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Looking for mod - Subway tunnel segments with curves


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Here is an example of why the game cannot handle the 15° snap to grid perfectly fine, the game needs 90° orientation to work.

The image is a very simple example with (visible) floor pieces to show the problem better.

The standard tunnel fits approx. and at best 6x1 floor pieces (BldConcSmFlrOnly01).

The Small 15° bend  tunnel exceed this and you would need to trick in order to force the engine to a perfect snap to grid.

If you look at the small pieces (to the right) it goes outside the 6x1 pieces at the the left (the longer turned tunnel wall).


My workaround would be this:

- Create as many floor pieces you need for the 15° bend tunnel

- Use the floor pieces for the snap to grid orientation

- Alternatively you can hide the floor pieces in the NIF itself

It could also work if you create a Mid 15° bend tunnel segment/structure?!


Last but not lest here is an example for UtilHall128Left01/UtilHall128Right01 and how BGS used to use it. It applies to 90° pieces but can work for anything else too as long as the floor pieces are as many as needed for the bend structure:


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Best practice, as I see it at the moment, would be to place the bend pieces, make your turn by positioning by hand (fine tuning the x & y coords) then end with a straight piece, use the straight piece to realign the world grid and continue building 'on grid'.

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You can take a circle with a radius that is a multiple of 4. A radian equal to 1/x of the circle will be a tunnel. If you make outer and inner circles, you can run a real train in the game. It will roll around the outer ring (of any size). The inner ring will become stations. It can ride in a loop, stop at stations and npc will be able to use it (there is a navmesh for animated surfaces)... Well, or they won't be able to use it... I don't know how to make npc want to get on the train, even if npc will be navmesh. I've been thinking about a train for a long time, but the amount of work scares me. But I launched an animated submarine in a huge circle (~ 10 times larger than the Commonwealth map).I wanted to make a mobile settlement, with two animations of boats... External, in separate interiors, and for the Commonwealth... But I realized that the “ocean” of the Commonwealth is very shallow and cannot accommodate my real-sized boat.

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RoNin1971, i played around another time, im running into problems since im using Sub#AccessTunnel## for the subway tunnel platform and build up on it, using the Utilhall## structures on both sides, as long as the new bend 15° structures dont fit the vanilla logic, grid these are of limited use. Im really looking forward to see this work. All the best. 👍

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Fixed the smaller piece to at least fit the grid if you make it a 90degrees turn. Still need to adjust the bigger one and the access tunnels. (still need to finish the collisions for those too)

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I think you need to stretch the 15° pieces, if you put them in a cell in the CK you will see what i mean if you try to find the perfect spot when using snap to grid.

Well maybe its impossible, and 45° pieces are the only solution.

May i ask if you can create 45° piece(s) ? It really f*#@s me up that there is no easy solution.

If you find time look into the CK, use snap to grid and see how much further the pieces need to be streched, i will upload some pictures later.

In the end the only solution might be to create SCOL and X° pieces, like

- 15°

- 30°

- 45°

- 60°

- 75°

- 90°

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