indeed modded because when I tried to load it with my default profile, SF caught that it had modded content not supported by the 23 mods.
Any ideas? Did I miss something? Thank you.

starfield no open save games.jpg

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I just tried.  Vortex is not updating the ini setting sLocalSavePath when making/switching profiles.  It will, however, delete StarfieldCustom.ini when you delete a profile, because it is not making a per-profile copy.  Thanks Nexus 🤬

Basically it doesn't work right now, and make sure you backup StarfieldCustom.ini (cause I now get to spend a few hours rebuilding mine).

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1 hour ago, taosecurity said:

Oh wow, thanks for testing. Sorry to hear about that deleted file. Argh. Is there a way to report this?

Meh, it's what I get for being stupid lol  Luckily I've moved most of my ini settings to an ESM, so there isn't a ton of settings to fix.

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