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Vortex won't launch

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I was playing Fallout NV with the VeryLastKiss's New New Vegas collection installed and it randomly crashed which it tends to do.  I waited a while but Vortex wouldn't allow me to relaunch the game.  This has happened before and previously all I had to do was close Vortex and reopen it.  This time when closing the app I got a bunch of errors that I failed to record.  Now when I try to launch Vortex at all, I just get the following error message and Vortex won't launch:


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Actually i had the same issue. Got the same error. And already checked with both windows and COMODO firewall and antivirus and nothings there. No rule preventing Vortex from running. Yet everytime i launch it it freezes my pc and i have to hit reset.

Already re-installed Vortex and nothing. Always getting "frozen". And i know it was because of this last update because i fiddled with mods last week and this didnt happened.

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