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  1. Your country is under sanctions. It doesn't matter what your personal politics are, it is illegal for most in the West to do business with you until those sanctions are lifted.
  2. It's load order. Bethesda has not officially added/enabled modding features yet, which is why we all use SFSE and Plugins.txt. As a result the game is very sensitive to mod load order, and any game update can screw up a previous working list. Vortex aggravates this further by rearranging your order on a whim, such as occasionally moving an updated mod to the bottom of the list for no reason.
  3. For god mode just open the console and type "tgm". You can put the command in a batch file and set it to run automatically when the game loads.
  4. Sounds like one of those mods is including an INI file that is messing up the game's BA2 list, which is where that file is located. That's a long running problem, mod authors thinking they need to include INI files that improperly override the game's required files.
  5. I'd settle for a buildable light I could hover over the build site until I was done. I do try and put in lighting in outposts eventually.
  6. I'm not sure why, in every Beth game, it seems nights last longer than days, no matter what planet you are on. This makes building outposts annoying. Sure, there are mods to make the flashlight better, but it's just not the same. A lot more eyestrain. I have a hotkey for "clear weather", but I'd really like one for "noon" as well. Any ideas?
  7. Seriously, no case statement in Papyrus? Sad.
  8. Sorry, I misunderstood the question I read it as "above the build zone", instead of "above ground, outside the build zone".
  9. The default Game Setting fWorkshipBuildHeight (002B90E0) is 100.
  10. So it appears to be a game targetted at children. Even if a "nude mod" was created for it it's highly unlikely Nexus would host it. You might want to try a different mod site.
  11. I usually go to NTB, because I'm lazy. But you can order them and get them cheaper. Maybe RockAuto?
  12. Yes, because a conspiracy is so much more likely than it taking time to figure out the games file structure, extract the graphics and mesh files, figure out the format of those, and then figuring out how to structure your mod so that the game accepts the changes. Have a little patience. Not all games are as simple to mod as Bethesda games.
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