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Controller input is "doubled"


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Followed "Through the Valleys" by PushTheWinButton guide.

I installed the Required mods and the NorthernUI/NorthernUI Wheel Hotkeys mods, nothing else.

I'm using an Xbox One Controller.

The only issue I have is scrolling through menus. The input from the D-pad is doubled and the Joystick is really sensitive. I'm able to scroll single menu options with the joystick if I push it very lightly. The D-pad scrolls 2 options at a time regardless of how lightly I press it.

I've already disabled Steam Controller Support and I don't have any other controller input software running.

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Posted (edited)
On 5/2/2024 at 2:53 AM, CHASE6 said:

Did you disable joystick in oblivion.ini?

Hey, good thinking. If NorthernUI adds support for gamepads through its own NorthernUI.dll, setting "bUse Joystick" to zero in [Controls] section would work. At least it's a good start.

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bUse Joystick option edit
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Thanks man! I wish I knew as much as some of you guys. Lol. I have never used that mod. I use xpadder. But I figured it may logically reason.

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